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Chapter Directory 612 Fainted
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Liu Min held the phone with a look of excitement.

     The wife who was counting the accounts behind the bar asked, "Is Brother Liao Jia coming over?"

     When Liu Min called just now, she heard a few conversations beside her, but she didn't hear clearly.

     Liu Min nodded vigorously and said, "Yes, wait for Brother Liao Jia to bring friends over to play with us."

     "You immediately notify the old customers in the WeChat group, so that they can come and cheer!"

     The wife quickly picked up the mobile phone resting on the table and sent a message quickly.

     Liu Min clenched his fists vigorously and greeted the waiter loudly, asking everyone to quickly move around the venue, put the tables, chairs and benches neatly, and then prepare to welcome guests at the door.

     It's still early, the real nightlife hasn't started, there are only a few guests in the bar.

     They were all regular customers. Seeing Liu Min's command of the waiter in a round and round posture, I couldn't help but come over and ask curiously-what's the matter?

     Of course Liu Min will not hide: "Good thing, it is Liao Jia, Brother Liao is going to come and play!"


     The inquiring guest was shocked: "Liao Jia? Is it really Liao Jia?"

     Liu Min smiled and said, "Of course it is true. What good is it for me to lie to you? It's really Liao Jia!"Liu Min is a native of Northeast China. In the 1990s, he entered the pass and entered the capital. He was also a member of Beijing drifter. Later, by chance, he joined the Band formed by Liao Jia at the time as a bassist. The big coffee in the circle has established a good friendship.

     After Band was disbanded, Liu Min went south to Huhai, met his current wife, and finally settled in Hangzhou.

     Because the wife is from Hangzhou.

     In order to make a living, Liu Min opened a bar on Nanshan Road. Relying on the contacts accumulated in the show business community and his former membership of the famous rock band, the business can still be maintained.

     Although the number and scale of Hangzhou’s bars cannot be compared with that of Beijing and Huhai, the competition is still very fierce. Especially in recent years, a lot of new night markets have opened, attracting a large number of customers, and Liu Min’s main focus is nostalgic. The situation in literary bars is quite terrible.

     The soaring rent and wages also made Liu Min a little overwhelmed. His per capita consumption in the bar is not high, and customers can sit for a long time with a beer, but there are not too many guests at night even like this.

     Originally, Liu Min wanted to simply forget about it, and he could be a bass teacher or something, not afraid to have no food, but after so many years of business, he really has a lot of affection for this bar, and he really cannot bear it. .Just now Liao Jia suddenly called and said that he was coming to play in the bar. Liu Min was really excited. On the one hand, he and Liao Jia hadn’t seen each other for several years. On the other hand, Liao Jia came to visit the bar, which undoubtedly did a lot to his bar business. Great promotion effect.

     When I heard that Liao Jia was really coming, several old customers became excited, and after making sure that Liu Min was not talking nonsense, they called friends and called friends.

     "Hey, Lao Hu, where are you? Come to the Hei Liu bar on Nanshan Road!"

     "What are you doing here? Liao Jia is coming over!"

     "Brother Chen, I'm at the Black Six Bar, and the boss just said that Liao Jia, your favorite admiration, is coming!"

     "Speed, speed, and position now!"

     "I'll book you a place first..."

     news pass quickly from mouth to mouth. In today’s era, it’s not too convenient to pass news. In addition, Liu Min’s wife sent a message to the customer group of the Black Six Bar, so soon one group after another group of guests came to the door.

     The originally empty venue was filled with customers in just a few tens of minutes!

     Most of the guests at the Black Six Bar are those in their 30s and 40s. They basically get married and start a career. They come to the bar not to pursue an amorous encounter, but to listen to folk songs, jazz, and light rock. Kind of songs to relax your mind.For them, Liao Jia, a rock veteran, is undoubtedly a real idol first-class figure, so after knowing the news, anyone who can get out will come to join in the first time, I am afraid that they will miss this opportunity.

     Since the opening of the Black Six Bar, it has never been so lively!

     The lady boss was so frightened, she pulled her husband and asked in a low voice worriedly: "Will Liao Jia really come?"

     If Liao Jia can't come, so many customers are completely offended. No one likes to be fooled, right? In the end, the Black Six Bar was only one way to go out of business.

     Liu Min confidently said: "Who is Big Brother Liao Jia? He spoke with one spit and one nail. How can he fool me? Just rest assured and wait. Hurry up and help greet the guests!"

     Even though he said that, Liu Min didn't really have a good heart. Seeing that the bar was almost overcrowded, he hurried to the door and looked forward to it with the waiter.

     Time passed by, and seeing it was past 9 o'clock, there was still no figure Liu Min had been looking forward to appearing on the way of people coming and going, which made him involuntarily mention it.

     Liu Min squeezed the phone hard, sweating on the palms of his hands, hesitating whether to call Liao Jia.At this moment, two black Mercedes Benz drove in one after the other, and steadily parked on the sidewalk in front of the bar. The rear door of the car in front opened and a rough-looking, long-haired middle-aged man got out.

     Liu Min's eyes were already fixed on the Mercedes-Benz, and he was overjoyed when he saw the middle-aged man: "Big Brother Liao Jia!"

     The other party was Liao Jia who showed him through the autumn water!

     Liao Jia turned his head when he heard the greeting, and smiled: "Little Liu, it's hard to find this place for you."

     He is not the first time to visit Hangzhou, but nevertheless the first time in the Black Six Bar. It was also the first time that I heard a friend talk about Liu Min some time ago, so I made a conscious decision to come over to see this tonight and cheer for the little brother of the past.

     Liao Jia is a nostalgic person, and there is absolutely nothing to say to brothers and friends. In the show business community, every voice gives praise.

     Liu Min took two steps forward and embraced Liao Jia with his arms excitedly: "Big Brother Liao Jia..."

     Thinking of the past, the eyes of the man from the northeast were a little moist.

     Liao Jia patted Liu Min on the shoulder and said, "Long Time No See, let’s have a good chat in the evening, right..."

     He hugged Liu Min and turned around: "I also brought a few friends over."

     Liu Min hurriedly said: "Welcome, Liao Jia, your friend is my friend, the consumption of the evening..."

     Halfway through the conversation, he was stunned.Because Liu Min at this moment, just saw people walking off two Mercedes-Benz cars.

     Lu Chen, Chen Fei'er...the other one seems to be...Shi Fang?

     Yes, it is Hongkong Heavenly Queen / days later Shi Fang!

     Liu Min suddenly felt like he was hit by a big pie falling from the sky, and he was dizzy!


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