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Chapter Directory 552 Bipolar
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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On February 14, "Painted Skin" was officially released in major theaters in Hongkong, with a filming rate of 37.5%.

     The first day's box office was 7.5 million!

     This kind of box office performance surpassed his peers, and he undoubtedly became the box office champion of the day, and created the best performance of the first-day domestic film in Hong Kong's box office in the past 13 months.

     Such an eye-catching first-day box office also gave Huaguan Film Industry and Xingyi Entertainment's confidence soaring. The advertisements placed in major media increased without letup, and the publicity offensive was vigorous.

     The media that has taken advantage of the benefits have naturally touted the first fantasy blockbuster in the co-production of China and Hong Kong, what surpassed Hollywood blockbuster, and what opened up a new type of ghost film.

     Those Hongkong actors who participated in "Painted Skin" sent blog posts to celebrate, and the actor Jiang Wei triumphantly said on his blog that he underestimated the box office performance of "Painted Skin".

     The total box office of 50 million Hong Kong is not the end, but the beginning!

     In another important propaganda front, the Hong Kong Island Blog and Hong Kong Island Forum, there have also been a large number of blog posts and posts praising "Painted Skin", most of which are the so-called impressions of ordinary audiences.

     "The plot is wonderful, the special effects are outstanding, it is worth the money to go to the theater to support!"

     "Unexpectedly, Hongkong can also shoot such wonderful special effects blockbuster, we must like it.""I went to see it with my girlfriend yesterday. The box office booked a few days ago is worth it!"

     "I also took my girlfriend to see it together. My girlfriend said it looked very good and wanted to see it again."

     "Wonderful, really wonderful..."

     There are so many praises in blogs and forums that people feel that it is their own loss if they don't look at it. Coupled with the lottery activities launched by the official V, the momentum on the Internet is not lower than in reality.

     But unlike the newspapers and magazines that readers can only passively accept, in the infinitely vast and free online world, not everyone can be bought or fooled, and the voices of opposition appear much faster than expected!

     "I watched "Painted Skin" yesterday, and I can only say that 35 yuan is lost in the water."

     "The special effects of "Painted Skin" are really good, but the plot is spectacle too horrible to endure, the logic of the story is chaotic and bad!"

     "It's not black, I left with my girlfriend when I saw it halfway. It's meaningless."

     "Painted Skin is really not so good. If it doesn't blow so hard in the media, it will pass the special effects."

     "I said I was disappointed after reading it. This is the magical blockbuster with an investment of one or two billion yuan?"

     "The story is terrible..."

     These opposing voices first appeared in the film and television version of the Hong Kong Island Forum.The film and television version is one of the most active sections of the Hong Kong Island Forum. There are hundreds of thousands of active registered members. Most of them are young people who like movies and TV. Posting replies and discussions are more active.

     For a newly released movie, if you want to get feedback from the audience at the first time, the film and television version of the Hong Kong Island Forum is undoubtedly an excellent place to filter out some public relations marketing trumpets, and the comments of the forum members are often tangible. Can truly reflect the viewing experience of young people.

     Of course, in such an important position of public opinion, the publicity and promotion of the public marketing company must be indispensable, but there are many IDs that praise "Painted Skin", but they can't suppress those oppositional voices.

     The most important thing is that most of the good reviews come from the forum trumpet or marketing account, and the bad reviews are mainly senior members. The credibility of the two is higher, but anyone who has been in the forum for a few days will know it clearly.

     These voices were also quickly fed back to the blog, triggering more discussions.

     So on the Internet, comments on "Painted Skin" appeared polarized.

     There are many saying good things and bad things, and the two sides are arguing, and the people who eat melons don’t know which course to follow.

     At 9 pm on the 15th, Hongkong's well-known film critic Wang Dong posted a film review blog post on his blog.

     The protagonist of this blog post is "Painted Skin"."...Excellent special effects cannot conceal the extremely pale plot. The chaotic story made this movie a disaster, so that several viewers who watched it in the same room with me left early."

     "The special effects of "Painted Skin" are not strong enough to make people ignore these shortcomings. Although the media hype this movie is comparable to Hollywood blockbuster, it is not a popcorn-style classic blockbuster after all. Dong Shi imitates Xi Shi's frown! "

     "The director tried to adapt the horror horror story in the original book into a poignant romantic drama. There were too many things mixed into it. Most of the actors were young and beautiful, but their acting skills were nothing to write home about!"

     "When I walked into the theater holding the movie ticket with hope, I got disappointed..."

     Hongkong film critics emerged in large numbers as Hongkong films entered the golden age. They were very influential in the media at the time. However, since entering the Internet age, everyone can be a film critic and publish articles on the Internet. Film critics have been declining.

     Most of the remaining film critics have become the mouthpiece of the PR Marketing Company. The difference between them and the network promoters is less and less, and they are less and less disciplined.But there are nevertheless conscientious film critics, and Wang Dong is undoubtedly one of them. He is a well-known writer in the Hongkong literary world, but he has been paying close attention to the development of Hongkong movies and has written film reviews for many newspapers and magazines.

     Unlike marketing film critics who sell their articles for a living, Wang Dong never takes the money of the PR Company when writing film reviews. Therefore, his film reviews are relatively fair and fair, and therefore have a high influence in many Hongkong audience groups.

     Especially many Hongkong people in their 30s and 40s like to read his film reviews.

     Of course, Wang Dong's film reviews are not perfect. He prefers literary rather than commercial films. Therefore, he often criticizes popcorn movies that sell well at the box office.

     As for the so-called "shit, piss," and "funny family" movies produced in Hongkong, Wang Dong criticized him as worthless and made him an unpopular figure in the Hongkong film circle.

     But even if he is hated and disgusted by others, Wang Dong never changes his style of film critics. Those film producers who get praised will certainly be complacent because of the free praise, so the producers of "Painted Skin" Huaguan Film Industry and Xingyi Entertainment will definitely Very upset.The first shot was made by Jiang Wei, the male protagonist of "Painted Skin". He directly criticized Wang Dong's film reviews on his blog for being black and black. He used other people's money to slander "Painted Skin". His words were very fierce.

     Although Jiang Wei quickly deleted his blog post, his accusation against Wang Dong, nevertheless, caused an uproar on the Internet and made "Painted Skin" a hot vocabulary for blogs on Hong Kong Island.


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