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Chapter Directory 571 Long Time No See
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
    Original: | Translation:

After staying in Hangzhou for two days, Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er returned to the capital on March 4.

     On the day of returning to Beijing, Lu Chen updated his blog: I am back!

     A short blog post with four words, but it caused a big sensation in his fan circle, and it also attracted a lot of replies and complaints.

     "Boss, you finally came back!"

     "Sahua, celebrate the whole world?"

     "When will you shoot the new TV Series? I am looking forward to it."

     "Lu Chen is great. When will your movie be released in China? I want to see it!"

     "Don't run around when you come back, update your blog a lot!"

     "I want to listen to new songs..."

     Since Lu Chen went to Hongkong to expand his career in Shooting movies, his interaction with domestic fans has been reduced a lot, and he does not like to participate in commercial performances or announcement activities, which inevitably distances himself from fans.

     Live broadcasts like [Whale TV] have basically stopped since this period of time.

     Everyone actually knows that Lu Chen worked hard to make movies in Hongkong, and the Workshop official V would often release news, such as his movie highlights, stills, etc., but it is always separated by a layer, which feels far away.

     So the hardcore fans are naturally quite resentful.

     Now that it’s hard to look forward to Lu Chen's return, everyone can't help but pour out.Lu Chen also knew that he had left fans out of the cold during this period, so he communicated with fans on his blog, expressing his apologies and answering questions raised by everyone.

     In order to communicate better, he simply logged on to [Whale TV] and started a live broadcast at the same time.

     Lu Chen has a set of live broadcast equipment in his home in Beijing, but it is rarely used, only two or three times.

     This was a terrible moment. Countless fans immediately poured into the anchor room. In just over ten minutes, the number of online users surged to 300,000+, and it was increasing at an alarming rate.

     Through live video chat, answering fan questions is more convenient and direct, and it can also shorten the distance between each other.

     The 4th was Saturday, and the evening was the peak time for netizens to go online, and the number of online users soon exceeded the million mark!

     It’s normal to start the live broadcast interaction, and then I don’t know which guy was the first to booby. The barrage quickly changed from chaotic and disorderly to neat and uniform, and the screen was full of "sing a song!" "sing a song!" "sing a song" song!"...

     Accompanied by the raindrops of rewarding Fish Balls, the live broadcast room became extremely lively in an instant!

     Although Lu Chen now has the same amount of live streaming rewards, these Fish Balls represent the enthusiasm and sincerity of the fans. Although he has been used to similar scenes, he still feels warm and moved.These lovely fans are the greatest wealth he has!

     After thinking about it, Lu Chen said into the microphone: "Well, since everyone asks for it, I will sing a song for everyone. How about singing a new song?"

     Then all of a sudden, the barrage in the live broadcast room changed, and it became all "Okay!".

     Lu Chen chuckled and said, "Then I will talk about it on the blog first."

     He tapped the keyboard and posted a new blog post on his blog, saying that he was going to sing a new song in the live broadcast room to express his apologies to the fans.

     As of today, Lu Chen has 29.37 million followers on Inspur blog, close to the 30 million mark.

     The number of fans of his blog is the same as Chen Fei'er, and the gold content is very high. Although part of it is increased through the recommendation activities of Inspur blogs, the number of real fans is extremely considerable.

     Therefore, as soon as this blog was published, it immediately brought a lot of traffic to [Whale TV]. Many fans did not watch the live broadcast, but also downloaded the client or APP of [Whale TV].

     The effect of this blog post alone is worthy of the endorsement fee given to Lu Chen by [Whale TV].

     The number of online counts among the anchors has exploded!

     Lu Chen brought his most cherished guitar, the one given by Lu Xue.Holding this guitar and facing the camera and microphone, Lu Chen felt as if he had returned to the early summer of 2015, when he first came into contact with webcasting.

     Destiny is so wonderful!

     Taking a deep breath, Lu Chen plucked the strings and played a prelude.

     He said into the microphone: "The name of this song is Long Time No See, friends, Long Time No See!"

     It's been a long time since I sang like this.

     "I came,

     Your city,

     Walk the way you came.


     Without me.

     How lonely are you!

     Hold you,

     Photos given,

     The familiar street.

     Just without your picture,

     We will not return to that day.


     The anchor room, which was originally flooded with barrage, became quiet in the blink of an eye, because everyone was listening carefully, for fear of missing any precious notes.

     Less than two years after his debut, Lu Chen's popularity is enough to make some big show business community envy. Part of his fans are accumulated through the two TV Series "Blue Life and Death" and "Full House", but The number of fans is undoubtedly more.

     Being a fan of Lu Chen is undoubtedly happy.Because Lu Chen is one of the few young singers in the entertainment industry, and nevertheless high-yield type, all his Albums come from his own hands, as if endlessly inspired, bringing fans continuous joy and surprise.

     For example, tonight, they heard Lu Chen's new song for the first time.

     It's still so outstanding!


     Will you suddenly appear,

     Coffee shop on the corner of the street.

     I will have a smiley face,

     Waved greetings,

     Sit and chat with you.

     How I want to see you,

     Look at your recent changes,

     Stop talking about the past,

     Just a greeting,

     Say something to you,

     Just to say,

     Long Time No See!


     This "Long Time No See" is a love song. The lyrics tell a love story that couldn't be more ordinary. However, Lu Chen's self-playing and singing to millions of online fans has a different meaning. .

     His playing is very simple, without using any fancy techniques, his singing is low and gentle, the melody is slowly tangled out like flowing water, straightforward and uncomplicated, but the feelings are deep and introverted, pointing straight to the depths of people's hearts!Listening to this song, people feel as if they are experiencing the story in the song, returning to a familiar city, and seeing familiar people again. The emotion that comes from the heart is irresistible, and there are many things to say, but rush to There is only one sentence...

     Long Time No See!

     "Long Time No See", this is a good song suitable for savoring in the middle of the night!

     When Lu Chen finished playing and singing, there was a rare silence in the anchor room, and then just a moment later, countless barrage and rewards came like a storm, instantly occupying the entire screen.

     This is Lu Chen, this is the Lu Chen that fans love, the talented Lu Chen!


     "Long Time No See" wordings: Shi Li/Composer: Chen Xiaoxia

     The first one is sent.
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