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Chapter Directory 660 Stolen For Half A Day
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Casting for "My Love from the Star" has begun!

     The news first came from Jingying. In less than a day, everyone in the entire Beijing entertainment industry knew it, and then it was quickly passed on to the Internet, triggering a wave of public opinion.

     Very few TV Series can be like "My Love from the Star", it has shown a trend of popularity before it officially started shooting. The number of fans of Inspur Blog Official V, which has just opened, easily exceeded the million mark, so I don’t know. How many colleagues envy and hate.

     Not satisfied with out of the question, the popularity of Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er was too high. The popular "China The Voice" pushed them to the top of the domestic entertainment circle, with the help of the good public created by the first two TV Series praise, no one doubts the success of "My Love from the Star".

     Countless fans even cheered loudly, looking forward to the new drama to be broadcast soon-everyone is already hungry and thirsty!

     In today's era, for celebrities, attention is everything. In order to win the public's attention, various hype methods emerge more and more, and they repeatedly break the bottom line.

     And "My Love from the Star" is undoubtedly a new "star production drama", so after knowing the news that "My Love from the Star" has started casting, all those who have some avenues in the show business community are sharpened. I want to get in and get a piece of the pie, even if it's light.Among them, there are many wrist-level figures in the show business community, who also go through Chen Fei Media's path through their own agent Company or contracted entertainment company, hoping to play a powerful role in it.

     In addition to these "retail investors", the partners of "My Love from the Star", such as the two David TV stations, South Korea's KGS TV station, SPG and Crown Pictures, also have their own demands.

     SPG even wants to introduce its two Korean rookies into this TV Series.

     As a result, Chen Fei Media became front yard as busy as a marketplace again. The two mobile phones of general manager Lu Xi were blown up by the calls of various people, making her very annoyed every day, and as a result, the false fire rose and her face rose. There are a few more acne.

     As the key figures of Chen Fei Media, Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er are naturally the focus of public relations. The two open their mouths casually. What kind of roles can not be mixed except for the male Female Lead?

     However, to their disappointment, Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er seemed to be missing at this time. The work phones used by the two to communicate with each other were in the hands of their agents or assistants. Chen Fei Media also refused to disclose their whereabouts and even declined Many media interview invitations were dropped.

     So where did the two go?

     In fact, the answer is not mysterious at all. Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er are in the capital, in their own homes.The sun had just set, and the sky was getting dark, and a little bit of light was shining in the high-rise buildings of Zichengyuan Community.

     Room 1701 in 7 buildings is also brightly lit.

     In the kitchen, Chen Fei'er is busy in front of the stove, and on the table in the restaurant outside, there are already two plates of cooked dishes, a bottle of red wine and two crystal clear wine glasses.

     The Heavenly Queen / days later, who is regarded by countless fans as the "goddess of the nation", wears a thin white shirt and a pair of black hot pants underneath, revealing two straight and white long legs. Don't have a seductive charm.

     One of her hair Xiufan was tied casually with rubber bands, and she was also wrapped in a headscarf, holding the handle of the iron pan in one hand, and the spatula in the other, and she cooked skillfully.

     If the fans of Chen Fei'er see this scene, you will surely be overwhelmed!

     In her operation, the long strips of beef tenderloin and sliced green peppers are mixed with each other, and under the action of the high temperature of the hot oil, they exude an attractive fragrance, which is tender and drooling.

     Lu Chen, who had just sneaked into the kitchen, was drooling. He quietly walked behind Chen Fei'er, who was concentrating on making this green pepper beef tenderloin, and reached out and hugged the willow waist of this charming chef.

     Chen Fei'er was taken aback, and immediately sighed: "Don't make trouble, it hasn't been installed yet!"Lu Chen reluctantly let go of his girlfriend and watched her put the fried dishes on the porcelain plate.

     He took the chopsticks and put a fresh beef tenderloin into his mouth. After chewing a few times, he swallowed it into his stomach. He couldn't help but give Chen Fei'er a thumbs up: "It's so delicious!"

     Chen Fei'er didn’t know how to cook. At most, he was only at the level of frying eggs and sautéing green vegetables. However, at the beginning of the year, the family hired an aunt to take care of the daily housekeeping, and she learned how to cook. .

     This aunt is a southerner who has been engaged in housekeeping for more than 20 years. She is proficient in cooking, gardening and housekeeping. Of course, for Chen Fei'er, a big star, she is of course very willing to teach her unique skills.

     Thanks to the careful guidance of the other party and his own efforts, Chen Fei'er is now able to rectify a few good dishes decently. Although it cannot be compared with a professional chef, it is barely enough for an average housewife. level.

     Of course, as far as Lu Chen is concerned, the dishes she cooked by herself are definitely the most delicious in the world!

     Chen Fei'er smugly said: "Go go, don't flatter, just take it over, I'll cook another dish."

     Lu Chen chuckled, and quickly kissed Chen Fei'er's pretty face, and then, in her sneer, brought this plate of beef tenderloin with green peppers to the table outside.He sat down at the dining table, opened the bottle of red wine, too lazy to sober up, poured it directly into the glass, and slowly shook it while holding the glass.

     Looking at the charming figure busy in the kitchen, Lu Chen only felt happy and peaceful in his heart, a warm feeling.

     Since entering the entertainment industry, the days of leisure and comfort have really become fewer and fewer, so this time I returned to the capital from Hangzhou, and after finishing the most important things, he and Chen Fei'er let them go. After taking a vacation, staying at home without going out, interrupted most of the contact with the outside world, and enjoyed the good time that belonged to the two together.

     Of course, by the way, also avoid the trouble caused by the casting of "My Love from the Star".

     Several important supporting roles have been determined. For other roles in the play, Lu Chen delegated the authority to the director Fang Hui, asking her to discuss with Lu Xi and negotiate with the partners.

     He threw away his work, and Chen Fei'er also pushed down a lot of announcements with him.

     In short, just throw the trouble away and be lazy.

     After tasting the wine in the glass and tasting the dishes cooked by Chen Fei'er, Lu Chen really wanted to live like this forever.

     In fact, if you really talk about it, the wealth accumulated by the two will not be spent in a few lifetimes, and it is simple to want such a life.

     But that kind of life is not what he really wants, and Chen Fei'er is the same.Maybe in the future there will be a day away from the prosperity, but now both of them are very young and their wonderful life has just begun.


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