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Chapter Directory 569 Capable
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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"Then who will the last tutor invite?"

     Tian Tian blinked his big eyes, and the look of innocence and anticipation made Lu Chen very speechless-is it not enough to have invited a real big coffee?

     Chen Fei'er pursed his lips and smiled.

     Lu Chen felt like he was digging a hole and fell into it. He simply sent the Buddha to the west: "I'll make another call."

     In fact, he has already thought of another big music player.

     "Brother Liao Jia, Long Time No See, how are you doing?"

     The biggest music player is Liao Jia, a real veteran who has played rock and roll, and a senior in the industry.

     Lu Chen and Liao Jia had a very good friendship. When in Beijing, the latter often called Lu Chen to have a drink.

     But the friendship is back to the friendship, Lu Chen is not sure enough to invite this old guy with full of personality, because Liao Jia has a lot of disdain for the popular entertainment variety shows in China.

     Who asked him to give Tian Tian an idea to open the Company, and also bought shares?

     Liao Jia is very dissatisfied: "Brother Lu Chen, if you want to be honest, do our brothers need to play this virtual set?"

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "Then I'll just make it straight. I have a friend who is going to make a Taoist Master show for singing. The four tutors are still one short, so I will find you if one is missing for three!"


     Liao Jia cursed, and then asked, "Who are the other three?"When Lu Chen heard that there was a play, he quickly replied: "Me, Fei'er and Shi Fang."

     "Shi Fang?"

     Across the phone, Lu Chen could also feel Liao Jia's surprise: "Shi Fang in Hongkong?"

     "Yes," Lu Chen said, "Brother Liu Gangsheng introduced it."


     Liao Jia scolded again: "Your youngster is getting bigger and bigger now!"

     Lu Chen asked: "Brother Liao Jia, can you come?"

     Liao Jia said: "Just count me, by the way, who is your friend?"

     Lu Chen explained: "It's called Tian Tian. It turned out to be the Host of Zhedong TV Station. I resigned and opened a new Company."

     "Fuck fuck!"

     Liao Jia yelled: "I see, isn't it the beauty you rescued last time? Is it your junior?"

     "You youngster are capable, dare to hide from Fei'er..."

     His voice is so loud that Chen Fei'er and Tian Tian who are in the elevator can hear clearly.

     Tian Tian was too embarrassed to look up, and Chen Fei'er couldn't listen. He grabbed Lu Chen's phone and shouted into the microphone: "Liao Jia, what are you talking nonsense, this Company is the three of us." Joint stock!"

     She instantly transformed into the boss queen, and slammed Liao Jia.Chen Fei'er didn't return the phone to Lu Chen until the elevator went up to the top floor and opened the door.


     Liao Jia is still there, but she should have been hit hard, and her voice was much quieter: "I see, you have to ask my agent to contact my agent for a fixed date, and there is another thing..."

     He seems to be too embarrassed to mention sth.

     Lu Chen stood at the door of the elevator and didn't walk away. He smiled and said, "Brother Liao, if you want to be honest, do our brothers need to play this virtual set?"


     Liao Jia's scolding was not enough, but nevertheless said: "Are you and Fei'er going to shoot a TV Series this year? I want a role."

     The two TV series "Blue Life and Death" and "Full House" starring Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er have won extremely high ratings in China and South Korea, and have become a new benchmark for domestic dramas.

     Among them, "Blue Life and Death" is currently being broadcast in Hongkong, Treasure Island, Australia City and several Southeast Asian countries, and has become the ratings champion. Therefore, the overseas copyright of "Full House" has become a hot cake and has been vying for many TV stations.

     With the success of these two TV Series, Lu Chen Workshop has become a shining star in the film and television industry. When Lu Chen intends to shoot the third TV Series-"My Love from the Star" this year, it is simply looking for collaborators. For example, the crucian carp crossing the river will break the threshold of Workshop!As for those who want to show a face in the new drama, there are even more people. "Blue Life and Death" and "Full House" have made a lot of newcomers. People who don't know outside the show business community have many going round the curves and skirting the corners, I asked for a relationship, which made Lu Xi who oversee the capital very annoying.

     Many monks and not much gruel, the script of "My Love from the Star" Lu Chen has been written. The characters in it are limited, and it is impossible to meet everyone's requirements. Unless it is unsuccessful, we will refuse it.

     But Liao Jia spoke. Lu Chen would definitely save face: "No problem, as long as Liao Jia wants to, I will add a character to you."

     Lu Chen thought it was Liao Jia who wanted to play, so it was easy for him to play a role as a guest. It was nothing more than changing a few strokes.

     "Not myself..."

     Liao Jia is a little embarrassed: "I'm a girl, I have graduated from Chinese opera for several years, acting is not a problem..."

     He babbled and explained a few words, which made Lu Chen hear something.

     "Brother Liao, is this your sister-in-law?"

     "Cough cough cough!"

     Liao Jia coughed vigorously a few times and said, "Don't guess, just say out of the question, right?"

     Lu Chen smiled and said, "Of course it's okay. Let her agent contact our Workshop. The role is easy to say."Unexpectedly, this veteran rock artillery is also here in spring, a few years after graduating from Chinese opera, is that tender grass?

     Lu Chen smiled ambiguously, making Chen Fei'er wary: "What sister-in-law? What are you playing with Liao Jia?"

     She has always been taking troubles to heart with Liao Jia taking Lu Chen out for a drink, and she doesn't have a lot of affection for this guy.

     Lu Chen explained a few words quickly, and then said to Tian Tian: "This time there are all the people, are there any more problems?"

     Tian Tian has returned to normal, and said with a smile: "There is no problem at all!"

     She took Chen Fei'er's hand and said, "Sister Fei'er, now your boyfriend is better than you!"

     Tian Tian sincerely admires Lu Chen. In just ten to twenty minutes, Lu Chen invited two powerful masters through two phone calls, and one nevertheless Hongkong Heavenly Queen / days later Level character.

     In this way, the four major mentors of "The Voice of China" have been formed, two men and two women. There are senior celebrities in the industry, there are also new players in the music scene, and there are representatives of Hongkong from the mainland. They have both fame, status, popularity and strength. Disregard your peers!

     Tian Tian solved a big problem, naturally turned his heart over with joy, and couldn't help but tell Chen Fei'er a joke.But Chen Fei'er really feels like this. If she knew Lu Chen for the first time, the latter was nevertheless a chick that wanted to spread its wings, then now it is an eagle flying in the sky!

     A small seedling is growing into a towering tree that can shelter her from wind and rain.

     At this moment, Tian Tian pushed open the front glass door hard and said with a smile: "Two major shareholders, welcome to our Company!"

     On the adjacent light gray wall, the metal logo of the Star Factory shines under the spotlight!


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