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Chapter Directory 581 Manzudaira
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
    Original: | Translation:

"My Love from the Star" is Lu Chen's third urban drama for Shooting this year and the last of his romance trilogy. After filming, he will turn to his own Wuxia IP drama.

     The male Female Lead of this TV Series is still played by him and Chen Fei'er, which is a complete stage achievement.

     It is precisely because of this that Lu Chen pays more attention to this TV Series than "Blue Life and Death" and "Full House". The budget is doubled compared to "Full House", mainly because of the increased investment in special effects.

     "My Love from the Star" has a certain sci-fi color, and the male protagonist is an alien with superpowers and a long life. This special romantic drama is absolutely new in genre.

     Lu Chen dug out "My Love from the Star" from the memory of his dream world, and wanted to create a miracle in ratings.

     But even if he has the wealth of the memory of a world, Lu Chen never lay down and make money. He started to write the script of "My Love from the Star" when he was in Hongkong, and made significant changes on the basis of the original work. , Especially some BUG settings and plots criticized by the audience, greatly enriching the story and characters.

     In the same way, he has been successful in "Full House", "My Love from the Star" is of course no exception, and he has to do better.This TV Series Lu Chen prepares for Shooting 30 episodes and adds a new story line. Correspondingly, many characters in the play are added, loyal to the original and higher than the original.

     Just in this way, Lu Chen's workload for writing scripts has greatly increased, and he likes to control the whole story by himself, so he never hires a team to write for himself like other big-name screenwriters.

     At this point, Lu Chen has no ideas for money and fame. What he really pursues is a breakthrough in his career, so that he can maintain a steady flow of forward momentum.

     Therefore, the script of "My Love from the Star" has been written for two months one after another, and it has not been finalized yet. There are still many details that need to be perfected. Those who seek cooperation are continuously, and they are about to wear out the doorstep!

     Among them, nevertheless Zhedong TV and Capital City TV are the most active. The two satellite TV stations have tasted the sweetness of "Full House" and made a lot of advertising revenue. For "My Love from the Star", it is a must.

     There are nearly 30 satellite TV stations across the country. There are more than a dozen of them who have contacted and negotiated with the original Lu Chen Workshop.

     Apart from Zhedong TV and Capital City TV, the most proactive and wealthy one is undoubtedly Huhai TV.The price offered by Huhai Satellite TV is higher than both Zhedong TV and Capital City TV, so until now, Lu Chen has not officially finalized a partner for "My Love from the Star".

     But this does not affect the creation of the script.

     despair! despair!

     The soft knock on the door awakened Lu Chen from his creative state.

     At this time, he found that the sky outside the French windows was almost dark, and the interior did not know when the lights were on.

     "Still writing?"

     It was Lu Xi who knocked on the door, and she said in surprise: "You have been sitting in front of the computer for four or five hours!"

     It's been so long?

     Lu Chen saved the document and stood up to move his muscles and bones. Sure enough, he found that his hands and feet ached after sitting for too long.

     Lu Xi smiled and said, "Surely you are hungry? Go, let's go to dinner, someone will pay the bill at night."


     Lu Chen was curious: "Who is it?"

     Lu Xi blinked: "Guess?"

     Lu Chen rubbed his nose and smiled bitterly: "How can I guess this? Is Fei'er back?"

     After the establishment of Chen Fei Media, Chen Fei'er, as the "boss lady", was even busier than Lu Chen. A few days ago, she ran to Huhai to shoot an advertisement, and it was almost time to come back.

     As for the others, Lu Chen really can't think of it.It’s not that he blow one’s own trumpet. In the circle of Beijing, those who want to invite him to dinner can’t say by the thousands and tens of thousands. It’s no problem to shake hundreds of them, and they won’t be unknown.

     "Just remember your daughter-in-law!"

     Lu Xi gave him a white look and took the initiative to reveal the answer: "You don't need to guess, the guest is called Wan Jinping."

     "Wan Jinping?"

     Lu Chen couldn't help frowning: "This name is a bit familiar!"

     Lu Xi prompts: "He is the general manager of Hongwen Broker."

     Lu Chen's memory suddenly recovered, and he knew what kind of character this Wan Jinping was.

     In the entertainment circle of Beijing, Wan Jinping is really a figure!

     His reputation in the media is not big, it can even be said to be small, there are very few entertainment eight-trigram news that can see his name exist, as if he is an inconspicuous little character.

     But people who are familiar with Wan Jinping will never regard him as a person who is waiting for a while!

     It was the first time Lu Chen heard the name Wan Jinping. Nevertheless chatted with Sister Li during dinner. At that time, Sister Li mentioned that there was such a person, who was exquisite and shrewd with many faces, and was very well-connected in the circle.

     Although Wan Jinping runs a brokerage company, he is actually a senior broker, mainly for the investor and the producer to match up, strike water right and left mix very well.For example, a rich coal boss suddenly wants to make a movie or TV Series, and wants to use his own Xiaomi, but he doesn't know anything about things in the circle. Then he finds Wan Jinping to find the right person.

     As long as he has money, Wan Jinping can quickly pull up a decent Film Crew in the capital, invite a second- and third-line director to direct it, and spend two or three months to produce a dozen episodes. TV Series or movies are broadcast on TV stations and theaters through relationships.

     If necessary, he can also help hire a group of network promoters and media reporters to tout and promote, and a new celebrity in the entertainment industry will rise!

     Wan Jinping's path is very wild. It is not only private but also government agencies who help to set up the line. He is a member of the three religions and nine people, but is rarely exposed to the public eye. People who are not in the show business community rarely know his existence.

     Such an old and refined character suddenly invited to dinner, which made Lu Chen vigilant involuntarily.

     "Do you know anything?"

     Lu Xi shook his head: "I just don't know, so go and see, he said on the phone it's a good thing, hehe."

     My sister's corner of the mouth evoked a sneer smile.

     When a night owl enters the house, it is all right. Lu Chen is not afraid of Wan Jinping, but since Lu Xi has agreed, he also wants to see what medicine is sold in the other's gourd!"Then let's go!"

     Lu Chen picked up the coat resting on the chair, put it on, smiled and said, "It feels like going to a Hongmen banquet!"

     Sister hehehe.


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