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Chapter Directory 561 Apologize
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Movie peripheral products refer to products developed based on the characters, scenes, props, logos, etc. in the movie, including toys, clothing, accessories, audio and video, books, daily necessities, etc., mainly relying on the popularity and influence brought by the movie. .

     In Hollywood, USA, movie peripheral products have already formed a huge and mature industry. The box office of many movies may only earn back the cost, but the sales of peripheral products still make a lot of money.

     According to the 2016 American Film Association statistics, in the Hollywood film industry, peripheral products contribute more than 30% of the value, and two-thirds of the income of many movies comes from the sales of peripheral products!

     This is undoubtedly a very attractive big cake.

     However, the cake is delicious, and it is not easy to eat it. Domestic and Hongkong have also started the development of movie peripheral products very early, but the result is completely unsatisfactory.

     Two years ago, the crocodile in the Hongkong film industry, Baodelong Pictures, invested 170 million Shooting in the adaptation of Hong Kong Comics, with the intention of replicating the Hollywood model, flexing its muscles in the peripheral product field, and creating a Hong Kong comic hero IP can be described as aggressive and grand.

     However, this one plus the promotion costs, the total investment of more than 200 million Hong Kong-produced blockbuster, in the end only won 68 million box office in Hong Kong, plus the mainland box office only barely reached 300 million, it was muddled and completely collapsing.At that time, Baodelong Films also spent 12 million on the periphery of "Super Power", and ordered a large number of doll figures, props models, accessories and daily necessities, etc. As a result, Hongkong plus the mainland only sold 5.1 million. .

     You must know that the profit of movie peripheral products is very high. The cost of a set of dolls is 100, and the sales price is at least 3 to 4 million. The sales of 5.1 million relative to the input cost of 12 million are simply a loss to the grandmother's family.

     "Super Mighty" nevertheless borrowed the fame of the original comics to sell some of its surroundings, otherwise it would be even worse!

     In the end, Baodelong Pictures was forced to destroy a large backlog of finished products, which became a joke in the industry.

     In fact, if it were not for Baodelong Films’ overconfidence leading to a misprediction, 5.1 million peripheral sales would nevertheless be okay, because most of the mainland and Hongkong movies have no peripherals, and some are just low-cost posters and the like.

     The example of "Mighty Man" also discouraged people in the industry from peripheral products. They watched Hollywood blockbuster eat meat, and it became the most common phenomenon to be envious of not doing anything.

     So when everyone learned that "A Chinese Ghost Story" sold 2.65 million peripheral products on the first day of the show, the first feeling was that they didn't believe it at all!"A Chinese Ghost Story" is not a drama adapted from a popular comic. It lacks the fan base of the work. Although everyone is familiar with "Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio", it is a ghost movie, and it is not suitable for the surrounding genre. Up.

     However, it is even more impossible to say that sales are falsified. First of all, Lu Chen Workshop and Jiayang Films are not able to let the Hongkong cinemas cooperate with them to fabricate data, and secondly, there is no such need at all.

     Because sales of peripheral products are not at the box office, isn't it a fool to spend money to buy your own peripherals?

     So when it is confirmed that the news is true, everyone's second feeling is inconceivable.

     Really inconceivable!

     But believe it or not, the evaluation of "A Chinese Ghost Story" by industry professionals has suddenly risen a lot.

     This movie has a trend of popularity!

     The simple truth is that if movie audiences don't like movies to a certain extent, how can they be willing to pay for peripheral products that are expensive compared to movie tickets?

     It sold 2.65 million on the first day. How much can I sell during the four-week release period?

     Hongkong can sell so much, how much can the mainland, which is the home of Lu Chen, sell?

     No one can make an accurate estimate-it's a shame to say more or less.Everyone also has to admire Lu Chen. After selling so many peripherals, first of all, so many goods must be shopped. With the stock of stock, Lu Chen dares to spend money on the periphery that is regarded as a forbidden zone by countless peers, whether it is courage and nevertheless confidence. Is super strong.

     And he has a great chance of winning!

     This has made more people turn their attention to "A Chinese Ghost Story", who had been watching with cold eyes or changed their minds on the show business community of the movie disdain as contempt. Many people even booked "A Chinese Ghost Story". movie ticket.

     No matter how much advertising on newspapers and websites is blowing, seeing is believing!


     "I, Zhou Yi, don't really admire many people in my life..."

     Seeing Lu Chen, Zhou Yi said with incomparable feeling: "Young Lu, you are definitely one of them!"

     As soon as I got the first-day box office and peripheral sales data of "A Chinese Ghost Story", the behind-the-scenes boss of Jiayang Films couldn't sit still and went to the Workshop to find Lu Chen in person.

     Zhou Yi is not a boring person, and in fact, Jiayang Films is not the most important industry under his name, but this heavy sales data makes him unable to maintain his composure.

     Sales of peripheral products of more than two million yuan!

     Thanks to policy factors, after the films produced by the Hongkong Film Company are released in Hong Kong, the share of the shares obtained is much higher than that of their counterparts in the Mainland, which is almost five to five.That is to say, with a box office of 1 million, the film can only get 500,000 or more. This is one of the important reasons why Hongkong's local market is small, but so many film companies can survive.

     But 50% or 60% of the box office share is compared with the profits of the peripheral products, that is scum!

     As a very successful businessman, Zhou Yi knows the way.

     What makes Zhou Yi feel ashamed is that when Lu Chen decided to invest a lot of money in customizing the peripheral products of "A Chinese Ghost Story", he was opposed to it-"Super Power" is a lesson!

     However, Lu Chen is stubborn and would rather not give up all the capital. Zhou Yi finally reluctantly agreed to Lu Chen's peripheral development plan out of consideration of maintaining the relationship between the two parties, and there is still a knot in his heart.

     Thinking about it now, if he missed it at that time, it is estimated that his intestines will be regretful at this time!

     "Boss Zhou praised it..."

     Lu Chen smiled and asked Zhou Yi to sit down and talk, and let his assistant Li Zhen to pour tea for the guests.

     Originally Zhou Yi was not coming, he was also going to talk to the other party.

     Zhou Yi solemnly said: "I am here this time, first of all apologize to Young Lu. As a partner, Jiayang Films has not done enough in the past. Please forgive Young Lu!"

     With that said, he actually stood up and bowed and apologized to Lu Chen!Lu Chen hurriedly got up and said, "Boss Zhou is serious, it doesn't need to be so, really doesn't!

     Speaking of the early stage of the cooperation, especially when facing the threat from Jiang Family, the performance of Jiayang Films' first mouse at both ends made Lu Chen very dissatisfied, but the latter was nevertheless very good.

     Without the strong support and cooperation of Jiayang Pictures, "A Chinese Ghost Story" would not be so smoothly released.


     The first one is sent.
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