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Chapter Directory 592 The Taste Of Success
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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"This movie is great!"

     "Well, the special effects are a bit normal, but the storyline is very good, and the soundtrack is amazing!"

     "I like the theme song and the interlude in it. As expected, it was produced by Lu Chen!"

     "It's reasonable, and the special effects are nevertheless good. The scene of Yan Chixia's decisive battle against Tree Demon Grandmother is very exciting."

     "My Chen is mighty!"

     "I want to see it again..."

     Just after 8:30 in the evening, a large number of spectators poured out in the movie hall of the Light and Shadow Cinema. They came to the lobby in twos and threes, chatting and laughing, making the originally spacious lobby quickly become crowded.

     Those audiences who had just finished watching the movie, some took the elevator or went straight to leave, but more did not rush to walk, but chatted in the lobby with friends.

     Today is Sunday, the last day of the weekend, and it is the prime time to watch movies. So the newly opened light and shadow theaters are doing very well. There are many audiences watching movies. Some are waiting in the hall, and some are buying tickets.

     Suddenly so many people came out, and everyone was talking about the same movie, and listening to the evaluation nevertheless was very good. Such a situation is definitely rare.

     So someone asked curiously: "Hey, buddy, what movie are you watching?"The questioned laughed and said: "The newly released "A Chinese Ghost Story" is highly recommended, five-star praise!"

     "Really good-looking?"

     He immediately hesitated to ask, and couldn't help turning his head to ask the girlfriend beside him: "Should we also watch this one?"

     At present, the most popular movie in the theater is of course "The Battle of Vulcan", but he has already watched this Hollywood blockbuster, and his girlfriend doesn't like this kind of science fiction theme. I originally planned to watch "Our Youth Is Not Lonely".

     "Our Youth Is Not Lonely" is a domestically produced youth inspirational film, which just landed on major domestic theaters yesterday, and the box office on the first day exceeded 10 million, and the public praise on the Internet is not bad.

     The girlfriend thought for a while and said, "Then watch this one."

     The inquirer nodded, turned around and went to the ticket office to buy a ticket.

     Unfortunately, the tickets for the next few shows of "A Chinese Ghost Story" are all gone, because there are a large number of online bookings today, and there are not many theaters.


     The brother cursed depressedly and could only buy tickets for "Our Youth Is Not Lonely" instead.

     Because it was in the crowd, his cursing was not loud, but he was still heard by Li Le who was in the crowd.

     He tugged at the corner of the mouth, showing a meaningful smile.Li Le is the head manager of the marketing department of Guangying Cinema. He is thin and small and nothing special to look at. However, he has been in the circle of cinemas for decades and has very rich experience in the industry.

     As the director of the marketing department, he has a high degree of attention to the domestic film market. Before any new film is officially released, he will think up every possible method to understand the relevant information of the film, and finally provide it to the theater and even the theater. Valuable slice reference.

     The optical cinema line is a theater line established in recent years. Compared with the three major domestic theater line giants, its strength is still very weak.

     It is precisely because of this that Guangying must have the best service and the most keen sense of smell in order to lay a piece of its own in this highly competitive market.

     Li Le's responsibility is very heavy, and his sense of responsibility is also very strong. Any new film released in light and shadow, even the kind of film that seems to have no box office market, he will pay attention on the spot.

     Simply put, it is to pay attention to the audience's reaction.

     Today is Lu Chen’s first movie "A Chinese Ghost Story" on the first day in China. Since the Light and Shadow Cinema has received three theaters in advance, Li Le pays special attention to it.

     Li Le has a certain understanding of Lu Chen, and he nevertheless admires this young star who has risen rapidly like a comet in the entertainment circle and has both strength and idol.Of course, I admire it. Li Le would not say that he added "A Chinese Ghost Story" to the movie theater line. He conducted a serious investigation on the release of "A Chinese Ghost Story" in Hongkong.

     The results of the investigation were beyond Li Le's expectations. A friend from Hongkong told him that the box office of "A Chinese Ghost Story" of over 100 million yuan is completely true and credible, and there is basically no box office buying or fictitious box office.

     In addition, the peripheral sales of "A Chinese Ghost Story" are also not mixed up. The sales miracle of 40 million+ has made the Hongkong industry exclaim inconceivable. It is not that no one doubts, but that there is no problem at all.

     Unless it is Hongkong's large and small theaters joining forces to commit fraud, it is even more impossible!

     At that time, Li Le was silent for a long time. After smoking a whole pack of cigarettes, he submitted an investigation report and proposal to the senior executives of the theater, suggesting to increase the filming rate of "A Chinese Ghost Story" and to carry out the production of its peripheral products. Stock up in advance to deal with possible market hotspots.

     In this document, Li Le can be said to have put on his own reputation. If the theaters follow his advice and the result is completely contrary to his prediction as different as can be, then his future in Guangying is worrisome.Li Le actually doesn't need to do this at all. Anyone who has been in a circle for decades should know how to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, and not put himself in a passive and disadvantageous situation.

     But Li Le is betting that the box office market of "A Chinese Ghost Story" will explode. Once he is counted, his status in the eyes of the cinema executives will be greatly improved.

     Li Le is not a gambler, he is using his keen market sense to grasp opportunities decisively.

     Although the theaters did not accept his suggestion in the end, the filming rate of "A Chinese Ghost Story" in the light and shadow nevertheless exceeded 25%, second only to "Fighting Vulcan", and at least one-third of the surrounding stores The peripheral products of "A Chinese Ghost Story" are placed on the display cabinet.

     Today is the first day of the release of "A Chinese Ghost Story". The surging crowd of viewers made Li Le smell a trace of success. Those comments and comments on the film from all sides have strengthened him little by little. Confidence!

     He certainly knows that many of these audiences are fans of Lu Chen. It is already a common occurrence for fans to come to the theater to book a theater to support stars, and it is much easier to get praise than ordinary audiences.

     However, the objects that these fans and audiences talk about are not limited to the role played by Lu Chen. They have positive comments on the storyline, character features and even special effects of the entire movie.This is not easy!

     It's a pity that "A Chinese Ghost Story" has nevertheless fewer films, otherwise today's box office results will be better!

     Li Le thought to himself, looking at the nearby shops not far away.

     I don’t know how much the surroundings of "A Chinese Ghost Story" can be sold.


     The first one is sent.
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