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Chapter Directory 524 The Moment Of Glory Continued
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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"Little Tiger Group!"

     When Liao Jia uttered these three words, Zhang Junzhi, Yue Yang, and Hu Yiran, who were waiting nervously for the result, were stunned for a while, and then as if waking up from a dream, they suddenly jumped up from their seats with smiles all over their faces.

     There were also fans of Little Tiger Group who jumped up together. They held up the fluorescent signs and shouted the names of the three people, excited as if they had won the grand prize.

     The common feature of these fans is that they are very young. Many people nevertheless appear on the scene with their parents. Although the number is not very large, the atmosphere created is extremely enthusiastic.

     [Global Chinese Music Awards] The best rookie group of the year, won the Little Tiger Group!

     Little Tiger Group is a boy group just formed this year. It has a short debut time. However, relying on its first album "Flying Butterfly" and its outstanding performance on "Singing China", it quickly gathered a large number of fans and became a domestic trend. The most shining rookie group in the music scene.

     The main focus of Little Tiger Group is youth style. Three handsome teenagers have conquered countless peers with their outstanding singing voice, handsome shape and passionate dance steps. The sales of the first Album Record has exceeded 2 million.This year’s domestic pop music scene is a year when physical Album sales have exploded. CDs that are considered to be obsolete seem to have suddenly regained their powerful charm. Chen Fei'er "Flower Woman", Lu Chen "Ordinary Road" and Little Tiger Group "Butterfly Fly" has come up with a proud report card.

     Although most of the CDs are sold on the basis of limited-edition bundles, the influence brought by these big-selling albums is enormous. Many albums released by vagabond singers this year are all in CD sales. With a significant improvement, even professional CD players with niches have sold several times more than in previous years.

     This phenomenon makes many people in the industry feel inconceivable. Because of the low capacity and low portability of CDs, it is a general trend to be completely replaced by digital music. Now vagabond singer’s album sales include digital albums and U disks and other storage media. Who would have thought that traditional CD would ashes burn once more?

     The Album sold by Little Tiger Group only accounts for a small percentage of the single CD, most of which are bundled together with peripheral products, and the profit is higher.

     In the age group of 12-18 years old, this boy group already has a huge popularity.

     So they won the best rookie group of the year tonight, without a doubt!After Zhang Junzhi jumped up, he immediately turned around and hugged his mother. The camera on the scene immediately gave the mother and child a big close-up.

     Hundreds of millions of viewers at the scene and in front of the TV clearly saw the tears flowing on Sister Li's face, crystal tears, tears of joy.

     Those who know and understand Sister Li all know her past stories and how the glory of Zhang Junzhi today is hard-won, and they all gave a warm applause.

     In the thunderous applause, the three teenagers stepped onto the stage one after the other and took over the trophies from the award-presenting guests.

     Zhang Junzhi delivered an award speech on behalf of Little Tiger Group.

     He first waved his golden trophy vigorously, and then said into the microphone: "Thank you everyone, Thank you Global Chinese Music Awards organizing committee for our affirmation."

     "Here, I want to thank my mother first, if there is no her, then there will be no me, without her contribution, there will be no my today and tomorrow, so I am here to say..."

     "I love you mom!"

     In the last sentence, Zhang Junzhi almost shouted out oneself hoarse.

     In the main hall of the National Centre for the Performing Arts, applause exploded again, and everyone cheered for his speech.

     Sister Li was still in tears, but smiled extremely happily.After calming down his excitement, Zhang Junzhi continued: "In addition to my mother, my second thank you is Teacher Lu Chen. You are our best teacher, and we love you too!"

     The camera quickly gave Lu Chen a close-up shot of Lu Chen in the guest seat.

     Lu Chen raised his arms with a smile, and raised his left and right thumbs toward the stage at the same time.

     Zhang Junzhi continued: "I hope you can win all the nominations!"

     Is this children's words carry no harm?

     Laughter sounded in the guest seats and audience seats, followed by applause. The sincerity of a teenager is the easiest to move people's hearts.

     Following the best rookie group, it is the best boy group and girl group. MSN was nominated for the best girl group and won this important award with the album "Not Yet Lovers".

     As the first girl group under Flying Stone Records, MSN is undoubtedly one of the most popular girl groups in the domestic pop music scene. The first album "Not Yet Lovers" released last year has achieved double platinum achievement early. The number of fans on the blog exceeded 10 million, and announcements, commercial performances, and endorsements were softened.Last time [Asian Chinese Music Awards] presented the awards, MSN unfortunately lost in the best rookie group to the July day group, and now the three girls finally proved themselves with a more gold-rich [Global Chinese Music Awards] trophy. Climb the throne of the first girl group in the Chinese music scene!

     Mu Xiaochu delivered an award speech on behalf of MSN. Her first thank you was Lu Chen!

     At this time, the audience suddenly discovered that although Lu Chen has not won a trophy so far, his name has appeared in the mouths of the two winners, and the weight is heavy.

     Looking back at 2016, MSN and the newly emerging Little Tiger Group are undoubtedly the two most shining stars in the pop music group combination, and their/their success is inseparable from Lu Chen.

     Compared with last year, MSN's popularity has risen to a higher level, and its position in the show business community is unshakable.

     Their "Not Yet Lovers", "Where's Love", "He Nevertheless Don't Understand" and the music single "Ocean of Love" and "Tropical Rainforest" launched this year, are extremely beautiful on the original sound list, becoming the top of streets, bottom of Hot song played by alleys.

     These works are all by Lu Chen!

     The success of MSN has also brought about a wave of beautiful girl group craze in the domestic entertainment circle. There are more than a dozen newly formed women's groups this year, and the influence is evident.As for the Little Tiger Group, let alone, at least half of the credit for the success of "Butterfly Fly" is Lu Chen. He used his amazing talent to make two new groups soar into the sky and become the biggest behind the two trophies. Hero.

     The glory of MSN and Little Tiger Group is also the glory of Lu Chen!

     After the best combination of the two men and women, there are several other awards that have nothing to do with Lu Chen, such as best MV, best composing music, etc., each has its own master.

     Then his first nominated award appeared-best producer!


     The first one is sent.
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