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Chapter Directory 652 Other People's Concert
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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In the evening, Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er went to a concert together.

     Wei Xinran's concert.

     Wei Xinran is a famous treasure island vagabond singer. He was born in the 1960s. He made his debut as a teenager and signed with the treasure island Dandelion Record Company. He has published 17 albums so far and is still active in the music scene.

     The treasure island singer’s heyday was in the late 1980s and early 1990s. His "Country Minutes", "The Way Home", and "Deep Harbour" were all masterpieces that were sung for a while, with a strong flavor. The local characteristics of the country are very popular among fans.

     Although Wei Xinran's Record sales can't be compared with Heavenly King Heavenly Queen / days later level big coffee, but they are very popular, but in the past ten years, he has turned to behind the scenes, few works have come out, and he has never appeared in Album again. , A lot of silence.

     And this national tour is not Wei Xinran's unwilling comeback, but farewell.

     Chen Fei'er is a fan of Wei Xinran.

     "When I was in the third grade of elementary school, my uncle gave me a single player..."

     After eating a rather romantic dinner, Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er took a walk in the park holding hands. When they mentioned Wei Xinran, Chen Fei'er recalled the past: "There are also five tapes. Three of them belonged to Wei Xinran.""I like to listen, and then sing along, and then I will sing on the school's New Year's Day evening."

     Tonight Chen Fei'er is wearing a plain white lace dress, without powder to present oneself confidently to the emperor, without makeup, with a black hair hanging casually on his shoulders, a slender waist and a grip on his feet. A pair of equally white sneakers.

     Lu Chen is a T-shirt + jeans, and the two look no different from an ordinary student couple.

     Tonight, Wei Xinran’s concert was held in the main hall of the Yuanfang Cultural Center. It was still early, so after eating, the two of them took a walk slowly, and it was almost just right to get there.

     It's just that there was a black Mercedes-Benz car behind, and their assistants were all in the car.

     Speaking of it, Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er haven't been walking and shopping together like this for a long time. The main reason is nevertheless inconvenient. Walking on the road is too easy to be recognized by passers-by, and it is normal to cause traffic jams.

     Seeing more people in front of him, Lu Chen put on his glasses and Chen Fei'er put on a mask.

     Although Chen Fei'er is a small fan of Wei Xinran, he doesn't have much friendship with this senior in the music industry. The two have only met two or three times, so the tickets for the evening concert are all ordered by themselves, two special class The block cost a total of 2580, the price is not very expensive.Wei Xinran will hold 5 concerts in the mainland. Beijing is the first stop. Since it is a farewell concert, the tickets are sold very well. Many fans have come to join us. It is said that all the tickets have been sold out.

     When Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er arrived at the Faraway Cultural Center, it was only less than 10 minutes before the concert began. Most of the audience had already entered, so there were not many people at the entrance.

     Zhang Xiaofang, who was with Lu Chen, said a few words and asked him and Chen Fei'er's assistant to go to dinner first, and then come back when the time is about. There is no need to wait here.

     Zhang Xiaofang was a little worried, but Lu Chen had nothing to worry about. It would not be dangerous to be recognized in the concert venue-there must be a lot of security personnel on the scene.

     Dismissed the assistants, the two of them entered the main hall with tickets through the VIP passage.

     The staff in charge of ticket checking probably felt that the two were a bit familiar, and watched a few glances, but didn't say anything.

     The main hall of the Yuanfang Cultural Center can accommodate 17,000 spectators. Although there is no way to compare it with the large gymnasium with 5,6,7,8 million spectators, it is an indoor venue that is not afraid of wind and rain, has air conditioning, and has excellent lighting and sound effects. Many people like to hold special concerts here, which is more suitable for vagabond singers of young coffee class.The seat of the special class is very forward, and Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er quickly found their seats.

     At this time, the atmosphere on the scene was already quite enthusiastic. Band had just taken the stage, and Wei Xinran hadn't shown up yet, and then many people were calling his name.

     Wei Xinran’s fans are in their 20s and 40s. He is not an idol vagabond singer who relies on his face to eat. He wins the fans’ love by his own strength. Although there are not too many fans, he has a higher level of quality. .

     Therefore, there are not many bells and whistles such as cheering cards and cheering sticks, and no professional fans are there to cheer for rhythm, but they are never deserted and the atmosphere is just right.

     Chen Fei'er liked it very much. She took off her mask and put it in Lu Chen's ear and asked softly: "When are you going to have a concert?"

     This question has actually been asked by countless fans on the blog. Lu Chen originally planned to hold a concert last year, but the plan is always unable to keep up with the rapid changes.

     He has too much to do and time is always insufficient, so the plan is delayed again and again.

     Seeing that it has been two years since his debut, Album has also released two. Apart from participating in two platter concerts, Lu Chen has not held a real solo concert.

     Given his current status in the Chinese music scene, this is somewhat bizarre.Because in a sense, I have held a few solo concerts and closely bound up with the status and honor of a vagabond singer. Many vagabond singers, even if they don’t have many fans, don’t hesitate to pay for a concert to sing. , To improve their compelling style.

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "If you drive, I will drive again."

     Similarly, Chen Fei'er, who was taken by Lu Chen all the way, was dragged off her concert. Fans on the Inspur blog have a lot of grievances about the two "concert hop couples". .

     Chen Fei'er thought for a while and said, "Then let's start the new drama after filming, and can't let the fans down anymore."

     As the two talked, the time came to 7:30.

     The first show of Wei Xinran's national tour concert has officially started!

     With the sound of the music prelude and the screen flashing on the background of the main stage, the main hall of the Yuanfang Cultural Center soon became quiet. Only a few fans held up the screen with Wei Xinran's name and waved.

     The next moment, the spotlight was shining on the stage, and a handsome middle-aged man in white shirt and black pants walked out and appeared in the sight of 17,000 spectators.

     The large projection screens suspended in the air and facing the venue in three directions also showed the true face of this person at the same time.

     "Wei Senior!"The audience cheered like a tsunami and shouted Wei Xinran's well-known nickname.

     This is also a youth memory belonging to many people.

     Still so alive!


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