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Chapter Directory 601 Happy Mutual Entertainment
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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"Happy Farm?"

     Chen Fei'er's eyes lit up: "Is it the game you used to play with your classmates?"

     She knows that Lu Chen invested in a website to make mobile games, and also knows the relationship between Lu Chen and Gao He, but Chen Fei'er doesn't understand this aspect at all, thinking that Lu Chen is purely to help classmates.

     Unexpectedly, the game is actually made now, and it looks very fun.

     Lu Chen smiled and said, "Want to play? I will install one for you too. You can grow vegetables when you are bored."

     He is very confident in [Happy Farm], this interactive game has a strong appeal, unless it is completely uninterested in the opponent game, or it will inevitably fall into it once it is started.

     Of course Chen Fei'er agreed, so Lu Chen also installed the client on her mobile phone.

     The operation of [Happy Farm] couldn’t be simpler, and there is nothing complicated about the functions inside. Let alone an adult, even a few-year-old children can master it after playing it a few times.

     So after Lu Chen's guidance, Chen Fei'er soon planted white radish seeds on his farm land.

     "Remember to water, deworm and weed them regularly. Collect and sell them when the time comes, and then buy new seeds to plant. The extra money you make can also buy new land, tools, and advanced seeds.""Remember, you must collect it in time when you are mature, but I will steal it!"

     Lu Chen laughed treacherously.

     Since it is a closed beta version, although all the functions are already available, since it has not been officially launched, Lu Chen is alone among Chen Fei'er's friends on the farm.

     How clever Chen Fei'er is, he immediately found out the loopholes inside: "Then I delete you as a friend, then you can't steal it?"

     She said so reasonable, Lu Chen turned out to be speechless.

     Chen Fei'er smiled tremblingly, and triumphantly made a victory gesture at him.

     "This is shameless..."

     Lu Chen shook his head helplessly and said, "I'm going to Hangzhou, will you go with me?" will be launched soon, and [Happy Farm] will officially operate. Of course, he will go to Hangzhou oversee to direct.

     Lu Chen is also needed over there.

     Chen Fei'er put down his phone, hugged his waist and said, "I won't go. "A Chinese Ghost Story" has a 1 billion box office. The two of us have to keep one in the capital."

     In fact, it doesn't matter if Lu Chen goes to Hangzhou a few days later. After waiting for more than half a year, it is not bad for ten days and eight days.But "A Chinese Ghost Story" has reached the current point, and the accumulated energy has been very large. It is like a snowball to maintain inertia to accumulate a higher box office. His presence or absence in Beijing has little effect.

     Chen Fei'er is enough.

     After thinking about it, Lu Chen said: "Well, there is also a rush over there, I will be back in a few days at most.


     Chen Fei'er nodded and kissed him on the cheek.

     I don't know when it will start. There will be this kind of tacit understanding between the two that does not need to be stated. One eye and one movement can understand each other's mood and mind.

     On April 13, when the domestic box office of "A Chinese Ghost Story" continued to rush to a new peak, Lu Chen quietly left the capital with his assistant and flew to Hangzhou in the afternoon.

     Gao He drove to pick up the airport in person.

     "Lao San, you came really fast, Xiaoling also said you might not be able to come!"

     He was extremely happy to see Lu Chen, and said in a whisper: "She and I just watched your "A Chinese Ghost Story" two days ago. It was really amazing. I still bought it in the theater. I got a set of souvenirs!"

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "You didn't tell me earlier, I would give you a limited edition set of gold directly!"

     Gao He Hahaha: "Do your movies increase sales performance..."Due to Lu Chen's relationship, he now often reads entertainment news and knows that "A Chinese Ghost Story" has been a big success in China recently. Box office and sales of peripheral products have become hot topics in the media. He knows what they mean to Lu Chen. What's going on.

     The two hadn't seen each other for a while, so naturally they had a very happy chat, talking and laughing all the way to the Company.

     The full name of the Company jointly established by Lu Chen and Gao He is Happy Digital Interactive Entertainment Co., Ltd., or Happy Interactive Entertainment for short, and is mainly engaged in projects and businesses related to online games and mobile games.

     Happy Interactive Entertainment is located in the Binjiang IT New Industrial Park in Hangzhou, which is called the entrepreneurial incubator of Zhedong New Youth. New Internet-related companies can enjoy multiple support policies from the government.

     Now Happy Interactive Entertainment’s nevertheless small company, the office is only less than 200 square meters and there are about 30 employees. However, although the sparrow is small and well-equipped, it has technology, marketing, customer service, finance, and logistics departments.

     When Lu Chen arrived, before it was time to leave work, most of the employees were there. Gao He called everyone together and said loudly: "Everyone welcomes our chairman, Mr. Lu Chen!"

     The employees immediately clapped vigorously, and all of them showed excitement, especially the female white-collar workers in the marketing and customer service departments, with their eyes shining.Everyone knows that the biggest shareholder of Happy Interactive Entertainment is Lu Chen, a star in the entertainment industry. Many people chose to join Happy Interactive Entertainment because of this.

     It's just that this is nevertheless the first time everyone sees Taoist Master with their own eyes, so naturally they are more excited.

     Very morale-boosting!

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "Thank you, everyone has worked hard during this time. Our and Happy Farm will be launched soon. Thank you for your hard work."

     "I hope to work with you to build into a first-class game website in China and make Happy Interactive Entertainment a top game company in the industry. Without your hard work and wisdom, it would never be successful."

     "You are the most valuable asset the Company has!"

     As soon as his voice fell, warm applause broke out in the office area again.

     Gao He added: "Our chairman said when he came just now that the bonus will be doubled this month!"


     Now the morale of the employees is directly maxed out!

     After meeting and speaking with employees, Lu Chen chatted with Gao He in his CEO's office: "Where is Xiaoling? Where did he go?"

     Gao He said: "She went to the 7795 headquarters to talk about platform cooperation, and she should be back soon."

     Lu Chen nodded.7795 is a well-known web game and mini game publishing platform in China, and the daily traffic is very high. The company headquarters of this website is located in Hangzhou, and it has naturally become the first choice for [Happy Farm] promotion.

     But for how to promote and [Happy Farm], Lu Chen has his own ideas.

     The propaganda resources he now has are far from what he could compare to before.


     The second more sent.
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