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Chapter Directory 533 Godmother
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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The night enveloped the capital.

     This huge city with a population of more than 30 million presents a completely different appearance from daytime. The endless stream of horse and carriages on the long street, one after another, the flowing light and shadow and the neon lights hanging on the building interweave one. A fantasy and blurred world.

     The Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle that Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er were riding in, crowded in the traffic, moved slowly forward.

     During the evening rush hour, it is natural for the capital to become a "blocked" city. Fortunately, it is not far from the destination. I believe I can rush to the Daylily bar at the scheduled time.

     The fan appreciation meeting held at the Daylily Bar tonight has been arranged for a long time. The fans who participated in this meeting were all generated through a lottery.

     Only fans who have purchased the hardcover, limited and commemorative packages of "Ordinary Road" can participate in the lucky draw.

     So there were not many people, less than two hundred, so it was placed in the Daylily bar.

     Lu Chen hasn't been to the Daylily Bar for some time.

     This famous bar in Houhai hasn’t changed much. The signature nevertheless, the nevertheless gate face, the David who is standing behind the bar and bartending the bar, is still the same David.However, the notice of not accepting foreign visitors has long been posted. Only those who have received the invitation can enter. In addition to the lucky fans who came to the bar tonight, there are also some friends and acquaintances from the Lu Chen show business community.

     Lin Zhijie is here. The music director of Flying Stone Records has now assumed the title of deputy general manager. Now Chunfeng is very proud, and his relationship with Lu Chen is also things are very different now.

     The three girls from MSN are here, Mu Xiaochu is Lu Chen's "sister", today is so special, she would rather turn down all the announcements to join in.

     Pang-Huang Band is here, and Qin Hanyang is an old friend of Lu Chen.

     Sister Li is here, but Little Tiger Group is not, because the latter is participating in the show on Huhai TV station and can’t come.

     Then, Lu Chen met Chen Jianhao and Sister Na, and their sons in the background.

     As the owner of Daylily, Chen Jianhao is now extremely incompetent. He left the bar to his friends to take care of, and he hid at home and became a dad with peace of mind.

     If the opportunity is rare tonight, I am afraid he will not show up here with his wife and children.


     Chen Fei'er was fascinated by Chen Jianhao's son at first sight: "So cute!"

     "Can I hug?"

     She looked at Sister Na with expectant eyes.Sister Na smiled softly and delivered the child in her arms to Chen Fei'er.

     Sister Na, who gave birth to a child, has gained a lot of weight and whiteness, and her whole body exudes a unique maternal brilliance, which makes her a little bit more feminine and much more beautiful than before.

     Although she became popular with Lu Chen’s "I Want A Family", after she became famous, Sister Na did not continue to walk the path she had been longing for, but stayed at home to assist one's husband and educate the children, basically a withdrawal The singing scene.

     Chen Fei'er cautious and solemn took it over. The little guy who was a few months old was not afraid of life at all, smiled with his big eyes open, and then stretched out his chubby hand to greet Chen Fei'er and let Chen Fei' er smiled and curled his eyebrows.

     "What's his name?"

     Sister Na proudly replied: "Chen Kangping, healthy health, peaceful peace."

     Don't seek great wealth, but only seek health and safety.

     Chen Jianhao's son was born in September last year. He was born weighing a full 8 jin. He is a real big fat son. Lu Chen was not in the capital at the full moon and asked his sister to send a gift to him.

     Speaking of it, this is the second time that Lu Chen has seen Chen Jianhao's son, and Chen Fei'er is the first time.

     Chen Fei'er likes little guys very much.Chen Jianhao, who became a father, has lost a lot of guilt, and even the contours of his face have become much softer. He said seriously: "If you like, you can give birth to one!"

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "We are not in a hurry, let's start with godfather and godmother."

     Sister Na immediately agreed: "Okay, then book another day and the banquet will be held!"

     When she was pregnant before, Lu Chen jokingly said that she was going to be a godfather of the child, but now it's an old story.

     Sister Na is very happy.

     She has no intention of re-entering the entertainment industry. In the future, she will basically bring her children at home or help Chen Jianhao to take care of the bar together, but maybe the two sons will follow this path in the future.

     Then with Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er as godparents, Chen Kangping, who is still in his infancy, has a starting point far surpassing his peers, and the same path will inevitably go much smoother.

     Even if you don't enter the entertainment circle, there are still benefits without harm.

     Chen Jianhao smiled bitterly: "What are you doing in such a hurry? Let's not talk about it for now, here is about to start."

     Sister Na stared at her husband irritably.

     Chen Jianhao had to raise his hand to surrender: "Okay, okay, then book a day."

     Chen Fei'er brows raised in delight, eyes laughing and teased Chen Kangping with his fingers: "Call godmother, call godmother, ah!"

     She screamed suddenly.Everyone was taken aback: "What?"

     Chen Fei'er at a loss to know what to do blushed and said: "He seems to be urinating, all oozing out."

     Everyone was happy immediately.

     Sister Na smiled and carried the child back to change the diaper.

     Chen Fei'er found an opportunity to secretly say to Lu Chen: "We nevertheless have children in a few years."

     Lu Chen laughed blankly.

     At 7pm, the Lu Chen fan appreciation meeting officially started in the Daylily Bar.

     All the 188 fans who won the lucky prize were present.

     It is said that after the results of the lottery draw were announced on the official V of Lu Chen Workshop, some people in the WeChat group of fans offered high-priced purchase invitations for one or two thousand, but most of the lucky ones did not sell them. Some even traveled all the way to the capital to participate in this event. Meet up.

     As for other fans who are not drawn by the thousands and tens of thousands, don't be too disappointed, because the evening's thank you will be broadcast live in the Lu Chen host room of [Whale TV].

     [Whale TV] To this end, it also deliberately ran a large advertisement on the homepage and opened a column. It is estimated that the number of people online in the anchor room at night is likely to reach a new high.

     The bar was full of seats. When Lu Chen appeared on the stage with Nirvana Band, the audience suddenly burst into applause and cheers.Many fans held up the cheer card and shouted Lu Chen's name, making the atmosphere of this small scene extremely hot.

     Lu Chen is dressed very casually today. A pair of jeans and a long-sleeved cotton jersey are basically everything. He holding a guitar seems to be the same as singing for the bar guests here. Chen Jianhao, Sister Na, and Chen Jianhao who are familiar with him Qin Hanyang has a vague feeling of going back in time.

     The same young, the same handsome, and the same kind as the boy next door.

     It's just that Lu Chen now has the confidence and free and easy temperament that belongs only to a real star.

     This is the metamorphosis.


     The second more sent.
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