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Chapter Directory 653 KissCam
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
    Original: | Translation:

In 1987, a film produced by Baodao was shown on the mainland, which was very successful.

     The name of this movie is "Summer Vacation for Two", and it tells the love story in the youth campus. The leading actor is Wei Xinran, who was still a little immature at the time. This is also one of his few film and television works.

     In the movie, Wei Xinran plays a senior high school student who has just graduated from school. Female Lead has always referred to him as "Senior". Unexpectedly, this name has accompanied Wei Xinran for 30 years.

     In the show business community, Wei Xinran is also like an amiable Senior. He is pure and does not like to fight with others, and is willing to support younger generations, so public praise is very good.

     It is worth mentioning that this Senior has experienced three love affairs, but none of them have achieved a positive result. So far, he is still alone, and the emotional experience is embarrassing.

     Standing on the stage at this moment, Wei Xinran, although he has white hair on his temples and wrinkles in the corners of his eyes, his appearance in a white shirt and black pants with a smile on his face reminds people of "Summer Vacation for Two". The boy who has a crush on the heroine.

     Time flies, everything has changed, and everything seems to have never changed.

     "Wei Senior!"The audience's shouts from the mountains and the tsunami are not only their love for Wei Xinran, but also the memories of their youth.

     Wei Xinran obviously hadn't expected it. After a moment of stunned, there were crystal tears in the corners of his eyes.

     This situation is really touching!

     Chen Fei'er hugged Lu Chen's arm and said softly: "I have liked Wei Senior before, fact, you are really a bit like Wei Senior."

     Lu Chen knew that Chen Fei'er liked the character in the movie, not Wei Xinran’s Taoist Master. Of course he would not be jealous. He held his girlfriend’s hand and smiled: "Go back and I will find out this movie. , Let’s watch it again together."

     Chen Fei'er smiled, only feeling happy and sweet.

     In "Summer Vacation for Two", although the male protagonist finally mustered the courage to confess to the female protagonist, it was too late. The female protagonist immigrated abroad with her family, leaving a lifetime of regret.

     And what she is holding tightly now is the happiness of her life.

     On the stage, Wei Xinran began his singing.

     Wei Xinran's works are mainly love songs, with a strong style of the 1990s, soothing and touching, now it sounds full of nostalgia, and it feels very comfortable.His voice is deep and magnetic, it has the power to soothe the soul, and it has become more new after the precipitation of time, and his ability to control on stage is very brilliant.

     Listening to Wei Xinran’s concert is really not tiring. You don’t need to shout oneself hoarse. There is no passionate accompaniment. Even the drummers in Band are very gentle.

     For the 17,000 audience on the scene, listening to his songs is really a kind of enjoyment.

     After singing three songs, Wei Xinran went backstage and changed his clothes to play again. He held the microphone and said, "I think everyone should be familiar with the following song, so I hope I can sing it with everyone. How about you? "


     Everyone responded loudly together.

     This kind of on-stage and off-stage interaction is very common in concerts, and when the prelude of the song sounded, many audiences were immediately in an uproar-the melody is too familiar!

     "Intoxicated for You", Wei Xinran's most famous love song, he wrote the lyrics himself.

     It is said that this song was written by Wei Xinran for his first love. It has a long story. Although it has been out for decades, it is still sung in KTV.

     Most of the audience at the scene are fans of Wei Xinran, and of course they are very familiar with this song "Intoxicated for You", so when Wei Xinran started singing, they sang or hummed together under the stage.At the same time, the camera lens arranged on the scene was swept across the auditorium, and the real-time picture appeared on the large screen in the background of the stage and the other three projection screens, and then fixed on the body of a couple.

     The couple obviously saw the two of them on the screen and couldn't help being happy. The people around also laughed. They waved their hands or rubbed the camera to show their faces, many of them making faces.

     Someone reminded him that the boy turned around and hugged his girlfriend and kissed her on the cheek.

     The girl's face turned red, but she boldly kissed the boy back.

     The more than 10,000 spectators who witnessed this scene laughed, applauded, and whistled, which pushed the atmosphere of the scene to the top of the scene.

     The on-site photographer controlled the camera to continue looking for the target in the audience, and soon locked another couple who should be husband and wife. After the two found out, they kissed each other generously and won rounds of applause.

     This is called KissCam, which is a kissing game, to put it bluntly. It first appeared in the NBA in the United States. It is an interactive game for spectators outside the game. When the big screen is aimed at the fans in the audience, they usually sit next to each other. They will kiss each other, and usually look for fans sitting next to each other to perform.Later, celebrities also learned from the past when they held concerts, and they spread to the country and became a popular show among fans in concerts. When KissCam appeared, it was always accompanied by a lot of laughter.

     When Wei Xinran chose to sing the song "Intoxicated for You", KissCam was undoubtedly conveying his best wishes, that is, his own feelings are ups and downs, but he wants all lovers in the world to become real family members.

     And the beautiful atmosphere created by "Indulge for You" is also very suitable for KissCam. Those selected couples or couples kiss each other very cooperatively, but it does double the damage to the single dogs on the scene.

     The photographer, who has control over KissCam, selected five teams of lovers in a row, then pulled back the camera and swept over the special seats in the front row.

     Then everyone paused after seeing the shot, and then flew back and swept back. The photographer seemed to have discovered some important target, and finally locked a pair of men and women.

     When the pictures of the couple were clearly presented on the four large screens, the main stadium of the entire cultural center seemed to be enchanted, and it instantly became crowd and peacock make no sound.

     But this situation only lasted for a while, and countless audiences suddenly burst into world-shaking cheers, mixed with various shouts.

     "Lu Chen!" "Chen Fei'er!"That's right, the couple who appeared on the screen were Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er sitting in the special seats in the front row. Although they were all Wei Xinran fans at the scene, no one did not know them.

     Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er actually supported Wei Xinran like everyone else, and they were also selected by KissCam.

     Catch the big fish!

     Many viewers want to give the photographer a thumbs up or add chicken legs!

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