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Chapter Directory 622 World Premiere
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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At 8:20 in the evening, [Whale TV] Lu Chen anchor room.

     Nearly two years have passed, and today's Lu Chen live broadcast room has become a well-known sign in [Whale TV], with records for the most fans, the highest online numbers, and the highest rewards on the entire platform.

     The cooperation between Lu Chen and [Whale TV] can also be regarded as a model of celebrity celebrity cooperation with new online media. Lu Chen uses this network platform to gather a large number of fans and popularity, and [Whale TV] also uses Lu Chen has gained countless benefits.

     Last year alone, [Whale TV] signed more than 10 famous celebrity anchors, which brought a significant increase in registered users, which can be described as a win-win situation.

     Although there are other platforms that have offered Lu Chen extremely high prices, Lu Chen insisted on renewing the contract with [Whale TV], and the cooperative relationship between the two parties is very good.

     In order to retain the "big name" of Lu Chen, [Whale TV] has made a lot of optimization and resource tilt for his anchor room, and even added additional membership functions for Lu Chen fans.

     Tonight, the first episode of the first season of "China The Voice" was broadcast live on Zhedong TV. [Whale TV] was authorized to broadcast and started to promote it a few days in advance. Therefore, at this moment, a large number of Lus have gathered in the anchor room. Chen fans and onlookers.When watching TV variety shows, it is naturally best to use a large-screen TV, and the definition is also the highest. However, the utilization rate of TV has been greatly reduced by young people. Watch online.

     [Whale TV] This anchor platform is different from ordinary video sites. The live broadcast room is more interactive. You can send barrage and give Fish Balls to show your support, which is more interesting and entertaining.

     Therefore, just after 8 o'clock, the online number of Lu Chen's exclusive anchor room has exceeded the 2 million mark, and it is also increasing at a rapid rate. It is estimated that the record of exceeding 3 million is not a problem.

     And tonight’s "China The Voice" webcast Host is the familiar and favorite Li Feiyu classmate!

     "The show will start right away, are your Fish Balls ready?"

     It was simply a response, and the barrage was like a tide, mixed with countless fish balls that had fallen.

     It's not unusual for this kind of scene to appear in the Lu Chen anchor room. Many local fans are not rare to use 100x Fish Balls. They are all released one by one Aircraft Carriers.

     Then the next moment, a dazzling interstellar battleship was born, and instantly crushed the audience. With thousands of fireworks special effects, it almost blinded countless dogs.

     Super Star Sea Battleship!This is the exclusive reward item in the Lu Chen anchor room-Super Star Sea Battleship, which costs 10,000 yuan per ship. It not only has the effect of broadcasting announcements on the whole platform, but also can instantly clear the screen, superb special effects and other powers.

     After this exclusive item was launched by [Whale TV], there have been more than 100 super star-sea battleships "launched" in the Lu Chen anchor room, which is equivalent to 1 million rewards.

     It must be noted that as a special reward item of the highest level of [Whale TV], the Super Star Sea Battleship will not share the benefits of even a penny on the platform nevertheless Lu Chen. It will all be donated to the Chen Fei Charity Fund. , Used for the treatment of poor leukemia patients.

     As soon as the Super Star Sea battleship came out, the onlookers suddenly became calm.

     "Local tyrant, local tyrant is asking for support!"

     "F*ck, the Xinghai Battleship was spawned before it even started, and it will break the record tonight."

     "Well, support the caring local tyrants, please hug your thighs by the way."

     "Brother Hao, do you still lack dog legs?"


     In the noisy hustle and bustle, the time came to 8:30, "China The Voice" began!

     Everyone's attention was all attracted to the past.In the enthusiastic opening song, the carefully arranged Zhedong TV station No. 1 studio was presented in the sight of audiences across the country with a brand new look. Numerous color bars were flying from the sky, and 1,250 audience members applauded enthusiastically. Let the atmosphere of the scene reach the ** from the beginning.

     The camera swooped down from top to bottom, and immediately rotated forward, and the four instructors sitting on the red swivel chairs became the focus.

     Then everyone was surprised to find that the four instructors turned their backs to the stage and faced the audience!

     Each instructor enjoyed a three-second close-up, and then the camera focused on the big stage, only to see a Host wearing a blue casual suit, holding a microphone and a digital teleprompter strode into the spotlight.

     He is in his thirties, is tall and thin, with fair skin, looks gentle with a pair of black-rimmed glasses, and has a confident smile on his face.

     Facing the audience, the live host said loudly: "First of all, let's welcome the four tutors who decided on the students tonight. They are..."

     "Instructor Chen Fei'er!" "Instructor Liao Jia!" "Instructor Shi Fang!" "Instructor Lu Chen!"

     Host clicked on a tutor, and the tutor stood up and waved to the audience, winning rounds of applause."Tonight, the four music instructors are all looking for the real The Voice. They are ready to go. They are ready. The world premiere of China Motors China The Voice will begin now~"

     Speaking of the last few words, his voice suddenly rose up a lot, which can be described as shocking the audience.

     The audience responded with warm applause and cheers.

     The brand name of the first season of "China The Voice" was won by China Motor at a price tag of 27 million. At that time, many brands participated in the competition, but including Coca-Cola were defeated by China Motors which was determined to win.

     When the news came out, the show business community in the industry caused a sensation, because "China The Voice" is a brand new talent show, and in the current situation where the talent show is about to be bad, China Motors throws out this It's amazing how much money comes to join in.

     You must know that Zhedong TV is not CCTV, and many of CCTV's variety shows do not have such a high naming fee.

     But looking at the inside story through appearances, it is actually understandable. First of all, China Motors, as the number one brand of domestic vehicles, invests hundreds of millions of billions in advertising each year, and 27 million is nothing to them.

     And Lu Chen, the program creator, major shareholder and mentor of "China The Voice", is the endorsement star of China Motor, and the two sides have a good cooperative relationship.The other is that the name of "China The Voice" is good, and it is not so incomprehensible that China Motors won at a high price.

     Of course, whether this advertising naming investment can be worth the fare, the key lies in the content of the program itself.

     "The Voice of China", which has four famous mentors, can make a breakthrough in the fiercely competitive TV variety show. The premiere tonight is undoubtedly crucial!


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