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Chapter Directory 641 New Aura
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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The first season of "China The Voice" premiered on Zhedong TV on May 19th. When the summer vacation began in universities and colleges across the country, it had been broadcast for seven consecutive episodes.

     This novel form of singing Taoist Master audition show attracted much attention from the beginning. The lineup of four big-name mentors can be said to have earned enough attention, and the ratings of the first broadcast did not disappoint, with an average rating of 2.26. %, the highest ratings exceeded 2.50%, topping the charts (of best-sellers) in the domestic TV variety show in one fell swoop.

     But what is truly jaw-dropping is still to come. In the following issues, "China The Voice" simply swept the market, and the ratings were soaring. It easily broke through the threshold of phenomenal level and became the best performer in recent years. Eye-catching variety show talent show.

     By the seventh issue on June 30, the average ratings reached 6.35% of the make people’s instructions, and the second-ranked talent show was directly crushed into slag!

     In addition to being shocked, the industry colleagues also conducted in-depth research on the program of "The Voice of China".

     "China The Voice" is undoubtedly very distinctive, in terms of form, compared to the previous fast-tracking of the same type of programs, it has many innovations.The most obvious is undoubtedly the four tutor swivel chairs. The idea of blind selection by tutors really makes people slap the table and shout with praise. First of all, it guarantees the fairness of the selection. It does not look at people or faces but only listens to the sound, which is completely suitable. The theme of the show.

     After "China The Voice" became popular, many imitation shows appeared on the Internet. Many netizens used their own or office swivel chairs as props, imitating blind selection and became addicted to the tutor, and the funny little videos they made were very popular. , The traffic is very high.

     Then the two-way selection of tutors and players is another highlight. Previous shows used judging panel (member) to select players, but players in "China The Voice" can choose tutors, as long as there is more than one tutor in the blind selection. , Then you have the right to choose.

     When multiple tutors turned around, the tutors even fought for the student, which greatly increased the interest of the program and added suspense to the choices, so the audience looked particularly seductive.

     Going to the inner PK of the mentor team behind, the PK of different mentor teams can undoubtedly hold the audience's heart firmly.

     In addition to these highlights, "China The Voice" has many small details. For example, in this show, vagabond singer can only sing Chinese works, foreign language songs are better kept under the table, although there are vagabond who are good at English songs. Singer expressed dissatisfaction with this, but could not shake the producer's decision.Even though this is a small rule, the audience has a high degree of favorability and identification with "China The Voice", because in previous singing auditions, many vagabond singers like to show English songs, but they do. Many judging panels (members) also like them very much, and then most of the audience can't understand them, which greatly distanced them.

     With novel ideas, grounded rules, excellent players and a strong team of mentors, the success of "China The Voice" is by no means lucky.

     The high ratings of "China The Voice" also brought huge benefits to the program producers and broadcasters.

     The first is Star Factory Media, which was originally an obscure and unknown newcomer in the show business community. No one knew at all except in the small circle in Hangzhou.

     But now, Star Factory Media’s name and logo are transmitted to the TV screens of every family along with "The Voice of China". The limelight is ashamed of their peers, and those seeking cooperation almost wear out the doorstep.

     The "China The Voice" produced by Star Factory Media signed a gambling agreement with Zhedong TV. The money is calculated according to the ratings. The higher the ratings, the more money you can get, so the rising ratings give the stars. The factory brings a lot of money.But Zhedong TV’s money is very happy, because the ratings of the program are directly linked to advertising revenue, although the pre-signed naming, sponsorship, interstitial and other advertising prices are not very high, but new brands want If you squeeze in, you will have to bleed a lot of blood.

     In addition, Zhedong TV also holds the advertisement of The Voice concert in his hands. Now the price has been raised to a staggering level, and there are many big brands seeking advertising cooperation for the next season.

     Therefore, no matter how much money is allocated to Star Factory Media, it is nothing compared to these advertising expenses.

     In such a good situation, Zhedong TV is brewing, in accordance with CCTV's model, to conduct an open tender for the advertisement of the second quarter of next year "China The Voice".

     Zhedong TV is definitely making a lot of money, but making money is on the one hand, and on the other hand, Zhedong TV has made a very happy turnaround in variety shows, greatly expanding its influence.

     "The Voice of China" is so popular. Xiangnan TV "The Super Singer" and Capital City TV "Singing China" that originally started in June have been delayed. It is expected that the audition will not start until the end of July.Although the explanation given by the two satellite TV stations is for organizational reasons, everyone knows that this is just an excuse. The real reason is that neither of them has any confidence to compete with "China The Voice". In order to ensure the ratings, they had to avoid sharp points. .

     Capital City TV is fine. Xiangnan TV, as the number one overlord of the local satellite TV station, actually chose to avoid war. Even if it is a wise move, it still makes people feel a very different taste.

     In addition to Star Factory Media and Zhedong TV, the four mentors also gained a lot of popularity and attention through this program. Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er are nothing but their popularity. The popularity of the two is already extremely high. Shi Fang He Liao Jia can be regarded as truly returning to the sight of the public, and on the basis of the original profound heritage, to a new height!

     As for the students, the best vagabond singers in the first seven issues have become popular, and her/their personal post bar has been quickly established, the number of followers has skyrocketed, and they have gained their own market value.

     The most typical is An Xin, the originally obscure and unknown bar vagabond singer, a performance was priced more than 100,000 yuan, although it is only a temporary offer, it is enough to prove her popularity.

     This is the clustering effect brought about by phenomenal programs. Everyone is a winner. The brand effect formed by "China The Voice" in a short period of time will only bring more and more benefits.This well-known brand belongs to Star Factory Media, and Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er jointly hold a large share of Star Factory Media. Compared with Lu Chen's previous investment in Happy Interactive Entertainment, the return is not inferior at all!

     This undoubtedly once again put a new halo on Lu Chen.

     On July 2, Lu Chen took Chen Fei'er and Lu Xue who had just had summer vacation, plus a special guest, and drove back from Hangzhou to his home in Binhai.


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