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Chapter Directory 526 Best Composer
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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[Global Chinese Music Awards] Best producer, Lu Chen lost a city first.

     The best wordings were missed by him.

     The six nominations received by Lu Chen have gone to the second place, and it feels very uncomfortable. The curse of the big fever seems to hover over the National Grand Theater, becoming a cloud over all those who pay attention to him.

     If you lose your best composer again, then Lu Chen will be here tonight, maybe it will be gone.

     Maybe some people will take joy in calamity and delight in disaster, but his fans must be extremely disappointed.

     When Liu Gangsheng pulled out the letter paper, the atmosphere in the [Whale TV] Lu Chen anchor room was very tense, even to the point of depression, even the barrage became sparse, and there was no reward.

     Then the next moment, they got their first surprise tonight!

     "The winner of the best composition is..."

     "Lu Chen!"

     Lu Chen is really Lu Chen. He defeated four powerful opponents and won the crown of best composition!

     The audience is thunderous applause!

     Looking back at the Chinese pop music scene in 2016, there is indeed no singer better than Lu Chen. His original talents are simply jaw-dropping. Not only did he lead himself to the peak of his music career, he also gave birth to the music scene. Great and far-reaching impact.In 2016, Lu Chen created a lot of works, many classics, "Jiangnan" is only one of the representatives, and it does not fully represent Lu Chen's strength.

     Best composition, he not just in name only, but also in reality!

     Not only the audience and fans applauded Lu Chen, but also the other four nominees. Many people even stood up and congratulated him.

     [Whale TV]’s live broadcast room is simply boiling.

     "Hurray, best composer!"

     "Don't say anything, I'll give a reward to an aircraft carrier first, and no one will stop me!"

     "At this moment, only the Fish Balls can express my feelings."

     "My Chen is mighty!"

     "Don't worry, it's just the beginning now, there are three big prizes in the back!"

     "Hahaha, I guessed it, there really is the best composition."

     "Lu Chen, come on."

     Accompanied by crazy barrage comments, Fish Balls are raining down and there are aircraft carriers with domineering screens.

     These aircraft carriers that represent the highest rewards are not one or two. Instead, they have been smashed by local fans several times or more than ten times, and the one with the most hits has reached a hundred combos!

     In other words, only this ID "Favourite Lu Chen" fan gave Lu Chen a reward of 100,000 yuan in less than a minute.Since Lu Chen entered the film and television industry, he has lost a lot of time to interact with fans in the live broadcast room. Such a scenario has not appeared for a long time.

     Because of his great success through webcasting, many show business community celebrities have noticed this huge fan market. Therefore, [Whale TV] signed a number of new idol artists in 2016, all of which have won high marks. Popularity poses a challenge to Lu Chen’s [Whale TV]’s status as the number one star anchor,

     But tonight, Lu Chen used a Best Composition Award to easily prove that his position in [Whale TV] is unshakable. In just a few minutes, the number of awards he won exceeded one million. Closed, creating a new record for [Whale TV].

     Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er hugged, and then Tan Hong and Liao Jia. These two Boss brothers in the music industry gave him a lot of guidance and help. He was able to go so smoothly in the pop music world. The help of these friends one's contributions cannot go unnoticed.

     In the continuous warm applause, Lu Chen stepped onto the stage with dazzling stars.


     Liu Gangsheng smiled and gave the trophy in his hand to Lu Chen, and gave him a strong hug.

     Lu Chen nodded vigorously: "Thank you!"

     Liu Gangsheng patted him on the back, then stepped aside, willing to serve as a supporting role for the protagonist.Holding the golden and heavy trophy in his hand, facing the thousands of guests and audience, Lu Chen standing in front of the microphone was full of emotion.

     The applause gradually subsided, and everyone's eyes were focused on him.

     Lu Chen brewed for a while, and then said into the microphone: "First of all, I am honored to be able to participate in the Global Chinese Music Awards tonight. Thank you to the organizing committee for giving me such affirmation and support."

     "The most important thing is that I am very grateful to the organizing committee for arranging the Hong Kong students to come to present me the awards, because he has always been my idol in my mind, and thank you Hong Kong students!"

     There was enthusiastic applause from the audience again, and the live broadcast focused on Liu Gangsheng, the Heavenly King superstar from Hongkong with a smile and fist.

     Lu Chen continued: "In the coming year, I wrote a lot of songs. "Jiangnan" is a very special work. Thanks to the judging panel (members) for their recognition and love, I will be in the new In a year, continue to work hard to create more and better works, thank you again everyone!"

     After speaking, he bowed deeply.

     With more enthusiastic applause, Lu Chen walked off the stage with the trophy and returned to his seat.

     Chen Fei'er smiled and asked, "Aren't you very happy?"Lu Chen smiled and said, "I am very happy. Come and share it."

     He handed the trophy in his hand to Chen Fei'er.

     Chen Fei'er took it and almost fell to the ground without holding it firmly. She said in surprise: "It's so heavy!"

     The trophies of [Global Chinese Music Awards] are the same as those of [Asian Chinese Music Awards], and they still use the name "Golden Bailing", what's frequently heard can be repeated in detail.

     However, compared with the original Jin Bailing trophy, the redesigned trophy shape is more smooth and outstanding. The vivid and lifelike larks with wings spread out are more meaningful.

     The change in the shape design is second. The most important thing is that the gold content of the trophy has been greatly increased. The original Jin Bailing is a copper hollow outer gold plating process, not to mention the weight, and the problem of fading over time.

     The new trophy is now refined with solid copper cores and multiple gilding techniques. A trophy contains more than 50 grams of gold. The base of the trophy is also inlaid with gems and diamonds. The production cost is very high.

     Therefore, even the multiple winners of the Best Combination Award can only share one trophy.

     Previously related to the nomination of Chen Fei'er, there was a best stage interpretation award, but unfortunately she did not get it, so the two totaled 10 nominations, and the first one to win the trophy was Lu Chen."But don't be proud..."

     Chen Fei'er, who made Lu Chen show off, said proudly: "I won't lose to you!"

     The next award is the media recommendation award.

     Interestingly, both Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er were nominated, and in this award, the two are competitors!


     The first one is sent.
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