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Chapter Directory 661 Time
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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A plate of steamed sea crab, a plate of hot and sour potato shreds, a plate of beef tenderloin with green pepper, plus the tomato egg soup from Chen Fei'er at the end, it is not so rich, but for Lu Chen, it is completely enough.

     With a bottle of Bordeaux red wine, the two enjoyed this warm dinner together.

     After eating, Lu Chen took the initiative to clean up his rice bowl, while Chen Fei'er made a pot of fruit tea.

     After a meal, the two cuddled up on the sofa in the living room, as sweet and romantic as the time of first love.

     Time is a terrible thing. It can easily change the world together. When two people meet and fall together, the initial passion will always disappear. It will either be transformed into a deeper emotion or fall apart.

     It has been two years since Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er have met and fell in love. They usually get together less and more, and the relationship has not been twisted because of this. On the contrary, it has become more mellow like old wine.

     It is too common for men and women in the entertainment circle to separate and combine. Because of this, the two cherish this hard-won relationship even more.

     Living together, there is always a little conflict. Sometimes Chen Fei'er feels upset and quarrels with Lu Chen, but Lu Chen always uses his tolerance to erase the problems between the two.

     Although Chen Fei'er is older than Lu Chen, in actual life, the positions of the two are reversed."Eat so full..."

     Chen Fei'er leaned lazily in Lu Chen's arms, his eyes half closed and said, "Let's go out for a walk at night."

     Lu Chen stroked her hair and smiled: "Okay, where do you want to go?"

     The two have been hiding at home for three days. Basically, they didn't go out much. The usual food was brought by Aunt Hourly from the supermarket.

     Chen Fei'er thought for a while and said, "Let's go for a walk first, and then go to Daylily to play."

     Now she and Lu Chen are on the cusp of the entertainment industry. "My Love from the Star" is about to start filming. I don't know how many media are staring at it. It's not very convenient to go anywhere.

     Daylily is better. After all, it is half of Lu Chen's territory, and nothing will happen.

     So the two left home together and went for a walk in the nearby park first. When time was almost up, Zhang Xiaofang drove over and went to the Daylily Bar.

     Lu Chen hasn't been to Daylily for a long time.

     Today’s Daylily Bar is no longer what it used to be. After Lu Chen held a fan appreciation meeting here last time, Chen Jianhao took the place next door and expanded the scale.The newly renovated Daylily Bar is more than twice the size of the original, and there is also a parking area outside. It is no less than the largest Blue Lotus Flower in Houhai in terms of scale.

     Huge investment was also invested in the decoration, not only updated the audio-visual equipment, but also invited a well-known designer in the industry for the interior design, and invested millions in it.

     Chen Jianhao himself couldn't come up with so much money. He took Lu Chen to invest 3 million and raised the latter's shares to 40%, becoming a true shareholder.

     Originally, Lu Chen owned 5% of Daylily's shares. He bought it for a song. This anecdote is widely circulated in Houhai's circle. Everyone says Chen Jianhao is lucky and has real foresight.

     The Daylily Bar is famous by Lu Chen, and his daily business is very good. Lu Chen used 3 million to increase his holdings to 40% of the shares. From a commercial point of view, in fact, he did not suffer at all.

     But now Lu Chen doesn't care about the shares of a bar at all. He invested in the increase in shares to help Chen Jianhao and to continue the friendship between the two parties.

     The clothes are not as good as the newcomers!

     When Lu Chen brought Chen Fei'er to Daylily, the bar was almost full.

     You must know that it's less than nine o'clock now, and there is still some time before the nightlife starts. This situation can only show how good Daylily's business is."Although you are not here, here are all your legends!"

     I saw Chen Jianhao again in the office of the bar. This Daylily boss and dad ridiculed Lu Chen by borrowing an internet joke and said: "Come more when you have time. Now you are the boss!"

     Although it is a ridicule, it also makes sense. Nowadays, there are many show business community people in Daylily's customer group, and even vagabond singers in other bars. Many people come here with a pilgrimage mentality for a drink. Here is where Lu Chen started.

     In Houhai, Lu Chen is undoubtedly the legend in the vagabond singer!

     Lu Chen smiled and said, "Am I here now?"

     Chen Jianhao patted him on the shoulder and said, "Sit a little longer when you come. Many old customers miss you."

     Chen Jianhao also knows that Lu Chen now is completely different from before. Win success and recognition are entangled in everything and it is not easy to come once, but he nevertheless hopes that Lu Chen can come and sit often.

     Not for business, but to extend the past.

     The business of Daylily Bar is good enough.

     "Call godmother, call..."

     Here Lu Chen is chatting with Chen Jianhao, and over there Chen Fei'er is teasing his son.

     Sister Na is also here.

     Since marrying Chen Jianhao, she has basically withdrawn from this circle and assist one's husband and educate the children at home with peace of mind.However, after the Internet cafe was renovated, the business became busier. Chen Jianhao had to stay in the bar, so sometimes Sister Na would bring his children over to avoid boredom at home, and by the way, he could help a little bit.

     She happened to be there today.

     The sons of Chen Jianhao and Sister Na are almost one year old. Compared to when they were just a few months old, they have grown a lot stronger and are fat and cute.

     But where can he be called Auntie now, facing Chen Fei'er's teasing, he can only respond with hands dance and feet trip babble, let Chen Fei'er overjoyed and don't want to let go.

     Last time Lu Chen held a fan meeting on Daylily, Chen Fei'er met Sister Na’s fat son Chen Kangping, and said at the time that he wanted to be Chen Kangping’s godmother.

     Now this identity is officially confirmed.

     Sister Na brows raised in delight, eyes laughing, pulled Chen Fei'er to whisper, and didn't know what to say, making her blush.

     Chen Jianhao said to Lu Chen: "Let them play here, shall we have a drink below?"

     Of course, Lu Chen had no objection. He talked to Chen Fei'er and went to the bar below.

     His appearance inevitably caused a sensation among the guests.Everyone knows the relationship between Lu Chen and Daylily, but Lu Chen rarely appears here. Today's appearance is undoubtedly a surprise for them.

     Fortunately, Daylily's customer group is mature and rational, and will not rush to onlookers to ask for signatures for a group photo, but it is inevitable that guests use their mobile phones to take pictures.

     Lu Chen has long been accustomed to this kind of attention, and sat down in front of the bar unconsciously.


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