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Chapter Directory 587 Not Optimistic
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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On March 21, the two-day box office of "Fighting Vulcan" exceeded 200 million.

     According to this trend, the total box office of this Hollywood blockbuster exceeds 1 billion. It is basically no problem. It is normal to reach 1.2 or 300 million, but it is not easy to want to be higher, such as 1.5 billion.

     After two days of release, the public praise of "Fighting Vulcan" on the Internet has shown a two-level trend. People who like it think that the special effects of this movie are very good, and the plot is exciting. Return fare.

     The disliked audience's evaluation of "The Battle of Vulcan" is a typical popcorn-style Hollywood blockbuster. Except for the special effects battle scenes, it is not worth mentioning. The storyline is one hundred loopholes, nothing more than it is. The stimulation is strong enough.

     And similar blockbuster, everyone has seen a lot, and there is not much newness.

     Regardless of the positive comments, just talking about these negative words actually reflects a problem that Hollywood movies are facing in China, that is, the introduction of blockbuster is serious in homogeneity, and the pursuit of special effects is too much to ignore the plot and character creation. It is like a delicacy for the audience, sprinkled with monosodium glutamate.

     Young people like it relatively highly, and they are also the main audience for this Hollywood blockbuster.Of course, there is no shortage of real boutique works in Hollywood movies, but the kind of literary and artistic movies are difficult to be introduced into the country, and the box office after being introduced is often very poor, and they are not seen by theaters.

     Because of this, coupled with the country's protection policy for domestic films, Hollywood blockbuster has had a huge impact and influence on the domestic film market, and domestic films have also been able to occupy a place in the past ten years.

     However, the domestically produced youth idol films and popular IP movies, which are the main market in China, are also facing serious homogeneity problems. While the domestic film market is becoming more and more popular, the prospects are also confusing.

     Lu Chen leads Chen Fei Media. To seize a place in this huge market, strength, connections, luck and opportunities are indispensable.

     As a newcomer into the movie circle, he is not favored by many show business community people.

     At 8 pm on March 26, NetEase, one of the largest domestic portals, aired on time the variety entertainment program "Weekly Movie Talk" under its NetEase video, which involved Lu Chen and "A Chinese Ghost Story".

     "With the further opening of the domestic film market, the number of Hollywood blockbusters entering the country in the future will continue to increase. The domestic film protection month will eventually be cancelled...""In recent years, Japan and South Korea movies have emerged as a new force to be reckoned with. Many excellent works have been introduced into the country, forming a siege of domestic films. Therefore, the situation is very severe and the market share may be further compressed. !"

     The guests sitting in the live broadcast room talked freely: "Therefore, if domestic films want to stand out, the key lies in the film production organization. The domestic film company needs to be bigger and stronger, technically follow the international mainstream, and the content needs to be adhered to. Integrate with the domestic market and invest more funds for development."

     "Weekly Movie Talk" is one of the famous column of NetEase Video. It is broadcasted once a week. Each issue will invite a famous person in the film industry, such as director, actor, producer, screenwriter, film critic People and so on, come to comment on the movies released this week, and predict the new movies released next week.

     The hit rate of this show is very high.

     In this issue of "Weekly Film Talk", well-known columnist and film critic Wang Xiaoxu was invited.

     Wang Xiaoxu is not the first time on this show, and he is familiar with Host. In addition, the degree of freedom of online programs is much higher than that of TV programs, so he speaks very freely without much scruples."This week, "The Battle of Vulcan" has won 500 million box office, and it is inevitable to break through 1 billion. From this, we should see that the current successful Hollywood film Company is basically a Big Mac, small and medium-sized movies. The number of companies is very small. In contrast, our domestic film production units are numerous and scattered. They seem to be of considerable scale, but in fact, the individual strength is not strong enough, and it is naturally difficult to defeat the opponent."

     Host nodded with approval, and said, "You make a lot of sense, and next week there will be two new domestic films that will be released, one is "Our Youth Is Not Lonely" and the other is "A Chinese Ghost Story" ."

     At the same time the host introduced, the trailers of the two movies appeared on the big screen behind him.

     "Teacher Wang, what do you think of these two new domestic films?"

     Wang Xiaoxu turned his gaze back from the screen and said: "I have watched all the trailers of these two new films, "Our Youth is Not Lonely" Needless to say, nevertheless youth idol films, there are not many new routines from the trailers. , There should be a box office, after all, this movie-watching market has always been there."

     "As for the movie "A Chinese Ghost Story"..."

     He shook his head.

     Host is sensitive: "Are you not optimistic?"Wang Xiaoxu laughed and said: "It is not very optimistic. The reason is very simple. "A Chinese Ghost Story" is a fantasy movie adapted from the story of "Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio". It was released, and the box office is now only over 40 million."

     "No matter the cast of "Painted Skin" is nevertheless, the investment is larger than "A Chinese Ghost Story". There are more special effects shots. In the end, even the cost cannot be recovered. With the high filming rate of "Shen Xing", "A Chinese Ghost Story" will not perform better than "Painted Skin"."

     Host has a different opinion: "Teacher Wang, as far as I know, "A Chinese Ghost Story" has a box office of over 100 million in Hongkong. Both public praise and box office are better than "Painted Skin"!"

     Wang Xiaoxu not to accept as correct: "The situation in Hongkong is very different from that in China. The audience there prefers ghost movies, and when "A Chinese Ghost Story" was released, there was no Hollywood blockbuster in the same period, and... "

     After a pause, he said: "And "A Chinese Ghost Story" has a box office of over 100 million...It is said that the peripheral products have sold tens of millions. To be honest, I don't believe this."

     Wang Xiaoxu's doubts about the box office of "A Chinese Ghost Story" in Hongkong, although he did not say clearly, but the expression on his face can be understood by anyone.Probably because I felt that this topic was too sensitive, Host quickly changed the topic: "Then Teacher Wang, what do you think of the recent movie market..."


     Lu Chen only watched it in the office the next morning when "Weekly Movie Talk" was aired on the Internet.

     Originally, Lu Chen didn’t know that there was this show, but his fans and the show’s guest Wang Xiaoxu fought on the Inspur blog, and it was a big deal!


     The second more sent.
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