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Chapter Directory 588 Slobber
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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"Weekly Movie Talk" is one of the famous column of NetEase video. It will appear on the home page once a week. Therefore, the on-demand rate is quite high, with dozens of millions of hits on that day, and it has a fixed audience of netizens.

     Therefore, when the "Weekly Movie Talk" was broadcast on March 26, it was quickly forwarded to blogs and forums, and Lu Chen's fans were immediately "exploded"!

     Recently, due to the nomination of the Golden Luan Award, the Lu Chen fan group, which has Lu Family Army at its core, has been quite unhappy. Many people have expressed their grievances for their idols, but they cannot find an outlet to vent.

     Now I see Wang Xiaoxu belittling "A Chinese Ghost Story" in the show, and even hinting that the Hongkong box office of "A Chinese Ghost Story" is fraudulent. How can everyone bear this?

     The breath that had been held back immediately turned into artillery fire and blasted towards Wang Xiaoxu!

     The main battlefield is naturally on the Inspur blog, where countless fans criticized Wang Xiaoxu's remarks in the comment area.

     "Just watch the trailer and come to the conclusion of "A Chinese Ghost Story" out of the question. It's a good idea to be a critic, right?"

     "If you don't understand, don't speak without thinking. Why don't you believe "A Chinese Ghost Story" has a box office of over 100 million in Hongkong?"

     "Trouble don't represent the broad audience, you say we don't like ghost movies, don't you?"

     "Shit movie critics will talk nonsense!""Sorry, I have watched "A Chinese Ghost Story" in Hongkong, and people have such a good box office."

     "There is no evidence to speak nonsense, be careful Lu Chen sue you for libel!"

     ""A Chinese Ghost Story" shed "Painted Skin" ten streets, the domestic box office will never be bad.

     "Be careful of being slapped in the face..."

     The main focus of fan shelling was Wang Xiaoxu’s doubts about the Hongkong box office of "A Chinese Ghost Story", especially the sales of peripheral products of "A Chinese Ghost Story". He didn't believe it at all, so it was obvious in the show. Show that kind of disdainful mocking attitude.

     To be honest, leaving aside the box office, Wang Xiaoxu suspects that the peripheral sales of "A Chinese Ghost Story" is not unreasonable, because this market is basically firmly controlled by Hollywood movies.

     In China, including Hongkong practitioners of course, it’s not that they don’t know how rich the benefits of the peripheral products of the movie are. It’s just that there are things that you can’t learn if you want to learn, and it’s not that no one tries to open up this market. flow.

     There are many examples of losing money, and people in the industry have lost their confidence. Even if it is a film with a box office of more than one billion, they have no intention of investing in the surroundings. The box office points are perfectly contented, and at most they will post some posters, records, or something.Wang Xiaoxu is based on his knowledge of the domestic and Hongkong film market, so he does not believe that Lu Chen will spend money on peripheral products in advance-unless he has the ability to predict that his films will sell well.

     Many peripheral products need to be prepared for a long time in advance. Many things involve design, mold opening, processing, packaging and other processes. Therefore, it is advertised that "A Chinese Ghost Story" has sold more than 4,000 in Hongkong. Wan's surroundings are really inconceivable-how many goods do you have to prepare in advance?

     Wang Xiaoxu analyzed according to common sense and concluded that the sales data was falsified, but did not know Lu Chen's confidence.

     And this columnist and film critic has always been known for his sharp pen and straightforward speech. Facing the shelling of Lu Chen fans by the thousands and tens of thousands, he would not shut down comments like the Golden Luan Award official blog. , But unwilling to show weakness and fought back.

     Wang Xiaoxu updated his blog in the first time, responding to the voice of doubt with thousands of words voluminous, and replied to refute the comments of many netizens, and his words were quite fierce.

     In the new blog post, he cited a large number of data and examples to prove that "A Chinese Ghost Story" will not have much market in the mainland. Faced with the front and back of the two Hollywood blockbusters, it is bound to attempt nothing and accomplishing nothing, at most. Just make a few fans’ lucky money, and sales of peripheral products are even more a joke!Wang Xiaoxu said ironically that the selection of "A Chinese Ghost Story" during this time period proved that Lu Chen was dazzled by previous successes. It was basically a court disaster. The reality would give Lu Chen a severe education. .

     As for Lu Chen fans, Wang Xiaoxu was more rude and directly denounced him as "water army" and "Internet mob".

     Wang Xiaoxu’s tough attitude, coupled with frigid irony and scorching satire’s response, made the battle that broke out on this blog even more intense. More and more Lu Chen fans participated in it, and it caused a certain amount of damage to Lu Chen. Impact.

     You must know that Wang Xiaoxu belongs to half of the show business community. He has his own friends and contacts in the entertainment and art circles. Faced with the siege of so many people, someone must come forward to help.

     Many well-known bloggers expressed their support for Wang Xiaoxu in their own blogs either obscurely or show one's colors, believing that his judgment on "A Chinese Ghost Story" was not wrong, and even implying that someone was using this Hype.

     This online spat really made the keywords of A Chinese Ghost Story appear on the homepage of Inspur blog.

     Under such circumstances, Lu Chen could not remain indifferent while lying down with a shot.

     Lu Chen has always attached great importance to his fan group. A large part of the original Lu Chen Workshop's work was on the management of fans.Fans become stars. Artists without fans are nothing, but sometimes fans can cause trouble to stars. For example, in this blog battle, outsiders seem to be inseparable from Lu Chen.

     Of course, Lu Chen can say nothing, or sketch in light shades, but this will inevitably hurt the hearts of fans who support him enthusiastically-many fans are very sensitive and fragile.

     Therefore, after careful consideration and consultation with the Company's media and public relations department, Lu Chen posted a new blog post on his personal blog at 8pm on the 28th.

     In this blog post, he first thanked the fans for their support, and also thanked everyone for their love of "A Chinese Ghost Story". At the same time, he hopes that everyone treats those unfavorable remarks rationally and does not use swear words on the Internet, because Everyone has the freedom to express ideas, but this freedom should not be unlimited.

     Looking back on the past six months, Lu Chen is very proud and very proud, because he wrote, directed and acted himself and completed his first film, and won very good results in Hongkong and public praise.

     Now "A Chinese Ghost Story" is about to be released in China, to meet with a large number of fans, although he is facing strong pressure from two Hollywood blockbusters, he is confident to achieve the goal he set for "A Chinese Ghost Story".That is, the domestic box office exceeded 500 million, and the sales of peripheral products exceeded 100 million!


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