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Chapter Directory 553 "Ghost Story" Premieres On
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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On February 15, "Painted Skin" had a box office of 8.6 million, an increase of 900,000 from the previous day.

     Because the major theaters increased the lineup of "Painted Skin" on the 15th, and the movie tickets in these days have basically been booked out, the box office results have not been affected by the adverse comments on the Internet, and continue to lead the box office of local movies.

     On February 16, the box office was 8.35 million, a slight drop from yesterday.

     From the 14th to the 16th, the total box office of "Painted Skin" totaled 24.45 million, and the results were extremely dazzling.

     It is said that Huaguan Film and Television and Xingyi Entertainment are already preparing for the celebration party.

     However, on the Internet, the number of bad reviews of "Painted Skin" has suddenly increased. Many viewers who watched the film have complained on blogs and forums, saying that people who were cheated or were not worth the price too many to count.

     Although Huaguan Film and Television and Star Arts Entertainment have stepped up their marketing efforts, they still cannot suppress the voices of opposition.

     The plot is chaotic, the story is terrible, the actors are clumsy...Except for the special effects, the others are simply unsightly. Some people joked that watching "Painted Skin" is enough to watch the trailer, and there is no need to spend any more money.

     Because the trailer focuses on the most essential parts of the whole film's special effects.

     On February 17, the box office of "Painted Skin" dropped to 4.27 million, a drop of nearly 50%!The bloody reality seemed like a heavy slap in the face, slapped hard on the faces of Huaguan Film and Television and Xingyi Entertainment, causing the bloggers of both sides to lose their voices, and making those advocacy articles become a joke.

     We must know that on the 17th, the rate of "Painted Skin" reached 47.68%, the highest value in a few days, but the box office has fallen so fiercely, so there is only one reason.

     There is a problem with the movie itself!

     In the light of Valentine's Day a few days ago, coupled with the vigorous publicity of the film producer, "Painted Skin" continued to pile up the box office with an astonishing number of pre-booked tickets. It seems that the situation is indeed very good.

     But the audience can see with their eyes. They may be blinded by publicity for a while, but they will never be fooled forever, and the power of public praise is endless.

     The public praise of "Painted Skin" is very bad, really bad!

     There were a large number of refunds on the 17th and 18th, and it is reasonable to encounter a cliff-like box office drop.

     Huaguan Films and Xingyi Entertainment, which were smashed in the face, did not seriously reflect on the reasons. The senior officials believed that the unfavorable public opinion on the Internet was the root of the curse. Therefore, instead of adjusting their propaganda strategies, they increased their investment in the media , Jiang Wei and other major actors have tried their best to wave flags and shout battle cries for the film on different occasions.In fact, they have no retreat. The box office has fallen too fast and too sharply. First of all, the theaters have to reduce the number of film schedules. The decline in film schedules in turn suppresses the box office. Such a vicious circle, this is a must for both Huaguan Film and Television and Xingyi Entertainment. Unwilling to see the results.

     Even if they spend a lot of money, they have to recreate the momentum of "Painted Skin", because the latter is still related to the domestic release, and that is the focus of the box office.

     At this time, a bit badly burned about the head (from trying to put out a fire), Huaguan Film and Television and StarArt Entertainment, have forgotten one thing.

     That is "A Chinese Ghost Story" will be released.

     At 8pm on February 18th, "A Chinese Ghost Story" held a Premiere style at the Triumph Theater.

     Unlike "Painted Skin", which is as grand and grand as an awards ceremony at the Oriental Hollywood Theater, the Premiere style of "A Chinese Ghost Story" is quite low-key and simple, without the noisy hype and noise of gongs and drums, and there is no red carpet ceremony for star actors. , Even the media reporters are not invited much.

     It feels like Lu Chen Workshop and Jiayang Films made a movie together, and then invited relatives and friends to come and watch it together, just give some advice, the low-key is a bit shameful.

     But low-key to low-key, there were many entertainment reporters who came to the door of the Triumph Theater that night.Because the official blog of "A Chinese Ghost Story" has released the news in advance, the guests participating in this Premiere style include not only the main actors of the film, members of the Hongkong Film Association, and media reporters, but also a number of stars in the Hongkong entertainment circle. artist.

     Among them is Liu Gangsheng!

     For the Heavenly King superstar alone, most entertainment media are willing to send someone to take a few photos. What's more, the leading actors of "A Chinese Ghost Story" Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er are now mainland artists of Hongkong understood by everyone.

     The popular "Blue Life and Death" on Hongkong Satellite TV has made Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er more popular on Hong Kong Island. This TV Series is not only loved by those 8 o'clock housewives, but also young in Hongkong. People also have a lot of influence, and the number of fans of the two is comparable to the first-line celebrities in Hongkong.

     There is also the Female Lead Nie Mingzhu of "A Chinese Ghost Story". Because of the stills, she became popular before the movie was released. The background is very mysterious, so Paparazzi who checked out is of course indispensable.

     Because of this, just after 7 o'clock, a large number of reporters and fans have gathered in front of the Triumph Theater, as well as many pedestrians and tourists who do not know the truth.

     Some fans held up cards with the words "please ask for a high price" and looked at pedestrians expectantly.In the "A Chinese Ghost Story" Premiere scene, 150 tickets were gifted by the official V on the blog by reposting a lottery draw. These fans are looking for this kind of ticket.

     There are also real fans who want to see their idols up close.

     The appearance of such a large number of people at the entrance of the theater inevitably brought a little chaos.

     Fortunately, the theater has long deployed security personnel on the scene to maintain order.

     Triumph Theater is also an old-fashioned theater. It is located in the prosperous area of Causeway Bay, very close to Victoria Park, and its scale and strength is second only to the Oriental Hollywood Theater.

     Whether it is a Hollywood blockbuster or a mainland film nevertheless, if it is in Hongkong Premiere, then the Premiere style is not placed in the Oriental Hollywood Theater, it must be placed in the Triumph Theater.

     Lu Chen and the main cast and crew of "A Chinese Ghost Story" were the first to rush to the theater. After getting off the car, he and Chen Fei'er were immediately besieged by reporters.

     The flash fired into a single flash, the shutter clicked incessantly, and the shouts of fans were mixed in between.

     Since there was no red carpet ceremony, Lu Chen dragged Chen Fei'er into the theater quickly through a safe passage composed of security personnel, and did not accept an interview with reporters.

     Other Film Crew members followed closely.Director Wan Xiaoquan was a bit speechless: "Why so many people!"

     Chen Wenqiang, who was walking with him, smiled and said, "This is a good thing, it shows that our attention is high..."

     "Liu Gangsheng!"

     He hadn't finished speaking yet, behind him came a roar like a mountain whistling and a tsunami from outside the theater.


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