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Chapter Directory 562 Strong Counterattack
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Lu Chen still remembers clearly what Chen Wenqiang said about Zhou Yi.

     Zhou Yi is a real businessman.

     A true businessman knows how to judge the situation. When he is faced with a choice, he will always choose what is best for him, and if he needs to put down his face, he will never hold on to it.

     A true businessman cannot be a true friend.

     Lu Chen would not treat Zhou Yi as a friend, as a business partner would be fine, so after mutual understanding and consensus reached between the two sides, he entered the topic.

     "The schedule of our new film is too low. I hope Boss Zhou can do more in this regard.

     The schedule of "A Chinese Ghost Story" released on the first day was less than 20%, which was not too bad and did not meet Lu Chen's expectations. It was the task of Jiayang Films to communicate with local theaters and theaters.

     Lu Chen Workshop has just established a foothold in Hongkong, and all channels need to be expanded. The show business community lacks contacts and resources, so partners like Jiayang Pictures are indispensable.

     Zhou Yi smiled and said: "Young Lu rest assured, we have this achievement. I believe that no theater can ignore it. I have sent someone to negotiate with Wanli and Deqing. I believe that increasing the number of films will be no problem."Wanli and Deqing are the two major theaters of Hongkong. Both parties jointly own more than 60% of Hongkong's theaters, and play a critical role in the Hongkong movie circle.

     The famous Oriental Hollywood Theater is a large theater under the Wanli Cinema Line.

     Zhou Yi confidently said: "Our current schedule is not high, mainly because "Painted Skin" bought the box office to squeeze a share, but Huaguan and Xingyi can buy the box office for a week, and he can't buy it for a month!"

     Buying the box office is the unspoken rule of the show business community. Those with big money often play, but there is definitely a limit.

     Hongkong's film market is small, and a few millions can account for a considerable share of the film, but unless it is willful to the extreme, no one will desperately throw money into the water.

     In order to sustain the "Painted Skin", Huaguan and Xingyi bought the box office for four consecutive days. In Zhou Yi's view, they are basically approaching the limit.

     On the other hand, if this kind of cheating exceeds the limit, it will also arouse public outrage in the industry.

     If you play too much, no one wants to play.

     Therefore, Zhou Yi is quite certain that the high box office of "Painted Skin" will not last long. Once the original identity is fully revealed, then it will be the day when "A Chinese Ghost Story" has a strong counterattack.

     The theaters are not fools, they know more about the tricks, so it is reasonable to increase the schedule of "A Chinese Ghost Story" one step in advance.The most important thing is that the surprising peripheral sales of "A Chinese Ghost Story" are undoubtedly equivalent to a stimulant, enough to stimulate the sensitive nerves of the theaters and allow them to make wise choices.

     The fact is that there is no beyond expectation. On February 22, the schedule of "A Chinese Ghost Story" in Hong Kong increased to 22.67%. Many shows were temporarily increased today, and the box office exceeded the 4 million mark.

     With the exclamation of the show business community, its peripheral products continued to rise at the box office, reaching 3.58 million!

     At the same time, "Painted Skin", which has been strong for a few days, finally showed its true decline. On the 22nd, the box office only collected 3.1 million yuan, completely behind "A Chinese Ghost Story".

     This is somewhat beyond the expectations of the industry. Everyone thought that "Painted Skin" would continue to buy a few days at the box office in order to suppress "A Chinese Ghost Story", but I didn't expect it to give up so soon.

     Then there was inside information, saying that because the real box office results were too bad, Huaguan Film Industry and Xingyi Entertainment had serious differences and contradictions. Not to mention continuing to buy box office, even publicity is also facing problems.

     In just two days of effort, "A Chinese Ghost Story" completed a beautiful counterattack, showing the momentum to take off!

     On the Internet, there have been a large number of netizen comments on "A Chinese Ghost Story", including articles by many film critics, and Wang Dong is among them.As an independent film critic, Wang Dong has a habit of writing film reviews, that is, he will not publish his own film reviews before the film is officially released, even if he has already seen the Premiere scene in advance.

     "A Chinese Ghost Story" is no exception.

     Wang Dong wrote a film review article after he was invited to participate in the Premiere ceremony of "A Chinese Ghost Story", but he didn't publish it on his blog until two days after the film was officially released.

     "When I first watched "A Chinese Ghost Story", I thought it was a fantasy movie similar to "Painted Skin". I also laughed at the current filmmakers for not conceiving ideas and putting "Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio" The story here is tossed and changed, adding some celebrity faces and special effects to serve the table to fool the audience. It is really boring."

     "However, after watching the film, I discovered that although the same material is taken from "Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio", "A Chinese Ghost Story" and "Painted Skin" are works of completely different levels. The two cannot discuss two disparate things at all. together."

     ""A Chinese Ghost Story" surpasses "Painted Skin" too much!"

     "A rough cloth Tsing Yi, a ruined little hat, and a pair of torn cloth shoes are the image that Ning Caichen, the protagonist in the play, brings to everyone. There are many things in the world, and he has a youthful talent for learning, but he has no ample scope for abilities, so he was caught The hawker who sells the painting ridiculed it as'high taste, low status."But even so, he hasn't lost the cuteness in his bones. He is naive, pedantic, but also affectionate, positive and optimistic, born at the wrong time repeatedly hitting the wall, without a trace of depression."

     "And Nie Xiaoqian, is a ghost who has gone to death in another country, a female ghost who lives in a barren mountain, and specializes in sucking the essence of young men. But this is not out of her intention. Every time she hurts passers-by, her heart will be tortured by endless self-blame and grief. She is beautiful and kind. Although forced by the lust of Tree Demon Grandmother, and although all the demons around her are bloodthirsty, she still clings to her inner conscience alone, unique and unmatched in that filthy and dark world."

     "The encounter of the male Female Lead was an accident, and it was also the fate of decreased by fate. A poignant love connected the whole movie. Even if the ending is not perfect, it is still touching!"

     "The whole film has a compact plot, an exciting story, and a first-class soundtrack theme song..."

     "There is another impressive character in the play, Yan Chixia, who is a bit mad and drunk. He is very passionate and kills demons. He is almost humorous in laughs, jeers, anger and invective. We saw one The profound skill of the old opera bones!"

     "I dare to say that "A Chinese Ghost Story" will become a classic in ghost movies..."Wang Dong wrote more than 2,000 words in his long blog post, which is the longest among the film reviews he has ever written. It can be said to have received rave reviews. The whole article is full of praises, and people wonder if he is not. What are the benefits of taking the film side.

     But anyone who has watched "A Chinese Ghost Story" will not have such doubts!


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