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Chapter Directory 527 Climb To The Top
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Before the [Global Chinese Music Awards] was born, the three major domestic pop music awards included media recommendation awards.

     The media recommendation award is a very special award. It is the only one that is not selected by judging panel (member) or the audience, but is a joint recommendation from major traditional and online media.

     [Global Chinese Music Awards] There are a total of 235 recommended media, basically covering the country, the three major special zones, and a number of important overseas Chinese media. Therefore, this media recommendation award is quite heavy, greatly surpassing the original three major music awards. Similar award.

     In addition to Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er nominated for the media recommendation award, there are also three real coffee-level figures. The fierce competition is no less than that of the heaviest best male and female vagabond singer, best album, etc. Jackpot.

     Accompanied by the exciting music, close-up photos of the five nominees appeared in sequence on the large background screen.

     Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er listed the present in the middle, which caused a lot of laughter from the audience.

     But it's very interesting. These two male and female vagabond singers who have made the limelight in China are a pair of lovers. Now they are competing on the same stage. I don't know who will win, or both of them are lost?The guest announcing the award and awarding the award is Huang Yuan, CEO of Inspur Blog. As the founder of the largest new media in China, he is undoubtedly one of the best representatives of many entertainment-related media.

     Huang Yuan is only in his thirties this year, wearing a straight suit spirit trembling with excitement, he opened the envelope with a smile on his face, and directly announced the answer: "The winner of the Global Chinese Music Awards media recommendation award is..."

     "Miss Chen Fei'er!"

     Chen Fei'er, it is Chen Fei'er who won the media recommendation award and won his first personal trophy.

     This result did not surprise anyone, because in the coming year, Chen Fei'er has always been the darling of major domestic media.

     Her Album "Flower Woman", her successful transformation, her two TV Series... I don’t know how much material information was provided for the media, and her personal photo also appeared on the covers of more than ten fashion and entertainment media. Others The headline is too many to count.

     The number of votes of Chen Fei'er is displayed on the big screen at the same time, 109!

     This number of votes is very high. If the total number of votes is only 235, she accounts for nearly half.

     In applause, Chen Fei'er took the stage to accept the award and then gave a brief acceptance speech.

     After returning, she smiled and shook her trophy at Lu Chen.

     Lu Chen laughed blankly.But this is obviously not the moment for Chen Fei'er to be truly beautiful, because soon it will be tonight's first super heavyweight award-best female vagabond singer!

     It is recognized in the industry that in any pop music award, the best male vagabond singer, best female vagabond singer and best album are the three most important awards, representing the highest glory of vagabond singer.

     The weight is the heaviest, and the competition is of course the fiercest. In some popular music awards, there have been many vagabond singers who won the best male and female vagabond singer at the same time. This is actually the result of this competition.

     The [Global Chinese Music Awards]’s selection regulations limit the best to only one, to ensure the gold content of the awards, the meaning of competition is stronger.

     Is there any vagabond singer who does not want or want to win this trophy representing the highest honor of Chinese pop music?

     Chen Fei'er's opponents are not general, but this much-anticipated award basically lost its suspense at the beginning, and the result seems to have long been doomed.

     The Chinese pop music scene in 2016 belongs to Chen Fei'er!

     This is the headline headline of a very influential domestic media two months ago. Although it is a bit exaggerated, it is also based on facts and is not excessively flattering.2016 is the year of transformation for Chen Fei'er. It is extremely important to the Sweet Song Heavenly Queen, who has debuted for more than ten years. Before the launch of the new Album, she was facing bottlenecks and difficulties in her career. Although her popularity is still very high. High, fans are constantly losing.

     As early as last year, Chen Fei'er's position in the music scene was a bit embarrassing. He couldn't get rid of the shackles of the past style. It was difficult to transform, and he had no choice but to develop in variety shows.

     At that time, she served as the judging panel (member) of "Singing China" because of the needs of various developments.

     Then Chen Fei'er met Lu Chen.

     Lu Chen created a new album for her called "Flower Woman".

     "Flower Woman" was officially launched on April 16th of this year. So far, the total sales of online digital, physical CDs and peripheral packages have reached 7 million+, creating the highest record of domestic Record sales in the past ten years, and some of them are even It is exported to many countries in Southeast Asia.

     The best female vagabond singer Who is she?

     Of course, the curse of death will appear from time to time, but if the judging panel (member) of the [Global Chinese Music Awards] will choose others in this award, the result is more than just public opinion.

     In fact, the judging panel (member) of the Golden Songs Chart will not have the big news to make a grandstanding. Chen Fei'er won the best female vagabond singer is what everyone expects.Chen Fei'er, who received this award, was also very excited. In her acceptance speech, she routinely thanked the organizing committee, judging panel (member) and team members, and then said: “I also want to thank a gentleman here. , Thank him for his tolerance, support and... petting."

     Everyone immediately understood who Chen Fei'er was talking about, and the cameraman on the scene gave Lu Chen a shot in time.

     Lu Chen smiled and stared at his girlfriend standing on the stage, his eyes full of tenderness.

     It is worth paying the whole world to have you!

     "This prize, half belongs to you!"

     The last words of Chen Fei'er caused thunderous applause in the main hall of the National Centre for the Performing Arts. The applause also pushed the atmosphere of the scene to the top.

     Chen Fei'er bowed to thank everyone, the corners of her eyes shone with crystal tears, not the sadness of memories, but the sweet joy.

     When she returned to her seat, Lu Chen gently shook her hand.

     Chen Fei'er whispered: "It's up to you."

     After the best female vagabond singer, the winner of the best male vagabond singer was announced!

     Photos of the five nominees appeared on the large screen in the background.

     They are Lu Chen, Yu Ming, Wang Quanfeng, Xue An and Ouyang Han!Among them, Xue An is a famous vagabond singer from Baodao, Ouyang Han is a Hongkong vagabond singer, and Yu Ming is a famous figure in the domestic pop music scene. Only Wang Quanfeng’s reputation is slightly weaker, but there are also three albums in hand.

     In terms of qualifications, they are all above Lu Chen, and they are not much less famous than Lu Chen. Big coffee like Yu Ming is even above Lu Chen, and is undoubtedly Lu Chen's strongest competitor.

     So different from the best female vagabond singer, who the best male vagabond singer will get, nevertheless suspense!


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