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Chapter Directory 638 Entertainer Role Model
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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575 million, WeChat game bought Kaixin, "Happy Farm" changed ownership!

     This news message spread all over the country at the speed of light, and it was no surprise that it became the focus of heated discussions on the Internet.

     As a small company that has just been established for more than half a year, Happy Interactive Entertainment, with a registered capital of only 5 million, has undoubtedly created an industry myth.

     More inside stories have been picked up. The most talked about is Lu Chen, the owner of Nevertheless Happy Interactive Entertainment.

     Many people feel that their common sense has been subverted.

     Lu Chen debuted as a vagabond singer. His musical talent has long been recognized. After win success and recognition, he wrote and acted in two popular TV Series, and then launched a movie with a box office of over 1 billion, making money. Ability is simply enviable and hateful.

     But who would have thought that Lu Chen's investment in the game industry actually had such a clever vision, and even insiders broke the news that the idea of "Happy Farm" came from Lu Chen himself!

     Tall, handsome, and talented, with such a strong ability to invest and make money, the young and unmarried Lu Chen has become the most prominent diamond king in the entertainment industry.

     Chen Fei'er jokingly told him that if he moves to Hongkong or Baodao and has the willingness, I don't know how many women outside the show business community are willing to fight for the second wife and third wife.For this statement, Lu Chen wisely chose to pretend to be deaf-Chen Fei'er's jealousy is also quite big.

     But there are some things that you can't pretend to be deaf.

     Right now he is too popular, and this quick money is also a bit hot.

     After careful consideration, after discussing with his sister and others, Lu Chen distributed the funds from the sale of "Happy Farm" after deducting tax.

     The first is to buy the newly completed two-story office building of Media Asia Digital Building in Binjiang IT New Industrial Park, with a total area of 2,200 square meters, as the new headquarters base of Happy Interactive Entertainment, and then recruit soldiers and buy horses.

     Media Asia Digital Building is one of the iconic buildings in the industrial park, and the price is naturally high. Happy Interactive Entertainment paid 70 million for this.

     Lu Chen gave out another 150 million in dividends. He personally got 120 million, and then divided 15 million to Gao He's couple. The other 15 million was awarded to all the employees of the Company according to the contribution ratio. The least got tens of thousands. , It can be said that everyone is happy.

     Of course, because Lu Chen paid in advance for the last time he bought a house, most of the dividends paid by Gao He and his wife nevertheless returned to Lu Chen's hands.

     The remaining 270 million yuan will all be used as the company's expanded operating funds, which will be invested in the purchase of equipment, the addition of professionals and new projects.Finally, Lu Chen announced on his personal blog that he would donate 100 million to Chen Fei Charity Fund to expand the scope of the charity fund’s assistance. It is no longer limited to the assistance of poor patients with leukemia and increased support for poor children/youth Help project.

     Such a generous donation immediately caused a sensation in China!

     Charity by celebrities is nothing new. There are many artists in the show business community who are willing to donate, but it is the first time that Lu Chen donated hundreds of millions at a time.

     The most important thing is that after more than a year of operation, Chen Fei Charity Fund has created a very good public praise among the public. It has clear information disclosure and clear accounts, and it has really helped many poor leukemia patients.

     Compared with many star-like donations, compared with shady charity organizations, the Chen Fei Charity Fund co-founded by Lu Chen, Chen Fei'er and the two is undoubtedly a real clear stream!

     On the second day after Lu Chen announced the donation, the official V of Chen Fei Charity Fund posted a 100 million cheque on his blog to prove that Lu Chen did not speak the vernacular, but actually took it out. Real money.

     In this way, the after-tax payment from the sale of "Happy Farm" has basically been spent cleanly by Lu Chen.On June 28, "China Youth Daily" published news about Lu Chen's donation of 100 million yuan on the front page. While introducing Lu Chen in detail, he praised him as a role model for young artists in the new era.

     "China Youth Daily" is a major central-level newspaper. It can receive positive reports and praise from "China Youth Daily", which is equivalent to putting a thick protective armor on Lu Chen, and the idle media want to respond He slander, then you have to weigh the consequences.

     After the "China Youth Daily" article was published, Li Murong, who was far away in Beijing, took the initiative to call Lu Chen and praised him a lot in words.

     The eldest son of Li Family's direct line is extremely low-key in the circle, living a life of almost semi-reclusion. Lu Chen met Li Mubai and then met the eldest brother, and only met a few times.

     Usually the contact between Li Family and Lu Chen is done through Li Mushi and Li Mubai. Li Murong basically doesn't ask questions about his siblings.

     So he took the initiative to call Lu Chen, which was really not easy.

     Li Murong revealed on the phone that the reason why Lu Chen was able to get the focus of the "China Youth Daily" and even touted it as a typical is not only because Lu Chen donated 100 million, but as an artist, his image has always been Very good, no scandals, even scandals are rare.Nowadays, the domestic entertainment market is getting bigger and bigger, and the entertainment industry has become a significant part of the national economy, but when the market is big, some chaos is inevitable.

     Especially nowadays celebrities, they often drug abuse, cheat on sex, and drive drunk. In order to get the upper hand, all kinds of hype have no bottom line, and the image of the entertainment circle in the public is getting worse and worse.

     Of course, the relevant national management departments cannot not to hear, not to question, drain away filth and bring in fresh water circumstances require action. Lu Chen also coincides with the high-level attention.

     With this honor in hand, as long as he makes a mistake out of the question, there will be no major obstacles to the upper-level development in the future, and he can even get a lot of help.

     Don't look at him now that he has smashed out 100 million, what he can get in the future is far more than that!

     The phone call between Li Murong and Lu Chen lasted more than half an hour.

     After it was over, Lu Chen thought quietly for a long time alone, and had new ideas for his future path.

     Until the newly dressed Chen Fei'er came in: "How are you? We are almost ready to go."

     Lu Chen woke up, got up and said, "Okay, let's go."

     Chen Fei'er asked curiously: "What were you thinking about just now? It seems that you can't figure it out."Lu Chen shook his head and said: "It's nothing, let's go quickly, lest Little Xue wait in a hurry."

     Chen Fei'er didn't ask too much, she carefully arranged Lu Chen's shirt, and then reached out and took his arm.

     The two looked at each other and smiled, everything is silent.


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