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Chapter Directory 600 Happy Farm
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
    Original: | Translation:

[Happy Farm] is a planting-based social (mobile, web) game. Users can play the role of a farmer of a virtual farm, reclaiming land, planting various vegetables and fruits, etc. on their own farm.

     This idea was put forward by Lu Chen, and provided the funds needed for game production and website operation, an emerging Internet project in cooperation with Gao He.

     At the beginning, Lu Chen came up with this creative idea, first of all to fulfill Gao He and Wang Xiaoling's "suffering mandarin ducks", so that their love can blossom and bear fruit-career is the foundation of love.

     In the formed by this, Lu Chen invested 4.5 million to account for 80% of the shares, Gao and Wang invested 500,000 to account for 10%, and the other 10% was used as incentive equity to reward employees who contributed.

     With the full support of Lu Chen and outstanding creativity, Gao He chose to stay in Hangzhou and start his own business vigorously with Wang Xiaoling.

     The young couple quickly established a new Company in Hangzhou, recruiting soldiers and buy horses to produce [Happy Farm].

     As an interactive game that takes into account both mobile and web, [Happy Farm] is not complicated, it can even be said to be quite simple, with abundant funds and manpower, it can be launched and operated in two or three months.Gao He took the 5 million invested by both parties, as well as the guarantee of Lu Chen's follow-up capital investment, as well as a complete creative idea. It can be described as clean, with a bunch of like-minded employees, and it only took less than two months. The first version of [Happy Farm] came out at the same time.

     However, when he hurriedly handed the game to Lu Chen for review, he was thrown cold water by Lu Chen.

     Lu Chen rude pointed out the problems in the first edition of [Happy Farm], such as too few fruits and vegetables that can be grown, insufficient props, insufficient interaction, art design not meeting the requirements of Q cute, and not enough basic colors. Attractive!

     Lu Chen understands that Gao He is eager to prove his ideas and the pressure to run the company, but since he has to do it, he must do his best. Only the things polished seriously can have lasting vitality.

     After Lu Chen’s rebuttal and reminder, Gao He’s enthusiastic mind finally calmed down. He humbly accepted Lu Chen’s comments and suggestions, settled down and continued to complete the game program, and hired an experienced designer to renew the game. Design game backgrounds, crops, props, etc.

     Kaixin Company was established in September last year, and it has been more than half a year now. Gao He finally came up with the final operational version and confessed to Lu Chen with confidence.Although through the phone, Lu Chen can still clearly feel Gao He's joy and confidence at this moment, and he also believes that Boss will not let himself down.

     "Then you pass me a copy of the game client, I'll play it first."

     "no problem!"

     Gao He soon sent an App installation file to Lu Chen via Fetion. The file name showed that it was the internal beta version of Happy Farm 1.0.

     According to the plan, [Happy Farm] will focus on the mobile field, focusing on mobile phones and tablet computers, taking into account PC web pages, and the two can communicate and interact.

     The installation file is not large, and Lu Chen's mobile phone is a new model, so the installation is completed in just ten seconds, and an icon containing the sun and farm elements appears on the desktop of his mobile phone.

     Click on the icon, the screen quickly turned pure white, and a cartoon sun with sunglasses appeared quietly in the upper right corner, instantly radiating thousands of golden lights, "Happy Farm" four carefully designed Q version fonts The center position jumped out!

     Below the subject are four options: "Login", "Registration", "Settings", and "Logout". Lu Chen clicked on registration with great interest, and the system switched interface prompting whether to use WeChat number binding registration.WeChat is the largest instant messaging software in China and even in the world, with more than 1 billion registered users and the highest number of online users exceeding 300 million, making it a giant in the IT industry.

     Many domestic games, especially mobile phones and web games, support WeChat account login, which is very convenient for users. [Happy Farm] is of course no exception.

     Lu Chen quickly registered successfully and logged into the game.

     The system also prompts whether to join the list of friends who already have a "farm".

     This function is to call those friends who have registered [Happy Farm] in WeChat, and it can be extended to group friends to increase the range of choices in the future.

     Lu Chen chose "Yes".

     [Happy Farm] The most attractive place lies in its strong interactivity. The more friends you play with, the more fun it is, and it can be fascinating or even addictive.

     This game is extremely creative. It used to be fashionable for a while in Lu Chen’s dream world, but it did not bring much benefit to the game maker, because when it appeared, smartphones had just begun to develop and rely solely on web pages. The channels for terminal profitability are much narrower.

     And now that Lu Chen moved [Happy Farm] over, there is no problem at all. Nowadays, mobile games are a big hit, and a lot of venture capital has poured into them, creating myths one after another.Regardless of the smoothness and nevertheless cutscenes design, he was very satisfied with the registration and setting process. Although it is a small game, the crafted things are completely different from the churn out large quantities without regard for quality.

     What he needs is fine!

     The most important thing is that the closed beta version of [Happy Farm] is very close to the original version in his memory, with more detailed level, and the game interface is more beautiful and attractive.

     The initial player only had 6 plots of land, and the system presented the lowest-level white radish seeds. Lu Chen clicked on the friends column and found that there were already two friends inside.

     Needless to say, these two friends are Gao He and Wang Xiaoling.

     Both of them are of very high level. Lu Chen selected Wang Xiaoling to enter her farm, and found that the farmland she planted was ripe for harvest, and quickly reached out to steal vegetables.

     As a result, the thief's hand had just been placed on the mature pumpkin, and only two shouts of "barking" were heard, and a yellow-haired puppy rushed out from the back of the house, and accurately bit his thief's hand.

     System prompt: You fail to steal, drop 2 gold coins, character value -1!

     Wang Xiaoling actually raised a watchdog, Lu Chen not to know whether to laugh or cry ——The closed beta version also raises a dog, it’s really...

     "What kind of game is this?"

     At this moment, Chen Fei'er's voice rang in his ear: "What a funny look!"Lu Chen couldn't help but turned his head and saw that Chen Fei'er didn't know when he woke up. He stared at the phone he was holding in his hand without blinking, curious about what the baby looked like.

     Lu Chen laughed: "This game is called Happy Farm!"


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