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Chapter Directory 539 Fortunately
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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At night, Central.

     A black Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle steadily parked in front of the Shangri-La Hotel, and the doorman in a neat uniform stepped forward immediately, bowed and opened the door.

     Lu Chen got out of the car and stood firmly on the red carpet.

     The next moment, a few flashing lights came on, and many Paparazzi were hiding nearby to take pictures of him.

     Lu Chen was not surprised. He came here tonight to participate in Shu Jing's new Album conference. The network of the latter must have invited many friends from the show business community to join him. It is normal for Paparazzi to be moved by the wind.

     It's just that these Paparazzi who are not eligible to enter are basically tabloid reporters, and they are considered the bottom of the circle.

     After squeezing a tip to the doorman, Lu Chen walked into the lobby of the hotel alone.

     Shu Jing's conference was held in the large conference hall on the third floor of the hotel. When Lu Chen arrived, there were already guests like a cloud, and the atmosphere was very lively.

     What’s interesting is that this (of houses etc) sumptuous conference hall has been rearranged and decorated. The background is full of blue sky, white clouds, beaches, coconut trees, boats... it makes people seem to have suddenly come to an island full of tropical style. .Beautiful hotel attendants wearing Hawaiian skirts, carrying champagne and snacks, shuttled through the crowd. On the long T-shaped stage, a Band was playing cheerful music, and laughter everywhere.

     Shu Jing, wearing a red dress, greeted the guests at the door and saw Lu Chen appear. The former Hongkong singer Heavenly Queen / days later suddenly showed a charming smile.

     "Lu Chen, why did you come?"

     Lu Chen said embarrassedly: "There is a traffic jam on the road."

     He took out the gift he had prepared and presented it: "Sister Jing, I wish you a great album sale!"

     Shu Jing smiled crookedly and said, "Thank you, I believe this Album will definitely succeed, because you wrote the theme song!"

     Lu Chen laughed and said nothing.

     Because of the origin of Chen Fei'er, at the request of Shu Jing, Lu Chen wrote two songs for her, one of which is the title song of her new Album.

     "Are you alone at night?"

     Shu Jing handed the present to the assistant, and asked for two glasses of champagne from the waiter, one of which was handed to Lu Chen.

     She asked curiously: "Why don't you even bring an assistant?"

     Lu Chen said: "A Zhen's family has something, I didn't let her come, so I just one who is cut off from others."Shu Jing pursed her lips and smiled: "It's so pitiful, your boss is really good. Would you like me to introduce you a temporary female partner? I have some girlfriends who admire you very much."

     Generally speaking, male guests attending such occasions will bring a female companion or assistant, and being alone will inevitably give people a feeling of abandonment or out of gregariousness.

     Lu Chen didn't really care, and surrendered: "Sister Jing, please spare my little brother."

     Shu Jing chuckles: "Well, I won't play with you, so you can do whatever you like, and I won't say hello."

     Lu Chen clasped his fists: "Sister Jing has a lot."

     Shu Jing looks at Lu Chen more like it, young handsome and talented, it is rare to be arrogant but not arrogant, easy-going outside-flexible, inside-firm, in the new generation of idol artists is absolutely as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns.

     She doesn't have any special thoughts about Lu Chen, but feels that Chen Fei'er is really lucky to find such a boyfriend. Of course, Lu Chen is also very lucky.

     It’s just that after the lucky Lu Chen entered the press conference, he ran into trouble.

     He was trying to find a place to sit down with champagne, when suddenly he was blocked by someone and almost ran into each other.

     Lu Chen didn't know who the other party was, and out of politeness, he quickly apologized: "I'm sorry..."

     "You are Lu Chen?"However, the other party's response was not so polite, with a hint of hostility in it proudly.


     Lu Chen couldn't help but his eyes narrowed.

     The man who blocked his way was about 30 years old and not very tall. He was wearing a navy blue suit. His facial features were sharp and handsome. His expression was awe-inspiring and his eyes were sharp, staring at Lu Chen as if he was staring at a falcon. Lived the prey.

     "Excuse me, who is it?"

     For this, Lu Chen is very unfamiliar, and there is no other person in the impression.

     The arrogant man shuddered, as if he didn't bother answering this question or mocking Lu Chen's ignorance.

     Nevertheless said with her female partner beside him, "This is Mr. Cui from Huaguan Film Industry."

     Huaguan Film Industry?

     Lu Chen suddenly remembered that the other party was actually Cui Xingxian, the head of Huaguan Film Industry!

     Huaguan Film Industry is one of the top ten movie companies in China in terms of strength and scale. It is also a subsidiary of the Huaguan Entertainment Group. Cui Xingxian, who serves as the general manager, belongs to the young and strong group in the mainland film and television industry and is well-known in the show business community.

     In the past two years, Huaguan Film Industry has launched a wide range of operations in the country, recruiting many well-known actors and directors to join, and has continuously voted for many film and television dramas, and the limelight has always been very strong.Today, the aggressive and grand film Company has extended its reach to Hongkong, and joined hands with the local entertainment company of Hongkong to shoot the massively produced ghost film "Painted Skin", with the intention of expanding its business territory with the help of Hongkong film support policies.

     Cui Xingxian even personally oversee Hongkong to supervise the production of this co-production blockbuster.

     And "Painted Skin" is precisely the biggest competitor of "A Chinese Ghost Story". Cui Xingxian regards Lu Chen as a threat and uses people from Jiang Family to make Lu Chen trouble.

     Lu Chen knew about the existence of Cui Xingxian for a long time, but he did not expect to bump into each other here tonight.

     Of course he was not ashamed, and said with a smile: "It turned out to be President Cui of Huaguan Film Industry. I have been looking forward to meeting you for a long time. Now I finally see Taoist Master and I am lucky enough to meet you."

     It says I have been looking forward to meeting you for a long time, but there is a slight sarcasm in the tone.

     What are you ridiculing? Of course it is to ridicule this hide the head and show the tail, who hides behind the scenes and counts people. He is a complete villain!

     Cui Xingxian undoubtedly understood, and his eyes suddenly became gloomy.

     He put on a fake smile and said: "Very good, as expected to be the man Chen Fei'er fancy, it is really extraordinary. I hope your "A Chinese Ghost Story" will be a big hit and show off in Hongkong!"

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "According to Mr. Cui's auspicious words, I also wish "Painted Skin" can sell well."Saying the polite words say sth without meaning it, the two eyes collided, as if two invisible sharp blades collided in the air, flashing a little sharp point.

     Cui Xingxian snorted coldly, and turned his head with his female companion, seemingly not interested in continuing to quarrel with Lu Chen.

     Lu Chen smiled faintly.

     He and Cui Xingxian have become rivals since they went to Hong Kong to set up a Workshop to prepare for the filming of "A Chinese Ghost Story". Although Lu Chen seizes a total victory in the previous round, Cui Xingxian did not hurt anything.

     So the real battle between the two is still to come, when "A Chinese Ghost Story" and "Painted Skin" are released!

     That is the time to decide the outcome!


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