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Chapter Directory 649 Mystery
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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     The door closed, and there was a dull low noise.

     Lu Zhenhai sat in the back seat, buried his body in the thick seat, closed his eyes and thought quietly.

     Although this 05 Mercedes-Benz has run hundreds of thousands of kilometers, it is very well maintained. As an official car of the Beijing Office of Xiangnan TV, only the senior executives of Lu Zhenhai can enjoy it.

     This time Lu Zhenhai went to Beijing to do business in a very low-key manner, so he took an assistant with him. He is now sitting in the driving seat as a driver.

     The assistant knew Lu Zhenhai's habits well, and he waited patiently without asking or starting the engine.

     After four or five minutes, Lu Zhenhai finally opened his eyes and said in a deep voice, "Drive, go back to the hotel."

     He was thinking about the whole process of meeting Lu Chen, including the conversation between the two.

     This is Lu Zhenhai's old habit. When he encounters important people or things, he will think about it while the memory is fresh, to determine if he has missed any details or needs to pay attention to.

     This good habit has benefited Lu Zhenhai a lot. His ability to be the deputy director of Xiangnan TV at his current age is also related to this habit.

     Obtained Lu Zhenhai's instructions, the assistant skillfully started the ignition and drove the Mercedes back to the hotel.When he arrived at the hotel he was staying in, Lu Zhenhai got out of the car with a briefcase.

     The assistant followed him, and the two took the elevator to the floor of the hotel.

     After entering the room, Lu Zhenhai put his briefcase aside and sat down on the sofa in the small living room of the suite.

     He took the cigarette from his pocket, and after smoking half a cigarette, he relaxed.

     The assistant served the tea just made.

     Lu Zhenhai didn't drink tea right away, but pointed to the place next to him, and said to the assistant: "Shan Shan, you sit down and chat with me."

     The assistant didn't hesitate, and immediately sat down, cautious and solemn asked: "Uncle, did things go well?"

     The assistant didn't scream because he was Lu Zhenhai's distant nephew and the latter's confidant. He was called an honorable title in front of others, and he was called by his elder in private.

     It is precisely because of this trustworthy identity that Lu Zhenhai did not hide many things from him, and even discussed with him for advice, remedy omissions and correct errors.

     The nephew's assistant knows what Lu Zhenhai's most important purpose is for coming to Beijing this time, and also knows who he met earlier.

     Lu Zhenhai smiled reluctantly and said, "Fortunately..."In fact, it was not as good as expected. This time, he used his network resources and took the initiative to find Lu Chen at the expense of his esteem. Not only did he show goodwill, but also wanted to establish a good cooperative relationship with Lu Chen.

     The current situation of Xiangnan TV is quite unsatisfactory. The status of the show business community is faltering. The Capital City TV in the north has a strong rise, and Zhedong TV in the east uses "China The Voice" like the sun at noon, as well as several other satellite TVs. Taiwan glare like a tiger watching his prey, the market structure is facing tremendous changes.

     Since last year, Xiangnan TV has lost several major international and domestic brand customers, and advertising revenue has experienced a serious decline. The reason why he was able to come on stage is also related to the inaction of his predecessor.

     By the same token, now Lu Zhenhai sits in this position. If he can't figure out a way to reverse such a passive situation, how long he can sit is really a question.

     How can he not as if walking on thin ice, not conscientious and conscientious?

     Only after contacting Lu Chen did Lu Zhenhai realize that his original idea was a bit wishful thinking.

     Lu Chen is very young and good, but his speech and behavior are not inferior to those who have made his debut for many years. Faced with the proactive expressions of his Xiangnan TV deputy director, he still has neither servile nor overbearing calm, and it shows. Mind, and stick to your will.If you don't have a comprehensive understanding of Lu Chen's relevant information, it is really hard for Lu Zhenhai to believe that two years ago, Lu Chen was just a small vagabond singer in a bar at the bottom of the capital who had not graduated from university.

     Such a character will never be moved by Xiao En Xiaohui, and the usual methods are completely ineffective to him.

     Thinking of this, Lu Zhenhai really despised one of his colleagues for hooking up with Jin Hongwei. He actually took the nomination of the Golden Luan Award to deal with Lu Chen. Not only was he slapped abruptly, he also followed with the TV station. passive.

     The results of the Golden Luan Award were announced last month. The organizers, including Xiangnan TV, did not know how many scolds they received on the Internet. They didn't get the slightest benefit but got a bad reputation. Even the partners were very dissatisfied.

     Fortunately, that guy was unlucky enough to step down with Jin Hongwei, otherwise Lu Zhenhai would not be able to repair the relationship with Lu Chen.

     But now Lu Chen's lack of oil and salt makes Lu Zhenhai very annoyed. He has already achieved this point, and it will be impossible to continue further, and there is not enough time.

     What the upper management needs is performance, to turn the situation around in the shortest possible time, and he can't let him work slowly.

     The assistant could see that Lu Zhenhai was in a bad mood, so he made up something, and said angrily: "Uncle, did you give him too much face and let him get Joe up?"Lu Zhenhai waved his hand and said, "That's not the case. Don't guess, we are talking well."

     During the meeting, Lu Chen nevertheless gave him the deputy director of Xiangnan TV enough respect.

     There is nothing wrong with Lu Chen's handling of people.

     But respect is not enough!

     According to reliable sources, Chen Fei Media led by Lu Chen is about to start filming "My Love from the Star". This new drama will undoubtedly be the most watched TV Series this year, and it is very likely to create a ratings record again.

     Because it is the urban trilogy finale of the perfect couple, Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er, it has long been a hot topic on the Internet before it is filmed.

     Capital City TV and Zhedong TV have confirmed that they will participate in Shooting Production, and the first broadcast rights have been secured.

     What's the matter without Xiangnan TV!

     Lu Zhenhai exhaled a foul breath. He picked up the bulging briefcase on the tea rack, took out a set of hardcover books from it, and smiled bitterly: "When I left, Lu Chen gave me a set of Wuxia. book."

     It's a hell, he doesn't like reading such idle books.

     "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer?"

     The assistant's eyes lit up: "This is the hardcover version of the first edition, right? You can't buy it now, it's very expensive."

     Lu Zhenhai was stunned. He handed the thick book to his nephew: "Have you read this set of books?""Seen..."

     The assistant happily took it, carefully touched the cover of the suit, and said: "This book is very exciting. I have read it twice. The original set I bought was borrowed and never returned.. ."

     "By the way, I remember that the film and television copyright of this book was bought by Lu Chen. I heard that it might be adapted into a movie and TV Series!"


     Lu Zhenhai suddenly got excited and couldn't help but grabbed his nephew's arm: "You say it again!"

     The assistant was shocked, and it took a while before he woke up, and murmured: "I said, the film and television copyright of this book was bought by Lu Chen, and I want to make a movie and TV Series."

     Lu Zhenhai understood something in an instant!


     The first one is sent.
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