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Chapter Directory 559 Look Again
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
    Original: | Translation:

"Bold thief, how dare you steal Lao Tzu's money!"

     In the wilderness, torrential rains are like warning, six or seven thieves, big and rough, are running desperately. Although they are holding sharp weapons, their faces have an uncontrollable panic, as if there are some monsters behind them chasing them.

     Accompanied by a thunderous roar, a black warrior rushed out from behind the thief and brazenly rushed into the fleeing crowd, but saw a sharp sword light flashing by, and a human head soared into the sky!

     The splash of three feet just happened to spray on the face of the scholar who had been frightened nearby, making him look dumbfounded.

     However, the killing continued. The black samurai wielded a big sword and rushed right and left. There was no enemy at all. The two thieves wanted to resist desperately, but they were cut to the ground by the black samurai!

     In the audience, Qi Zihao watched the bloodline spray.

     He has seen a lot of Hollywood blockbusters before, and the fights inside are fierce and bloody, but compared with the short 1-minute shot of "A Chinese Ghost Story", it looks too crude and simple, with more violence and lack of charm.

     Kill one person in ten steps, don't stay for a thousand miles, go away after the accident, hide your name and name deeply!

     Qi Zihao's mind can't help emerge from the famous line of Li Bai's "Xia Ke Xing", the scenes on the screen and the exciting soundtrack, the movie background of the chaotic world has become so vivid in his eyes.There were also several exclamations in the other audience around him.

     The movie has only just started, and the two scenes of Lanruo Temple and Wilderness Caop have left a deep impression on everyone, and people look forward to the story behind.

     In other words, the appetites of the audience have been lifted.

     On the screen, the story continues.

     The scholar Ning Caichen went to Guobei County to collect his accounts. Every rain was forced to stay in the legendary Lanruo Temple, but was rejected by the Taoist priest Yan Chixia in the temple. He sneaked into the temple secretly.

     In the middle of the night, Ning Caichen was attracted by the sound of guqin, so she met the girl Nie Xiaoqian, but Xiaoqian suddenly revealed his murderous intentions and was fortunately rescued by Yan Chixia.

     Xiaoqian was moved by Ning Caichen's integrity and kindness, so he felt love for him, but was stopped by Yan Chixia. Ning Caichen thought that Yan Chixia was a cruel murderer and wanted to escape with Xiaoqian. As a result, the Tree Demon Grandmother who controlled Nie Xiaoqian forced her to kill Ning Caichen to absorb Yang Qi.

     Xiaoqian couldn't bear it, Tree Demon Grandmother was furious and shot himself. Seeing that the two were in imminent peril, nevertheless Yan Chixia shot his grandmother out of righteousness.

     At this time, Ning Caichen learned that Xiaoqian is a lonely ghost...To be honest, Qi Zihao booked "A Chinese Ghost Story" movie tickets via his mobile phone yesterday. It was all because Jia Hui liked the two protagonists. He was sitting here to make his sweetheart happy.

     But seeing now, Qi Zihao himself was fascinated.

     Ning Caichen in the film is a bit pedantic and cowardly, but he still maintains a kind and innocent heart in troubled times, and for the one he loves, he has shown extraordinary courage in the face of real danger.

     Qi Zihao saw his own figure in him, and he naturally substituted in, feeling ups and downs, fascinated and fascinated by the ups and downs of the protagonist in the film.

     Until there was a low exclamation around him.


     In the movie, BOSSTree Demon Grandmother performed a strong fight against Yan Chixia. The rendering of the screen was extremely horrible, which shocked the audience, including Jia Hui.

     Out of instinctual fear, she subconsciously grabbed Qi Zihao's hand!

     Qi Zihao was stunned for a moment, and came to realize it for a while.

     Jia Hui's hands are a bit cold, and his skin is soft and delicate. The feeling of touching makes his face flushed instantly!

     It is pitiful in the sky, this is nevertheless Qi Zihao has such "close" contact with a girl other than his sister for the first time in his life, and the other party nevertheless the person he likes in his heart.The immense joy dazzled Qi Zihao's head in an instant, leaving him in a daze for a while, not even watching the wonderful movies, but looking forward to time staying at this moment forever.

     Regrettably, after only a few minutes, Jia Hui woke up, and quickly withdrew his hand shyly.

     Qi Zihao didn't mention how lost he was.

     Fortunately, there are still movies to watch.

     In the movie, Ning Caichen knew that Nie Xiaoqian was controlled by Tree Demon Grandmother because his bones were abandoned in the mountains.

     To prevent Xiaoqian from being raped again, Ning Caichen promised to transport his ashes back to the country for burial. Unexpectedly, Xiaoqian was snatched by the old Black Mountain demon to be his wife. Ning Caichen begged Yan Chixia to save Xiaoqian together. Yan Chixia tried to persuade him to no avail, so he had to take Ning Caichen into the underworld, and finally rescued Xiaoqian and allowed him to reincarnate. .

     But in this way, Ning Caichen and Nie Xiaoqian are separated from each other forever...

     The story has come to an end, the ending is not a perfect reunion, leaving the audience with infinite melancholy.

     With the appearance of the subtitles, the lights in the theater were slowly lit up, and when it came to an end.

     But many viewers did not get up right away and were still immersed in the movie.

     Jia Hui wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes and said to Qi Zihao: "Let's go..."Qi Zihao suddenly blessed his soul, or on impulse, he acted without taking time to think took Jia Hui's small hand and asked: "Jia Hui, this movie is very good, let's watch it again!"

     Jia Hui didn't expect Qi Zihao to be so bold. He actually pulled his hand in public, and his round cheek suddenly became flushed, and he subconsciously struggled.

     But the strength is very light and light.

     "Hey hey, what are you doing!"

     Nevertheless Ni Hui was pungent, and immediately slapped Qi Zihao's hand open when he saw it: "Don't eat my sister's tofu."

     Qi Zihao's courage disappeared instantly, and he hid his hands and said slyly, "That..."

     He was very frightened, afraid that Jia Hui would hate himself because of it.

     "Let's watch it again."

     He was about to say "then forget about it", but Jia Hui suddenly said, "It's very beautiful."

     Her voice fell in Qi Zihao's ears as if it were a natural phenomenon, and it exploded with joy: "Okay...well, I'll go outside to buy movie tickets right away!"

     Ni Hui "hum" and took the opportunity to blackmail: "Buy more snacks, I want five-spice beef jerky, and Haagen-Dazs ice cream, a large portion!"

     Qi Zihao didn't care at all. For the date tonight, he took out his savings from part-time work.

     As long as Jia Hui is happy!The conversation between the two was heard by other audience members who were leaving the venue, and several couples discussed that they should also review it.

     "It's pretty, I want to watch it again!"

     "Nie Xiaoqian is so beautiful."

     "Let's go buy tickets, maybe there are no more tickets."

     "Walk around..."


     The first one is sent.
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