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Chapter Directory 656 Casting On
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
    Original: | Translation:

Beijing Film Collage, Room 317, Male Dormitory, Building C.

     The capital in July is already very hot. On the 1st, the average temperature in most areas exceeded 30 degrees, and the highest temperature in some areas even exceeded 37 degrees, making people vividly feel the power of the northern summer.

     Jiang Yangqi was awakened by the heat.

     He slept very late last night. He was sleeping in the morning, but he didn't sleep well.

     The air conditioner in the dormitory did not know when it went on strike. The closed room was sultry and hot. Jiang Yangqi felt like he was fished out of salt water all over his body. It was so wet and uncomfortable, even breathing was difficult.


     The 15th-grade sophomore of the Beijing Film Collage Acting Department couldn't help but cursed, turned over and sat up from the bed.

     The distribution box has tripped again. The air conditioner installed in the dormitory has a history of at least ten years. It is a real classic machine. Many components have been aging, and tripping accidents will occur from time to time.

     Although Jiang Yangqi reacted to the dormitory several times with the people in the dormitory, he sent an electrician to fix it casually, but the problem was not solved at all.

     Jiang Yangqi turned on the switch again and let the old air conditioner rumblingly operate again, but he was not in the mood to sleep anymore and ran to the bathroom to take a cold shower.Washing away his greasy sweat and warmth, Jiang Yangqi suddenly felt full of vitality. He put on a clean T-shirt and sat in front of the desk, reaching out and turning on the computer.

     Jiang Yangqi is a native of Xiangbei. He did not choose to go home this summer. Instead, he stayed in the capital like most of his classmates, so he still lived in the dormitory.

     Unlike ordinary college students, Jingying students rarely go home during summer vacation, not only because they are nostalgic for the prosperity of Beijing, but the most important thing is that they can find a lot of opportunities here.

     Opportunities to make movies and TV Series.

     In the past ten years, the domestic entertainment industry has developed extremely rapidly. Every year, the number of Shooting movies and TV Series has been increasing, which has greatly stimulated industry demand, which of course also includes actors.

     The Beijing Film Collage is the largest professional film and television academy in China and Asia. It was jointly established by the Beijing Municipal Government, the State Administration of Press and Publication and the Ministry of Education. It is known as the "cradle of Chinese film talents" and enjoys a worldwide reputation.

     Over the past sixty years, too many to count film and television talents, directors, actors, and videographers who have gone out from Beijing Film Studios...Every school celebration, half of the celebrities in the entertainment industry will come to join us!Therefore, the graduates of Jingying are very popular in the show business community. Even if they are students, it is not difficult to find a part-time job during the summer vacation. As long as they are willing to get off one's high horse, enter a small Film Crew and play a guest role. It's very simple.

     Many Jingying students started to make TV Series and even movies while they were in school, and many of the big stars who came out of the students started to glory in their student days.

     Although there is no need to worry about mixing up food, the competition in this industry is also fierce. It is not that you can be magnanimous all the way with the Jingying brand. A large number of Jingying students in the show business community are unsatisfactory. In the end, There are not a few people who have changed careers.

     Fate is unpredictable. Talents, abilities, connections, luck... can all determine different destinies. Diligence and hard work are also very important, and starting point is the key.

     Compared with other classmates, Jiang Yangqi believes that his appearance is not superhuman, and his talents are not the best. As for the network resources, he has no connections. The only thing he can rely on is his own efforts.

     So this summer, he decided to go outside and run more, even if he only earns a box of lunch money, as long as he can accumulate some experience and get to know a few show business community people, it is totally worth it.

     A few days ago, Jiang Yangqi had been working in a small Film Crew. The other party was actually a grass-roots team. A certain second generation wanted to show off his little love, so he paid for a team of people.It is said to be a movie, but it is actually a copycat movie. It is impossible to make it to the theaters. At most, it will be put on the Internet. If the click rate is not fake, it is embarrassing to see people.

     Nevertheless, Jiang Yangqi still cherishes the opportunity that Senior gave. After being introduced to Film Crew, he not only played a supporting role of a certain "male number four", but also part-time miscellaneous.

     Last night, I was busy in Film Crew until one or two o'clock before returning to the dormitory. It was really hard.

     But Jiang Yangqi delighted to (do sth, idiom), because he can earn 5000 RMB after filming the show, even though 2000 RMB must be introduced to the senior, but the remaining 3000 is enough for him. Month’s food expenses.

     For the same job, he can make more money, and he can send some money to his home.

     In order to support Jiang Yangqi's admission to Beijing Film Collage, his family owed a lot of debts.


     As soon as Jiang Yangqi opened the website, the door of the dormitory room was pushed open, and a thin man hurried in.

     "Jiang Yangqi, you really are here!"

     Seeing Jiang Yangqi, the lean man yelled, "A lot of calls are turned off."


     Jiang Yangqi hurriedly stood up and greeted him. He patted his head and said annoyedly: "It must be that the phone automatically turned off when it was out of power. I came back too late last night and forgot to charge it!"He turned around and took out his cell phone from under the pillow, and it turned off automatically.

     This phone is also an old model a few years ago, and the battery is not very durable, basically it needs to be charged every day.

     "You are out of the question like this, hurry up and get a new phone..."

     Senior waved his hand and said, "If you can't contact you at the critical moment and miss the opportunity, you can cry!"

     Jiang Yangqi smiled and said, "When I get the money for this single job, I will buy it."

     The job he is doing now is introduced by the Senior in front of him. The other party is an 11-level management department, but after graduation, he did not stay away from Collage. Instead, he played the role of broker and broker.

     To put it simply, this Senior deals with different Film Crews. It is recommended that the younger students go to work in Film Crew, and then draw the introduction fee from it, which is quite moist.

     For a Beijing film student like Jiang Yangqi, there is no way to have a brand. Although you can find an opportunity to run Film Crew by yourself, it will undoubtedly cost a lot of time and cost, and in case you encounter those who are not reliable, the last cent If you don't make a profit, it's luck.

     It's different like this Senior. He wants to draw a commission. The Film Crew introduced can at least guarantee the money. Although the draw is a bit hard, Jiang Yangqi is also happy to cooperate with him.

     Although Senior is very shrewd, he is nevertheless good, and there is no problem with the work introduced several times.that's enough.

     "Don't talk about this..."

     Senior said: "Chen Fei Media came to our Beijing Film to cast the cast today, do you know?"


     Jiang Yangqi immediately have a surprise: "Chen Fei Media? Could it be..."

     "That "My Love from the Star"?"


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