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Chapter Directory 577 Focus On The Future
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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readx; The New Era Art Center was established in 2001. It is located between Haidian Park and Beijing University. It covers an area of nearly 7oo acres. It is one of the key art and cultural construction projects in Beijing.

     As a well-known domestic and internationally renowned artist, Yu Jizhong was one of the first to relocate the Workshop to the New Era Park, so he owned a whole building with an area of 18oo square meters.

     At the beginning of last year, at the beginning of last year, through the relationship of Flying Stone Records music director Lin Zhijie, he sub-leased an area of 100 square meters from the artist as a new site for Workshop, and invested heavily in building a domestic first-class site. Recording Room.

     Now, Yu Jizhong sublet all the remaining 8oo square meters to 6AM, which just solves the problem of the expansion of the new Company in 6AM. Although it is not called send charcoal in snowy weather, it is better than on brocade, add flowers. Stronger.

     Moreover, the price he opened was very fair. He didn't want to take the opportunity of the lion's big opening to knock on 6 a.m., and even promised to assist 6 a.m. to re-sign a new long-term contract with the Art Center Management Committee.

     All the buildings in the art park are state-owned, and no sale or sale is allowed. Only by signing a long-term contract can the interests of the operators be guaranteed. Therefore, if there is no relationship, it is not necessary to re-sign the contract if you accept subletting in the middle of the workshop like 6 Morning Workshop. An easy thing.Out of gratitude to Yu Jizhong, 6 Chen and 6 Xi invited the artist to dinner at noon.

     Yu Jizhong readily agreed.

     During the banquet, Yu Jizhong drank a few glasses of wine, slightly drunk, and suddenly said to 6 Morning: "Little 6, do you find it a coincidence, you are preparing to establish a new company, I will come to deliver the site?"

     6 Chen and 6 Hee couldn't help but look at each other in dismay, 6 Hee tentatively replied: "Yes, Teacher Yu, we also feel very strange, it's really a coincidence, and thank you very much."

     Yu Jizhong ordered the dinner plate with his chopsticks and smiled: "That was someone who spoke for you, and he helped me to coordinate to the art village house, otherwise I might not move out in the past two years."

     Someone talking? dudu1;

     6 Chen asked in surprise: "Teacher Yu, can you tell me who the helper is?"

     Yu Jizhong smiled and shook his head: "He won't let me say it, anyway you know it, plus"

     After a pause, he continued: "In addition, I also admire you very much. There are too few young people like you in the entertainment industry. They are talented but not arrogant. They are used to pursue career and life progress, and they are caring for charity. ."

     6 Chen is ashamed and humble: "Teacher Yu, you are so complimented."Yu Jizhong shook his head and said, "It's not a compliment. I know a little bit about the entertainment industry. Two students are in the circle. They are so much worse than you. The charity that you did to treat patients with leukemia. The fund is very good. I heard people talk about it several times."

     The Chen Fei Charity Fund, jointly established by Chen Fei'er and Chen Fei'er, has been around for nearly a year and has so far rescued many leukemia patients from poor families, most of whom are children.

     Some of these patients have basically recovered after bone marrow transplantation, which has won the foundation a good reputation.

     The most important thing is that, unlike most private charity funds, although Chen Fei Charity Fund has a license to solicit donations from the general public, it never fabricate excuses to persuade donations. In addition to 6 Morning and Chen Fei'er, there are two others showing In addition to donations from business community friends, at most Zhong chou (crowdfunding) network is used to raise funds to specific objects, and the special accounts for special funds are transparent.

     In addition, the daily operating expenses of the foundation all come from the fund account set up by the two, so that other people's donations can be fully implemented, which is much better than those public-raised private charity funds with muddled and completely collapsing accounts.

     Such as this, it is also full of pride for the fans of Chen Fei'er and Chen Fei'er to talk about it.As a well-known public figure, social reputation is very important. Of course, Yu Jizhong surrendered his workshop entirely because someone spoke, and it was also because of his goodwill and appreciation for 6 Morning. dudu2;

     This meal, eat both the guests and the hosts thoroughly enjoy themselves.

     After returning, Yu Jizhong signed a subletting contract with 6 Xi and promised to move out within three days.

     At this point, this unique building with a large area of glass and external steel, with an indoor area of 18oo square meters, is no longer divided into two, becoming the headquarters of the upcoming Chen Fei Media Co., Ltd.!

     "I am going to build an indoor studio in this block"

     After getting the building structure drawing copied from the management committee, all important members including Chen Fei'er Workshop were gathered together in the morning of 6th, and a preparatory meeting for the new company was held.

     The focus of the meeting was his vision for the future of the new Company.

     6 Chen pointed to the drawings displayed on the projection screen, and said vigorously: "Build in accordance with the world's first-class standards, and at the same time set up a special effects production team."

     World-class + special effects production team!

     Many of the people present were shocked by the handwriting thrown at 6 morning.Although the area of the indoor studio designated on the 6th morning is only about 400 square meters, it is built according to international first-class standards. The investment cost is definitely tens of millions. High-end equipment is basically imported and the price is very expensive. It's normal to spend hundreds of millions of dollars.

     The special effects production team is even more expensive. Most of the film and television production companies outsource special effects to a special company to produce, instead of raising a team by themselves. dudu3;

     But 6 morning has his own ideas.

     This idea came to him as early as Shooting "A Chinese Ghost Story". At that time, the special effects company that "A Chinese Ghost Story" was looking for was not top-notch in Hongkong. It was not that he was reluctant to spend money, but that the top company's business was already full. .

     Fortunately, there are not many special effects shots in this movie. Even so, it still involves a lot of energy and money spent at all, but the final effect is not particularly satisfactory.

     This feeling of being constrained by others makes 6 a.m. very uncomfortable.

     Unlike other film and television companies, 6 Morning has a powerful and unmatched trump card, which is a treasure trove of memory from the dream world and a source of wealth that can generate a steady flow.

     With this trump card in hand, he is not afraid that the TV movies he shoots will lose money, and he can fully afford the huge expenses of his own studio and special effects production team.6 Morning's ambition is not only to let this team serve itself, but also to promote the overall level of domestic special effects production, so that the audience will not criticize the domestic blockbuster as "50 cents."

     His ideal is a bit big, but in the future, when colleagues see Chen Fei Media's film and television series, how can they be indifferent when they see the film and television series produced by Chen Fei Media and sweep everything before one in the market with sophisticated production?

     Although the new company has not been formally established yet, 6 Chen's eyes are already on the future!

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