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Chapter Directory 621 It Has Started
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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A statement from the official blog of "China The Voice" explained the program rules clearly.

     Directly hit Luo Shan in the face.

     In addition, a vagabond singer who participated in the audition posted a text message on his blog, as well as the notice received during the audition, which clearly stated this rule.

     The facts and evidence are all there. Now Lu Chen’s fans have found the basis, in the right and self-confident, they pressed Luo Shan hard on the ground and rubbed them. The comment area of the latter blog is about to become a sea of joy.

     Luo Shan was refuted by the official blog of "China The Voice" as dumbstruck and unable to reply, and simply closed the blog comments and pretended to be deaf.

     If you continue to argue, you will be humiliated. Luo Shan must have used the opportunity to speculate and hired a push hand. However, she did not expect that Lu Chen's influence is so great, and the fans' combat effectiveness is so strong that they continue to make trouble. If you go down, you probably won't be able to mix in this circle, then the gains do not make up for the losses.

     In this process, Lu Chen had never participated in it at all, ignoring the other party directly.

     There are a lot of celebrities, celebrities have become famous, and all kinds of right and wrong have come. This kind of hotness deliberately creates topics to hype themselves as a small means, and the worse is everywhere, but no celebrity has never encountered it.For example, Chen Fei'er, who debuted for more than ten years in win success and recognition, has been rumored a lot in the past, some of which are Paparazzi concocting news, some are speculation by the other party, and even meticulously planned by a media broker Company.

     In the entertainment industry, it is impossible for a person to be completely innocent and free from dust, but as long as one sticks to the bottom line and is not tempted by fame, wealth and vanity, it is difficult to maintain one's heart, but it is not impossible. .

     Therefore, in such a situation, ignoring is the best option, and the most undesirable to tearing. If the other party does too much, he can directly send a lawyer's letter to the lawsuit. Only in this way can he deter the younger generation.

     In the midst of disturbances and noisiness, at 8:30 pm on May 19th, the first episode of the first season of "China The Voice" was broadcast on Zhedong TV.

     "The Voice of China" is a Taoist Master show produced by Star Factory Media. Zhedong TV bought the exclusive copyright in the form of ratings sharing. Therefore, the TV station attaches great importance to the program publicity work. The four major mentors The poster was even posted on the streets of Hangzhou.

     And this brand new singing talent show has also attracted a lot of attention across the country, especially fans of Lu Chen, Chen Fei'er, Shi Fang and Liao Jia, who turned on the TV or Computer, watch the premiere on Zhedong TV.At 8 o'clock that night, Jiangnan Street, Jinling Xuanwu District Mayor, EZO Bar.

     Qi Hao struggled through the crowd, squeezed to the front of the bar, and said to the busy bartender: "Bring me two glasses of all the colors in profusion, and another Haagen-Dazs ice cream."

     EZO Bar is a popular bar on Changjiangnan Street. The main customers are college students and young people who have just entered society. The atmosphere is relaxed and free, there is nothing in disorder, and the consumption is very affordable.

     There is a large-screen TV in the bar. When it comes to the World Cup or the Champions League game, it is often full of customers. It is a rare relaxation to enjoy the wine table and drink beer to watch the football game.

     In normal times, there is also a vagabond singer here. If the guests like it, they can also go up and sing by themselves, and sometimes they can see the scene of the scene of a marriage proposal.

     Qi Hao has been to EZO Bar a few times and likes the atmosphere very much, so he organized a group event for fans of the Lu Chen Jinling Support Group for the second time and put the venue in EZO Bar.

     The last time I watched "A Chinese Ghost Story" was a great success. Many fans who missed the opportunity complained in the group, so Qi Hao organized it again, but this time it was not watching a movie, but watching TV.

     Watch the premiere of "China The Voice"!Speaking of it, watching a variety show and organizing a group of people to run in a bar is really unheard of, but the enthusiasm of Lu Chen fans is very high, so Qi Hao is a hundred answers to a single call There were hundreds of fans who came in the evening, and they packed the entire EZO bar.

     In fact, Qi Hao has his own selfish intentions in organizing this event.

     The bartender knows Qi Hao and knows that he is the organizer of the private room, so he is very generous. After adjusting a glass of other people's wine, he will adjust it first, and he also gave him a free glass of Haagen-Dazs ice cream.

     The business was so hot in the evening, the place for such a big venue was almost gone, and the service staff were not enough.

     Holding two glasses of mixed cocktails and ice cream, Qi Hao squeezed back to his place.

     Two girls were already sitting at the small table, one girl ordered a cocktail, and the other girl took Haagen-Dazs ice cream.

     And this ice cream girl is what Qi Hao's selfishness lies.

     The ice cream girl is also a fan of Lu Chen. The ID in the support group is called Wei Lan Hai. When I watched "A Chinese Ghost Story" last time, Qi Hao was adjacent to Wei Lan Hai, so I met each other.At that time, he felt a rush of excitement to the blue sea. After learning that the other party did not have a boyfriend, he started a pursuit action cautious and solemn. Familiar.

     At least Wei Lan Hai did not refuse his pursuit, and there was hope of success.

     The other girl who ordered cocktails was the best friend of the azure sea, inseparable from the azure sea. Last time she pitted a pile of ice cream from Qi Hao, which allowed him to eat instant noodles for a full week.

     "Thank you..."

     Wei Lan Hai smiled a little to express his gratitude, and Qi Hao's eyes were straightened by the charming smile.

     "Get back to your soul!"

     The girlfriend waved her hand rudely in front of Qi Hao, and asked, "Why hasn't the show started yet?"

     Advertisements are playing on the big screen of the bar.

     Qi Hao woke up like a dream, the old face blushed, and he quickly took out his phone to check the time: "It's about to start."

     He pleased again: "Do you want some snacks? I'll get them."

     Azure Sea shook his head and said, "No, I don't eat snacks at night, and I have gained a lot recently."

     "Are you still fat?"

     The girlfriend couldn't help rolling her eyes and said, "Then I should jump off the building!"Qi Hao smiled stupidly, he also felt that the blue sea was not fat at all, even a little thinner, very slim.

     At this moment, the large LED screen hanging on the wall was switched, and the music of shocking people's heart sounded in the bar immediately. A CG production holding a microphone hand appeared on the screen, and the LOGO of China The Voice was dazzling.

     here we go!

     Everyone's attention was all attracted to the past.


     The second more sent.
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