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Chapter Directory 568 Surprise
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Since the Taoist Master audition show became popular, in recent years, various domestic TV stations have conducted a lot of audition shows. Some have achieved great success, while others have little influence. The situation can be described as a two-tiered situation.

     In addition to the production level and creative concept of the program itself, the guest judging panel (member) tutor is also an important factor that has a direct impact on the ratings. The bigger the player, the more the ratings will increase.

     The creativity of "China The Voice" is excellent enough, and there is no problem in production and broadcasting. The selection of tutors has become one of the keys to the success of the program, so Tian Tian attaches great importance to it.

     Chen Fei'er was wondering: "Didn't I ask you to contact Big Brother Tan?"

     The Big Brother Tan mentioned by Chen Fei'er of course refers to Tan Hong. With Tan Hong's position in the show business community, it is definitely qualified.

     Tian Tian was discouraged: "I have met Teacher Tan in Beijing, but Teacher Tan doesn't want to participate in variety shows anymore."

     Originally, Tan Hong didn't like to participate in variety shows very much. The last time he served as the judging panel (member) of "Singing China", it was entirely because of human relations. Now he is basically in a retired state, and it is normal for Tian Tian to be declined.

     "Ah, then..."

     Chen Fei'er also got into trouble. She has a wide network of contacts in the show business community, but she can't just invite a real celebrity to come over - if the schedule is not full, then she can Is it a big coffee?She blamed Tian Tian: "You didn't say it earlier!"

     Tian Tian has a reason: "I don't want to trouble you this busy person every time, this time there is really no way."

     She is a strong person. When encountering difficulties, she first thinks of solving problems by herself, rather than asking for help from others.

     It's just that the trouble is a bit big.

     Tian Tian has a good family and has her own network resources in the show business community, but if she wants to invite a big celebrity to join the talent show produced by her company, she is really not enough.

     After touching the wall a few times, Tian Tian gave up unwillingly, and could only look back to Chen Fei'er for help.

     Lu Chen thought for a while and said, "I'll try it."

     Chen Fei'er asked curiously: "Who do you want to find?"

     Lu Chen replied: "Big Brother Liu Gangsheng."


     Accompanied by a scream, the driving BMW shook abruptly and almost hit the guardrail next to it.

     Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er who were caught off guard were shocked in a cold sweat.

     Tian Tian, who was driving, hurriedly re-stabilized the steering wheel, and hurriedly asked: "Really Liu Gangsheng?"

     Lu Chen took a long breath and said angrily: "Drive your car well, it will kill you!"

     If there was a car accident just now, the headlines of tomorrow will be from him and Chen Fei'er-such headlines can nevertheless save or save, whoever wants to take it!Tian Tian stuck her tongue out, she slowed down and said with a guilty conscience: "Who made you suddenly come out with an anecdote, I am a fan of Liu Gangsheng, if you can really invite him..."

     If Liu Gangsheng can be invited as a judging panel (member), then there is no need to worry about the ratings of "China The Voice", because this Hongkong Heavenly King superstar has never appeared in any domestic talent show.

     It will inevitably cause a sensation!

     "Don't think about it!"

     Lu Chen interrupted her dreams rudely: "Big Brother Hongkong will definitely not be able to come. I want to ask him to find out if he can invite a senior from Hongkong to participate."

     The four instructors of "China The Voice", he and Chen Fei'er already have two seats each, and it is undoubtedly more appropriate to invite a Hongkong vagabond singer to come—Hongkong pop music has an irreplaceable position in the Chinese music scene .


     Tian Tian closed his mouth a bit wronged.

     Chen Fei'er looked unbearable and pushed Lu Chen who didn't know to have tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex: "Then you can contact Hong Kong Sheng."

     Lu Chen nodded, took out his mobile phone and called Liu Gangsheng.

     He contacted the other party's private number, and only the phone number in the address book could be connected.After a while, the phone was switched on, and Liu Gangsheng's unique voice came from the microphone: "Lu Chen?"

     "Hello, Brother Hong Kong..."

     Lu Chen quickly greeted him, then exchanged a few words with the Heavenly King superstar, and then explained his intentions.

     Just now when Lu Chen berated, Tian Tian had a bit of resentment in her heart, but when she heard Lu Chen talking to Liu Gangsheng, she couldn't help but pricked her ears, looking like itchy.

     Lu Chen and Liu Gangsheng chatted for a few minutes before ending the conversation. Chen Fei'er asked, "What did he say?"

     This is also the most concerned issue of Tian Tian.

     Liu Gangsheng cannot be expected, and it would be great to invite a famous Hongkong pop music scene to come over.

     Lu Chen said: "Hong Kong students are willing to help, let me wait for the news, it should be very soon."

     Chen Fei'er smiled and said, "That's it."

     If Liu Gangsheng comes forward, basically no one in the Hongkong entertainment circle will give up face, unless there is really no time or schedule to come to the mainland to participate in the show.

     This superstar is also an enthusiastic person, and his efficiency is very high after agreeing to help. As soon as Tian Tian's car was in the parking lot of her Company downstairs, the call went back to Lu Chen's phone.

     "Yeah, Thank you Brother Sheng, thank you too much!"

     After finishing the call again, Lu Chen looked a little strange.Chen Fei'er asked with concern: "What's the matter? Is there any trouble?"

     Lu Chen shook his head and said, "Big Brother Hong Kong students has helped us get a tutor."

     Tian Tian finally couldn't help it: "Who is it?"

     Lu Chen smiled and said, "Guess what?"

     Chen Fei'er gave him an angry glance, and groaned: "Where can we guess it!"

     Hongkong's pop music once had an extremely glorious period. At that time, a large number of excellent vagabond singers emerged, and at least dozens of them were well-known by mainland fans.

     Lu Chen did not lose his appetite anymore, and directly announced the answer: "It's Shi Sister Fang!"


     This time Chen Fei'er and Tian Tian exclaimed together, but fortunately they were not driving.

     Chen Fei'er was surprised, Tian Tian was surprised!

     They never dreamed that Liu Gangsheng actually invited Shi Fang out.

     Shi Fang’s status in the Hongkong pop music scene is no less than that of Liu Gangsheng. She is also a Heavenly Queen / days later figure of the mainland fans what's frequently heard can be repeated in detail. She has held two concert tours in the mainland and has Great influence.

     Although Shi Fang said goodbye to the music scene temporarily due to illness a few years ago, her reputation and popularity are still there, and she still has a large number of fans who like her."The Voice of China" can invite this person to be a mentor and save millions in publicity expenses!

     Tian Tian is simply be pleased beyond one's expectations: "That's really great, I want to revise the propaganda plan!"

     Lu Chen plus Chen Fei'er, plus Shi Fang, it’s not as simple as 1+1+1=3. Quantitative changes cause qualitative changes!

     But there is another question: "Who would the last tutor invite?"

     Tian Tian blinked his eyes, and his sense of anticipation for Lu Chen was directly overwhelming.

     He can always make miracles!


     The second more sent.
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