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Chapter Directory 534 Very Happy Thing
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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"Good evening, everybody!"

     Lu Chen smiled and waved to the fans at the scene, as if greeting a friend.

     Many celebrities like to hold fan appreciation meetings in bars or small venues, because the distance between the two parties is so close, it virtually eliminates the barriers between each other, so that these lucky fans can vividly feel the charm of idols. .

     "good evening!"

     Don’t mention how enthusiastic the fans’ responses were. The atmosphere created by fans less than two hundred made people feel like being on the scene of a concert, noisy, enthusiastic, and hot!

     Lu Chen adjusted the position of the microphone, and then said with a smile: "Thank you, everyone can come to this fan appreciation meeting. You are all my best fans and best friends. I heard that some friends are from Qionghai. It was really hard and not easy to fly over with Xijiang."

     "So tonight's first song is dedicated to fans and friends from far away!"

     "An "Ordinary Road", for everyone."

     Applause rang out in Huālāla, and the cheering fluorescent signs were waving, which complemented the lights on the stage.

     Lu Chen held the guitar, he took a deep breath, his expression became serious and solemn.

     His gaze looked forward, as if piercing the void and staring at the future."Wandering, on the road, do you want to go viavia."

     "Fragile, proud, that was how I was."

     "Boiling, restless, where are you going viavia."

     "Mysterious, silent, are you really listening to the story?"

     "I have crossed the mountains and the sea, and I have also crossed the sea of people. I once owned everything, and it was like smoke in a blink of an eye. I was once disappointed and lost in all directions. It was the only answer until I saw the ordinary!


     This "Ordinary Road", as the main song of Lu Chen's second album, has long been a work by fans of what's frequently heard can be repeated in detail, and it is also one of Lu Chen's masterpieces.

     Hearing such a familiar melody and such a familiar voice, the fans on the scene quickly calmed down. They listened attentively and enjoyed the unique charm of live.

     At this moment, for those fans who are sitting in front of the computer or watching the live broadcast of [Whale TV] with their tablet phones, the feeling is very different.

     Especially those iron fans who have been following Lu Chen stand by (sb) and have witnessed his growth are inexplicably moved.

     Time flies and time flies, and the past will not come back, but the bits and pieces of memories are still in my heart.These beautiful, warm and touching memories are re-evoked by this song "Ordinary Road".

     "...I will be in hiahia tomorrow, and the wind blowing is still far away, where is your story."

     After singing a song, the atmosphere of the scene solidified for three seconds, and then the applause exploded!

     Others whistled loudly.

     "Thank you, Thank you everyone!"

     Lu Chen glancing to left and right with a smile, bowed and bowed to thank you.

     The applause was even more enthusiastic, applause and cheers up here, down there, and the sound of the sound would overturn the roof of the bar.

     After a few minutes, the atmosphere on the scene finally returned to normal.

     Lu Chen said: "As everyone knows, I was lucky to have won the Best Composition and Best Male Vagabond Singer in the [Global Chinese Music Awards] last night."

     "Although these two awards were selected by the judging panel (member), I think that without the support and love of you all, I would definitely not be able to win these two awards. Of course, the evening thank you meeting will be justified. , Otherwise, if you eat duck eggs, it can only be changed to a fan meeting, which will make me vomit."

     There was a burst of laughter in the bar, followed by applause.

     Lu Chen continued: "The past year has been a dream to me..."He narrated whisperingly, some insights and some heartfelt voices were spoken, not pretentious and not pretentious, as if he was pulling homework with his friends, allowing fans to see his more real side.

     Stripping off the halo of star idols, Lu Chen is not much different from ordinary big boys next door. He is kind and easy-going, and he never sets up on high for fans.

     After chatting for a few minutes, Lu Chen said: "Thank you, everyone listens patiently to my nagging. There must be friends who are scolding why they don't sing. I want to listen to songs!"

     Everyone suddenly laughed.

     Not to mention, in the anchor room of [Whale TV], there are really a lot of fans clamoring to listen to the song with barrage.

     Then these impatient guys were sprayed by the big guys.

     Lu Chen expressed his understanding: "Then I'll sing, sing a little easier, how about singing a new song?"

     New song?

     Fans are overjoyed at unexpected good news, yelling in unison: "Okay!"

     Their voices are so neat and loud!

     Being a fan of Lu Chen is actually a very happy thing.

     Why do you say this way?

     Because Lu Chen can always come up with one or a few new songs from time to time, and these songs are excellent and nice works, which will surprise fans constantly."My old classmate" and "Ordinary Road" are two albums. The twenty songs are all Lu Chen's own originals. Under the atmosphere of cover, plagiarism and imitation in the pop music world, he seems to be blown away by a vast stream. Dirt, let everyone see the hope and future of Chinese pop music.

     As a fan of Lu Chen, how can you not be happy?

     The judging panel (member) of the golden song chart awards the best composer and the best male vagabond singer to Lu Chen, not a competitor with deeper qualifications and greater reputation, but also affirmation and praise for Lu Chen’s contribution .

     Since "Ordinary Road" Album, Lu Chen hasn't released a new work for a while. Although he said that "The Favorite of Life" he sang in Hongkong has caused great repercussions, it is a Cantonese song after all.

     Now that Lu Chen is about to sing a new song, whether it is a fan in the nevertheless anchor room, I am naturally surprised!

     Lu Chen deliberately sold a small pass: "This song requires two people to sing, so I have to invite a friend to the stage, so who wants to?"

     "If you want, please raise your hand!"


     Many fans are dumbfounded. Since it is a new song, how can others sing it?

     But more fans raised their hands regardless, and shouted: "Me, me!"Lu Chen smiled, and pointed to the right side of the stage and said: "Then this friend, this girl in a white dress, it's you!"

     Everyone looked at agree by chance, and they were immediately happy.

     The girl pointed by Lu Chen is very beautiful and cute, and everyone is familiar with it.

     She is a member of MSN. In everyone's eyes, Lu Chen's sister is also the best sister in the hearts of all fans.

     Mu Xiaochu!


     The first one is sent.
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