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Chapter Directory 529 So Dazzling
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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With some erratic steps, Lu Chen once again stepped onto the [Global Chinese Music Awards] awards stage.

     He respectfully accepted his second Jin Bailing from Lu Ning, which was also the most important trophy, and bowed to express his gratitude to the senior musician.

     Then Lu Chen turned around, straightened his waist, and raised his trophy to everyone!

     The atmosphere in the main hall of the National Centre for the Performing Arts suddenly reached the highest level.

     Because the 5,000 guests and audience present are witnessing a piece of history, a good story in the Chinese pop music scene, and witnessing the journey of a young vagabond singer to the top.

     They are proud of you.

     This is a scene that will inevitably be included in the history of Chinese pop music. As for telling stories, a couple won the best male and female vagabond singer at the same time. Isn't it the most talked about story?

     No need to doubt, the news that Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er won the best male and female vagabond singer in the Chinese Golden Songs chart in the entertainment section of major media tomorrow will surely make the headlines!

     "Long live!"

     Also boiling, there is the Lu Chen anchor room of [Whale TV], this special network space has gathered more than 3 million fans and audiences, and they are celebrating Lu Chen's victory in their way.

     "The best male vagabond singer, My Chen fully deserving, without any reservations!""Celebrate with flowers, My Chen is mighty!"

     "Hahaha, it turns out that Lu Chen won the best male vagabond singer. The golden song chart is fair."

     "I guess it's right, My Chen is the best male vagabond singer, My Fei is the best female vagabond singer, the combination of two swords is invincible in the world!"

     "The people of Beijing sent a congratulatory message!"

     "Huhai people sent a congratulatory message!"


     Along with the barrage of congratulations, it is a horrible reward, and the total number of Fish Balls obtained by the anchor room is skyrocketing in real time at an alarming rate.

     Roughly speaking, when the live broadcast of this awards ceremony is over, the rewards that Lu Chen can get on [Whale TV] will be at least 3 million+, which will become the myth and legend of this web live broadcast platform!

     At the same time, Lu Chen Workshop updated a new blog post in time. For Lu Chen won the [Global Chinese Music Awards] Best Male Vagabond Singer, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the fans who supported him.

     And this blog post has more than 500,000 hits in just a few minutes, and the number of reposts, comments, and replies is even more amazing. Lu Chen fans have left messages on the blogs of Workshop official V and Lu Chen to express their congratulations. I hope he can continue the struggle and make great achievements again!

     The only regret is that Lu Chen could not visit the Internet in person, and he still had to express his acceptance speech on the spot."Thank you, Thank you Global Chinese Music Awards organizing committee and judging panel (member) group, gave me this honor!"

     "Thank you, Mr. Lu personally awarded me this trophy."

     Facing the quiet audience, Lu Chen held the Jin Bailing trophy and said sincerely: "Before I came here, I told the media that I hope to get the best male vagabond singer.

     "In fact, I just used it as an inspiration to myself at the time. It was my dream."

     "Now, my dream has come true!"

     His voice suddenly rose up a bit, and won the warm applause from the audience again.

     After a short applause, Lu Chen continued: "There are many people I want to thank, my family, my friends, my teachers and seniors... and the girlfriends who accompany me."

     He looked at Chen Fei'er, his eyes affectionate and gentle.

     Chen Fei'er smiled and waved, tears faintly flowing from the corners of his eyes.

     She is happy for Lu Chen and proud of Lu Chen.

     She remembered the scene when she first met Lu Chen, and remembered the moment when she felt for Lu Chen for the first time. That moment of heartbeat enabled her to grasp the happiness of her life.

     In contrast, it doesn't really matter whether you can win the award.

     The two looked at each other and had the same mind.It’s just that the scene is not suitable for showing affection. Lu Chen retracted his eyes and continued: “For myself, music is already one of the most important parts of my life. It carries my joys, sorrows, sorrows, and dreams. wish."

     Although Lu Chen now focuses his career on film, he has been busy for his first film for several months and has not launched a new album or music single.

     However, in his heart, the career in popular music is still extremely important and irreplaceable.

     That dream in 2015 changed Lu Chen’s life. It was music that made him embark on a completely different path in life. It was music that made him become attached to Chen Fei'er, and it was music that made him possess by the thousands and tens of Fans of thousands.

     Music is already an indispensable part of Lu Chen's vitality!

     He is deeply in love with music, he likes to hold his guitar and sing himself, he likes to stay in the Recording Room over and over again in pursuit of perfect performance, and he likes to sing in front of fans by the thousands and tens of thousands.

     "Until one day, when I am old, looking back on today, I think the glory that music brings to me at this moment will let me have no regrets, because I love music as my own life."

     Lu Chen's voice resounded above the main hall, sonorously and powerfully!

     "Thank you for witnessing this moment together, Thank you everyone!"With applause, the audience and guests got up again to greet Lu Chen.

     They congratulate Lu Chen, but also thank him for his contribution to the Chinese pop music scene.

     Lu Chen, who won the best male vagabond singer, did not stop immediately after giving his acceptance speech. According to the arrangement of the organizing committee, he sang a song for the audience.

     This song was chosen by Lu Chen himself early, and he didn't know if he had a chance to sing it.

     This song is "Follow the Dream of the Red Heart"!

     "Where is the world full of flowers,

     If it really exists then I will definitely go,

     I want the highest mountain to stand there,

     I don't care if it is sheer cliffs and precipitous rock faces!

     Live hard, love hard, even if offer life in sacrifice,

     Do not ask anyone to be satisfied as long as you are worthy

     I never chose to give up about my ideals,

     Even in the days of head and face filthy with grime.


     Run forward, facing cold eyes and ridicule!

     How can I feel the vastness of life without suffering,

     Fate cannot make us kneel and beg for mercy,

     Even if the blood is full of arms!

     Continue to run, with the pride of my innocence!

     How can you see the sparkle of life without persisting in the endInstead of struggle on whilst at death's door, let’s indulge in burning,

     One day it will sprout again!


     At this moment, only this song can sing the love and passion in Lu Chen's heart. From not having anything at all to reaching the peak, he spent less than two years walking through countless vagabond singers and never left in his entire life. Journey out.

     Even if he has memory wealth from another world, he has put in countless efforts, hard work, persistent pursuit...

     Lu Chen holds the guitar and sings indifferently with his head high, and the whole world seems to cheer for him.

     On this highly anticipated stage, his light is so dazzling!


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