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Chapter Directory 558 Lu Suiren
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Qi Zihao waited amidst anxiety.

     Jia Hui did not come down after 10 minutes, and certainly did not let Qi Zihao wait for 100 minutes.

     About 20 minutes later, a girl in a white sportswear walked down the corridor, stood in front of him happily, and said shyly: "Let you wait a long time, right?"

     Qi Zihao foolish looking looked at the beautiful school girl in front of her, feeling that her heart was about to explode.

     He was speechless.

     Jia Hui was stared at by Qi Zihao so that there was a blush on his face.

     "Hey Hey hey!"

     At this moment, a thirteen or fourteen-year-old girl in yellow jumped out from behind Jia Hui, and directed at Qi Zihao bare fangs and brandish claws whose brain was down: "Are you a fool? What is Zhu doing here? "

     Qi Zihao was taken aback, and instinctively took a step back, waking up like a dream: "Uh..."

     Jia Hui grabbed the girl in yellow and introduced: "This is my sister Ni Hui. She wants to be with me, okay?"

     Jia Hui's younger sister looks four or five points similar to her, but she has a strange personality, and she is obviously the kind of courageous and difficult to mess with.

     "Youngster, do you want to soak my old sister? If you want to soak, you have to please me first, otherwise..."She breathed from her nostrils, and looked at Qi Zihao sideways, with an expression of "I am a big sister".

     Jia Hui looked helpless, and obviously had nothing to do with his sister.

     Qi Zihao was not too stupid at all, so he woke up and quickly said, "No problem, then take sister Ni Hui with me."


     Ni Hui curled his lips and said, "Don't call it so affectionate, I'm not your sister, where do I go to play at night?"

     Even if Ni Hui's age is several years younger than himself, Qi Zihao looked at her nevertheless and was a little frustrated, and quickly said, "Shall we go to the movies? "A Chinese Ghost Story" is released tonight, starring Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er of."

     He inquired through friends that Ni Hui recently became obsessed with a TV Series called "Blue Life and Death", which is currently being broadcast on satellite TV. The male Female Lead in the play is starred by Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er.

     So Qi Zihao deliberately searched for the information of these two stars on the Internet, and then came to know "A Chinese Ghost Story".

     Jia Hui was really pleasantly surprised: "It's great, I just want to see it!"

     "It's watching a movie again, old fashioned!"

     Ni Hui murmured, looking unwilling-she prefers to go to the video game city or the skating rink.

     How could Qi Zihao care about her feelings? Seeing Jia Hui likes her, a big rock in her heart finally fell.Of course, there is a small problem.

     That is, he only booked two movie tickets online. I don't know if there are any more at this time.

     Fortunately now that technology is advanced, smart phones can be installed with a ticket booking APP, so Qi Zihao used his mobile phone to order one for Ni Hui in the taxi.

     Tickets for "A Chinese Ghost Story", which was officially released tonight, sold well. He was lucky to catch the last train and grabbed one of the last two tickets. Of course, it was impossible to be adjacent to the location he originally booked.

     But this is exactly what Qi Zihao hopes for.

     However, he soon discovered that his idea was be gravely mistaken.

     After arriving at the cinema to collect the tickets, Ni Hui directly snatched the two adjacent tickets and left Qi Zihao with the newly ordered one, leaving him choked and choked in the wind.

     Qi Zihao is not a fool after all. Under such circumstances, he did not just stay in the corner and watch, but discussed with others, paid a price to change positions, and finally sat next door to Jia Hui.

     This makes Ni Hui look at him somewhat differently: "Aren't you stupid?"

     Qi Zihao smiled and scratched his head. He looked at Jia Hui, his eyes were full of joy.

     Jia Hui blushed again when he saw him again, and whispered: "Watching a movie."The lights in the auditorium dimmed, and the opening scene of the movie appeared on the big screen. The voice of the audience disappeared, and everyone's attention was concentrated. .

     Hongkong people like to watch movies, and the quality of the audience is usually relatively high. When watching movies, everyone will consciously keep quiet, and mobile phones and everything will be adjusted to the vibration mode, so as not to interfere with others' watching.

     Qi Zihao looked around and found that the theater with nearly two hundred people was full, and the audience was mostly couples.

     He couldn't help taking a peek at Jia Hui again.

     But Jia Hui's eyes are only fixed on the screen.

     Qi Zihao's attention followed, he readjusted his sitting posture, and began to enjoy the movie.

     The first thing that appeared on the screen was the logo of Jiayang Films, which was not very familiar to Hongkong audiences, and the Lu Chen Workshop Logo that came out was even more unfamiliar.

     After the short title, even if the movie has officially started, a close-up of a dilapidated stone stele appears on the screen, and the three characters "Lanruo Temple" appear in the audience's eyes in turn, with an ancient temple shrouded in the background.

     Coupled with the rendering of the soundtrack, a lonely and strange atmosphere quietly hits, making the audience's hearts unconscious.

     Qi Zihao, who was a little heart like a frisky monkey and mind like a cantering horse, was also attracted.The story of "A Chinese Ghost Story" unfolded. The scholar who stayed overnight in the ancient temple, the beautiful woman who appeared quietly, the seemingly routine affair was the beginning of bloodthirsty killing, and it took the audience into a strange charm in just two minutes. In a bizarre world.

     Against the background of the brocade cloth with red and blood, the four handwritten calligraphy characters of "A Chinese Ghost Story" jumped on top, and the movie's theme song "Road With People" was played along with it.

     And the protagonist Ning Caichen followed his debut, a down-and-out scholar trekking through the wilderness, and the hard-working situation formed a perfect fit with the theme song.

     Qi Zihao chose to watch "A Chinese Ghost Story" completely because Jia Hui likes the leading role of the film. He himself is not very fond of this kind of ghostly fantasy movies. He loves to watch Hollywood blockbuster.

     So he didn't have any expectations for the movie "A Chinese Ghost Story" itself, no matter how good it was made and nevertheless, as long as Jia Hui was happy, it was worth the more than one hundred dollars of movie tickets just spent.

     Well, there are also cola, popcorn, potato chips...

     However, after just a few minutes of watching the beginning, Qi Zihao's interest in watching movies was aroused, especially this theme song full of ancient charm, which touched his heartstrings and made him can't help substitute himself. protagonist.

     "The dream of life is like a long road,

     The wind and frost in the road is dry.How many directions are there in the dreams in the red dust,

     Find the crazy dream center love Road With People!

     Life is a dream and aspiration,

     There are faint tears in the dream,

     Where to find the direction in my heart,

     The wind seemed to sigh lightly in the dream of the road and the boundless people.


     Looking at the homeless and miserable scholars on the screen and listening to the theme song with melodious tunes and distant lyrics, Qi Zihao's mind is no longer on Jia Hui, who is sitting next to him.

     As for Jia Hui, she stared at the screen without blinking.


     Note: "Road With People" for Lyrics: Huang Zhan
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