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Chapter Directory 642 The Most Nostalgic
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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The first season of "China The Voice" recorded a total of 14 episodes, and at the end a grand concert will be held in Hangzhou, so it counts as 15 episodes.

     When Lu Chen left Hangzhou and returned to his hometown, all 14 episodes of the program had been recorded.

     This is also the practice of domestic talent shows. What viewers see on TV is not live broadcast, but the content after careful editing in the later stage to ensure the best effect.

     There is also a judging panel (member) instructor. It is impossible to live in the same place for two or three months, or to run back and forth once a week for recording.

     Liao Jia returned to Beijing after recording 14 episodes of the show. He will shoot two commercials in Beijing and make a friendly guest appearance in a movie. Then he will fly to Australia for vacation and return to Hangzhou to attend The Voice concert in late August. .

     Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er stayed in Hangzhou for two more days. After Lu Xue had summer vacation, the three went to Binhai together.

     It just brought another guest.

     That is Shi Fang.

     After more than a month of getting along, Shi Fang and Chen Fei'er have become very good friends, and they are no different from Lu Chen.

     Although Shi Fang's status in the show business community is higher than that of Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er, she still has a relationship with the two of her generations, and is commensurate with her sisters and siblings.Originally, after recording "The Voice of China", Shi Fang was going back to Hongkong, but when she heard that Lu Chen was going back to her hometown, she wanted to see the scenery of Binhai with great interest and visited Lu Chen's mother by the way.

     How could Lu Chen be unwelcome? Three people went home and four people went home. A Mercedes-Benz was just right.

     It made Lu Xue happy. She is a fan of Shi Fang. She took advantage of this opportunity to get in touch with the idol and took a dozen group photos with her mobile phone.

     The distance from Hangzhou to Binhai is not far, and the high speed is only two hours. A group of people set off at 2 pm and entered the Binhai city at 4 pm.

     Shi Fang looked at Huhai's street scene curiously through the car window, and said in surprise: "Your hometown is very prosperous."

     Although Binhai is a county-level city, because it is located in the southeast coast and many Binhai people do business and set up factories, the local economy is very prosperous. Urban construction is daily renewal, monthly change, although there is no way to compare with provincial capital cities like Hangzhou. , But there are also tall buildings on both sides of the main avenue, which is very impressive.

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "It's not bad, the development has been relatively fast in the past few years, and many tall buildings have been built."

     Shi Fang sighed and said: "When I was in Hongkong, I often heard people say that except for Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, other places in the Mainland are very backward. Only this time I came to the Mainland to know what seeing is believing."Shi Fang is a native of Hongkong, whose ancestors can be traced back to the immigrants who moved to Hongkong from Hunan and Hubei in the late Qing Dynasty. The number of times she came to the mainland can be counted on one's fingers. She had also been to Beijing and Huacheng before. Have been to the small city below.

     The economy of Hongkong has always been more developed than that of the mainland. Many Hongkongers, including the Hongkong media, always have a certain sense of superiority and regard the mainland as a poor and backward area. Even if the mainland's economy has developed rapidly in recent years, the media has rarely reported.

     Therefore, many Hongkong people who have never been to the mainland read certain biased newspaper news, thinking that the mainland is also more developed in places like Beijing and Shanghai, and other places are still poor.

     Even Shi Fang was misled.

     The Mercedes Benz drove across the main road, turned to another road, and quickly arrived at Jinsheng Community.

     In the Lu family's villa, Fang Yun has been waiting for a long time.

     Yesterday Lu Chen talked to her mother on the phone. Fang Yun already knew that Chen Fei'er and Shi Fang were coming together. When she saw her son, daughter and daughter-in-law who got off the car, she couldn’t help but smile with joy. .


     Lu Xue ran up like a white rabbit in Sahuan, and hugged Fang Yun with open arms: "We are back!"

     "You kid..."Fang Yun slapped her spoiltly: "We are all college students, and I haven't gotten a good shape yet!"

     There are guests! Lu Xue stuck out his tongue and quickly let go of Fang Yun.

     Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er came forward together. Chen Fei'er and Fang Yun were already very familiar with each other: "Auntie..."

     Then, a grand introduction to Shi Fang who came as a guest.

     Shi Fang said politely: "Lu Tai, this is Shi Fang, I'm bothering you."

     Fang Yun smiled and shook her hand and said, "Welcome, Miss Shi is really a distinguished guest. It is too late for me to welcome you. You can treat this as your own home. Don't be polite!"

     Shi Fang smiled and said, "Thank you..."

     Lu Chen and others will stay in Binhai for three days. For these three days, Shi Fang lived in the Lu family villa and left all her assistants in Hangzhou. She came here as a friend.

     After a pause, she exclaimed from the bottom of her heart: "Lu Tai, you are so young and beautiful. I have to ask you about the maintenance tips."

     Fang Yun was a well-known beauty when he was young, otherwise he wouldn't be able to give birth to a "good breed" like the three Lu family brothers and sisters. He has a very good natural skin, and he is not too old in his forties.

     However, in the first few years of Lu Qingsheng's death, Fang Yun had a very hard time in order to pay off the family's debts. She was tired day and night a lot, but in the past two years, her complexion has not only returned to the original appearance, but even better.She stood up with Chen Fei'er and said that the sisters believed that Shi Fang was surprised.

     Fang Yun laughed: "Miss Shi is really young and beautiful, let's go to the house and talk."

     In the evening, Fang Yun personally cooks and uses all her strength to cook a table of delicious dishes for the guests from afar, so that Shi Fang can eat praise without cease.

     People like her who usually pay great attention to diet control, all eat to the fullest.

     The dinner was a pleasant one.

     After dinner, Chen Fei'er and Lu Xue rushed to wash the dishes, but Lu Xue finally won. Chen Fei'er had to take Shi Fang to enjoy tea and chat together.

     Lu Chen also had something to say to his mother: "Mom, I bought a big house in Hangzhou, and now Lu Xue is also studying in Hangzhou. Why don't you move to Hangzhou too, lest you be alone here."

     Fang Yun smiled and shook his head and said, "I haven't retired yet. Why do I go to Hangzhou? Besides, although you are not here, I am not alone. There are no relatives or friends in Hangzhou!"

     "You don't have to worry about me, I'm fine now. If you really love your mother, then marry Fei'er j and have a baby with me, so that I will not be alone."

     My mother was so reasonable that Lu Chen was speechless.In fact, no matter how beautiful he is outside and how much money he makes, what he misses most in his heart is still the life of a family reunion and living together beautifully.


     The second more sent.
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