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Chapter Directory 536 Your Most Precious
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
    Original: | Translation:

Time always goes by so fast, unknowingly it is already past 9 o'clock in the evening.

     The Lu Chen Fan Appreciation Party held in the Daylily Bar is coming to an end, but the atmosphere inside is fiery increase without letup. From time to time, loud applause, laughter, and cheers penetrate the thick walls and glass windows to the pedestrian street outside. .

     Pedestrians and tourists coming and going were attracted attention, and some tried to enter the bar to watch the excitement, but they were all blocked by the welcome sign and security guards erected at the door.

     On the stage, Lu Chen just finished drinking a bottle of mineral water.

     Dense sweat came out of his forehead, and it was shining brightly under the light. Although interacting with fans and singing, it is really tired now, but the mood is still excited.

     The applause sounded again. Lu Chen held the microphone with one hand and took a few deep breaths and said: "Next, I will invite another guest to the stage, a very special guest. She is the most important and most important in my life. One of the precious ones, please..."

     "Chen Fei'er!"

     Without waiting for Lu Chen to say the other party's name, the fans on the scene yelled out different mouths, same voice.

     Lu Chen was taken aback: "So you all know it?"

     "Eh~"Everyone cast contemptuous glances at Lu Chen who deliberately pretended to be ignorant-Chen Fei'er was sitting there all the time!

     Lu Chen surrendered: "Well, I was wrong, so now I have Miss Chen Fei'er!"


     The cheers are so loud.

     The fans who had the honor to participate in the thank-you party tonight are really so happy. Not only can they interact with Lu Chen up close, but they can also enjoy the live singing of Lu Chen, Pang-Huang Band and MSN at the same time.

     Now, it's Chen Fei'er!

     As the guests of the fan appreciation meeting, Pang-Huang Band and MSN are undoubtedly enough. Anyone can be a surprise, but it is a lot worse than Chen Fei'er.

     The meaning is different.

     Chen Fei'er is not only Lu Chen's girlfriend, but also a Heavenly Queen / days later figure in pop music. More importantly, she won the best female vagabond singer at last night's golden song chart awards ceremony.

     Lu Chen is the best male vagabond singer, she is the best female vagabond singer, the two are invincible hand in hand!

     Amidst the cheers, Chen Fei'er natural and unrestrained came onto the stage.

     She smiled and said, "Thank you everyone, are there any fans of mine among the friends present?"

     As soon as the voice fell, one arm was raised high!

     "So many..."Chen Fei'er smiled crookedly and said, "Is it really good for you to be like this? What a shame to Mr. Lu Chen."

     Lu Chen made a helpless expression, and everyone laughed.

     Chen Fei'er laughed and said: "No kidding, the following song is also a new work from Mr. Lu Chen."

     "Your Most Precious, I hope you like it!"

     After speaking, Chen Fei'er turned to look at Lu Chen. Lu Chen nodded and reached out to her.

     Chen Fei'er took the hand that Lu Chen handed over, and the music accompaniment sounded at the same time.

     The eyes of the two were relatively connected, and this silent and warm understanding quickly infected all the fans in the bar, and the scene instantly became extremely quiet.

     Lu Chen: "At this time next year, around this place."

     Chen Fei'er: "Remember to bring a rose, tie a tie and miss it."

     Lu Chen: "Emotional moments are the most beautiful, and I don't feel tired sincerely.

     Chen Fei'er: "Too much love is afraid of getting drunk, and no one loves no matter how beautiful people will be haggard."

     Lu Chen: "I will send you red roses!"

     Chen Fei'er: "You know I love to cry."

     Lu Chen: "Don't face each other with tears of your life."

     "The days to come will be beautiful with you, and dreams will be real!"

     Chen Fei'er: "If the days in the future are beautiful, dreams will be more real!""I learned to indulge in your love..."

     Lu Chen: "I don't retreat."

     "You guard me through the night~"

     The two went together: "I would like to stay with each other on this love road...

     "Your Most Precious!"


     In the Chinese music scene in the past 2016, it was recognized that Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er were the best vagabond singer couples. However, although both of them produced a big-selling album, the male and female duet works can be counted on one's. fingers.

     The most famous is undoubtedly the theme song "Your Eyes" of "Blue Life and Death".

     This song became popular because of "Blue Life and Death", which in turn made more people know Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er. At that time, it became a must-try love song for couples in KTV, and even spread to Japan and South Korea. Southeast Asia was covered by many foreign vagabond singers.

     But "Your Eyes" was created at the end of 2015, and it has been more than a year since now.

     After more than a year, the love affair between Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er has become more stable, and fans also hope that the two can release more choral works.

     At this moment, these fans are satisfied!

     The highest state of love is to withstand the bland fleeting years. Sometimes happiness is like the sand in the palm of your hand. The tighter you hold it, the faster you lose it. Sometimes happiness is more like a flower on the bank, which is faintly visible but cannot be touched.The love between Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er was born by predestined conditions, not the passionate love of you die, I live, but it can withstand the washing of time, such as aging wine, it becomes more fragrant as the years go by.

     Because they are the most precious existence in each other's hearts!

     Who ignites the heart of waiting in the dark night, who is waiting for the persistence of love in the withered, and who makes the miss radiate the light of love in the morning and twilight, this song "Your Most Precious" is Lu Chen for Chen Fei' er wrote and sang his unwavering faith in love.

     Only in this way is the most moving!

     In the Daylily Bar, it was extremely quiet, only the singing of the two intertwined, lingering in everyone's ears, touching the heartstrings, and feeling the sweetness and beauty of love.

     The same melody and the same lyrics are repeated over and over again, and the depressed emotions gradually accumulate until the advent of the sex, as if the waves of the sea hit the dam of the heart bank, making a crash!

     "I am willing to stay with you on this love road, Your Most Precious!"

     When Chen Fei'er and Lu Chen sang the last sentence together, they both saw the unchanging tenderness and firmness from each other's eyes, and their feelings rose to a higher level at this moment.And this unspeakable tacit understanding deeply infected everyone present, including fans, fans, and guests and friends. The needle fell in the bar and even the breathing stopped.

     nevertheless Lu Chen broke the silence, clasped Chen Fei'er's hand and said: "Your Most Precious."

     "Thank you everyone!"

     The next moment, applause erupted fiercely, pushing the atmosphere of this fan appreciation meeting to the most extreme in an instant. There was no cheering, no whistle and screaming, only applause, the purest applause.

     In the corner, Mu Xiaochu secretly wiped away the tears overflowing from the corner of his eyes, smiling and applauding vigorously.


     Note: "Your Most Precious" wordings: Lin Mingyang/Composer: Ling Weiwen
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