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Chapter Directory 538 Will Not
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Just after New Year's Day in 2017, Lu Chen flew back to Hongkong.

     The post-production special effects of "A Chinese Ghost Story" are working overtime to rush to produce. The later period also involves editing, dubbing and scoring issues. His key figure must not leave for too long, otherwise it will affect the release plan.

     So when he returned to Hongkong, Lu Chen did not rush back to his workshop, but went to Xinghui Yinghua.

     In addition to the special effects of "A Chinese Ghost Story", Hongkong's Xinghui Yinghua is included. Xinghui Yinghua is not the largest film and television special effects production company in the Hongkong industry, but it has good strength and rich experience. He has participated in many major domestic dramas. Special effects production, quite public praise in the show business community.

     As a fantasy romance film born out of "Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio", "A Chinese Ghost Story" does not involve a lot of special effects shots, but the post-production special effects are really what you pay for, so here On the one hand, Lu Chen was unambiguous, and directly set a budget of tens of millions.

     Many domestic movies or TV Series, including Hongkong, are often reluctant to invest in this aspect. On the one hand, they yell to be in line with Hollywood, on the other hand, they will fool the audience. The resulting "five cents special effects" make people not to know Whether to laugh or cry, the result is the gains do not make up for the losses.

     Lu Chen will not make this kind of brain-dead mistake.The level of Xinghui Movies is quite good, and Lu Chen was very satisfied with the scenes prepared in advance.

     "Dao Wan, thank you for your hard work!"

     Since the completion of "A Chinese Ghost Story", the real behind-the-scenes director Wan Xiaoquan has not cared about taking a break. Even on New Year's Day, he also resides in Hongkong to oversee the post-production of the film.

     Without his hard work and hard work, Lu Chen would definitely not be so relaxed. Whether "A Chinese Ghost Story" can be filmed is a question.

     So Lu Chen, who had flown back from the capital, saw Wan Xiaoquan again in Xinghui Yinghua, which was a bit embarrassed.

     He is inferior to Wan Xiaoquan in terms of his whole-hearted love for movies.

     However, after paying so much, Wan Xiaoquan was unable to put his name in the subtitles of "A Chinese Ghost Story".

     But Wan Xiaoquan himself as sweet as syrup (idiom, from Book of Songs), he smiled and said: "It's not hard, this movie has the potential to sell well. No matter how hard it is, it is worth it, but..."

     He hesitated, nevertheless said: "According to the current production schedule, I am afraid that it may not be able to catch up with the Spring Festival file."

     It’s New Year’s Eve on January 27th, and now it’s just over a month for the Lantern Festival. According to the requirements of Lu Chen, Xinghui Movies did their best to meet the requirements of "A Chinese Ghost Story" in the Spring Festival. Screening requirements.Because even if the special effects are finished, the dubbing, soundtrack, and editing are all done, and you still have to submit for review, filming, publicity, etc., the time is too tight.

     Unless the requirements for post-production are reduced.

     "It doesn't matter if you can't keep up with the Spring Festival stalls!"

     In this regard, Lu Chen categorically said: "First of all, we must ensure the quality, I only want fine products."

     The domestic movie market is very hot, and the Spring Festival stalls are the eruption period of the box office. Originally, Lu Chen planned to use Hongkong's new film support policy to benefit from the Spring Festival stalls.

     But he will never reduce the quality requirements of the film because of this.

     In Lu Chen's dream world, the original "A Chinese Ghost Story" is undoubtedly a true classic. Now he has moved this movie into reality, and he will not spoil the classic unless he tries to make it better.

     I worked so hard in the front, and then Lu Chen would not forgive himself in order to keep up with the schedule.

     His attitude made Wan Xiaoquan very pleased.

     Wan Xiaoquan has been in the show business community for so many years and made a lot of movies. He has also met investors and producers of seeking instant benefit, and put forward various unreasonable demands in order to rush to withdraw funds.

     In Wan Xiaoquan's view, there are many bad movies in Chinese movies, and these people need to bear a lot of responsibility.He once worried about Lu Chen's full of youthful vigor, or was anxious to make money, and didn't care about it in the later period.

     It now appears that Wan Xiaoquan's worries are superfluous.

     That's how his work is valuable!

     "Then it's okay."

     I spent an afternoon at Xinghui Yinghua, and it was not until the evening Lu Chen returned to the Workshop.

     After get off work hours, there is basically no one in the office, but the light in the secretary's room is still on. Li Zhen is sitting at the computer and busy at work. He didn't even notice Lu Chen's appearance.

     Seeing such a scene, Lu Chen who just came in couldn't help but ask: "A Zhen, you haven't gone back yet?"


     Li Zhen was startled, she was greatly relieved when she saw Lu Chen, and quickly got up and said, "Young Lu, are you back? I'm just getting off work."

     She knew that Lu Chen was back in Hongkong today, and she also knew that Lu Chen went to the Xinghui Film Supervision Department. She didn't expect to come to the Workshop at this late hour: "What's the matter with you? Would you like me to help?"

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "No, I'll get something and leave, just to send you back together."

     "Thank you Young Lu..."

     Li Zhen hurriedly packed the documents scattered on the table, as well as invitations and business cards, and said, "I also have work to report to you."Lu Chen nodded: "Then speak in the car."

     Since Honghua was hit hard last time, and the strong background of the local snake suits the post, Lu Chen Film and Television Workshop has really made a name in the circle of Hongkong, and it has been known by more people.

     Liu Gangsheng's appreciation of Lu Chen has brought his reputation to the next level. After that, he went to Workshop in various names to seek cooperation, invite Lu Chen to a banquet or participate in a program, and the people who were continuously.

     He left Hongkong within a few days, and Li Zhen had a thick stack of invitation letters on his side.

     Sitting in Lu Chen's car, she reported to Lu Chen as if enumerating one's family valuables.

     "Hong Kong Star Entertainment invites you to their Company reception tomorrow night..."

     "This is the business card of the chairman of Baolu Group. He wants to invite you to meet..."

     "And this one was sent by Miss Shu Jing in person. I hope you can participate in the launch of her new album."

     "In addition..."

     "and many more!"

     Lu Chen suddenly interrupted her unceasing torrent: "You said Miss Shu Jing's?"


     Li Zhen was stunned, and immediately reacted, turning over the invitation letter just now and handing it to Lu Chen.

     Lu Chen took it and took a closer look. Shu Jing's Album conference will be tomorrow night.Shu Jing is a show business community celebrity that Lu Chen met when she first came to Hongkong. She debuted very early, and after becoming famous, she married into a wealthy family, and later divorced her husband and returned to the entertainment industry.

     Shu Jing is very passionate about charity and has very good connections in the circle. She and Chen Fei'er are friends.

     Although there is such a relationship, because Lu Chen drank coffee alone with her once and was photographed by Paparazzi, there was a small scandal, so Lu Chen basically didn't contact her much later.

     But the press conference of the other party's new album Album really has something to do with him.


     I just came back from Hangzhou this afternoon. I was exhausted and tired. There was only one watch in the evening. Please forgive me.
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