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Chapter Directory 664 "Star You" Is On
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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On July 25, the modern urban romantic comedy "My Love from the Star" co-produced by Chen Fei Media, Capital City TV, Zhedong TV and other units held a launching ceremony at the Shangri-La Hotel in Beijing.

     Said to be the opening ceremony, it is actually a meeting between the main creative staff and the media. Because "My Love from the Star" is extremely popular on the Internet, this meeting has attracted hundreds of media from all over the country. Reporters coming out crowded the meeting hall on the top floor of the Shangri-La Hotel.

     Under the witness of these media reporters, Lu Xi, the general manager of Chen Fei Media, announced the official launch of "My Love from the Star", and together with several important figures, he personally lifted the red cloth covering the camera.

     In addition to Chen Fei Media's Lu Xi, Lu Chen, Chen Fei'er, etc., who attended the opening ceremony this time, there were also two senior David TV stations, as well as director Fang Hui and more than a dozen actors.

     After the simple and solemn ceremony ended, Lu Chen, who was the core character of this TV Series, was immediately surrounded by reporters from all walks of life, and an interview microphone with Logo almost overwhelmed him.

     Lu Chen, who was "missing" in the media some time ago, answered their questions patiently with a smile on his face.

     "Mr. Lu Chen, how long is the estimated shooting time for "My Love from the Star"?"The first question comes from a reporter from Entertainment Weekly.

     Lu Chen act without taking time to think replied: "It is estimated that the filming will be completed in two to three months. This TV Series is different from the two films I made before, involving a lot of special effects production, so The investment is high, and the shooting cycle will be too long."

     The other party asked: "So the domestic audience won't be able to see it until October?"

     "Do not…"

     Lu Chen smiled and shook his head and said: "If Shooting goes well, the audience will watch the first episode of "My Love from the Star" as soon as around August 15. Of TV viewers launch this new show!"

     "My Love from the Star" is a weekly show!

     This is undoubtedly a big bright spot, especially for the majority of TV viewers, it is definitely good news.

     Because they don’t need to wait until all shooting of "My Love from the Star" is completed before they can enjoy the first experience!

     Weekly broadcasts were first popular in European and American countries. The concept of "weekly broadcasts" is not just a definition of the broadcast cycle. From shooting, production, promotion to the broadcast cycle, a series of processes are completely different from those of Japanese broadcasts.

     It is easy for people to simply interpret the weekly TV series as a "weekly broadcast" TV Series, but it is not the case. "Broadcast while filming" is the key feature of the "weekly broadcast".Influenced by European and American dramas, domestic TV Series also launched "weekly broadcasts". However, many "weekly broadcasts" launched in the mainland have only learned "weekly broadcasts" in the "broadcast cycle" item. In fact, hang a Sheep's head while selling dog meat was also broadcast after the filming, but the broadcast cycle was deliberately lengthened.

     To shoot a real weekly drama, it takes more energy and effort for the producer to pay attention to market trends and the opinions of the audience during the broadcast. The plot arrangement must cater to the needs of the audience. Each episode must It is necessary to avoid the phenomenon of "watering".

     In fact, the viewing habits of domestic audiences are now changing. Weekly TV shows have grown out of nothing, and there are more and more people who dare to eat crabs. This will undoubtedly be the trend of national dramas in the future.

     But for now, filming weekly TV shows requires not only strength, but also confidence and courage.

     Reporters may be suspicious if others say that they make weekly TV series, but they absolutely believe Lu Chen's words, because Lu Chen's first TV Series "Blue Life and Death" is a weekly TV series.

     At that time, he was ridiculed by many show business community people for this reason, and he was considered to be ignorant of the sky and the earth.

     As a result, his face was beaten and swollen!

     On the contrary, for the second "Full House", Lu Chen adopted the traditional shooting mode instead, and broadcast it after filming.Now that "My Love from the Star" returns to the weekly show, this news will undoubtedly inspire his fans!

     A reporter holding the microphone of "Tiantian Express" asked: "Mr. Lu Chen, can you tell me how much you paid for your role in "Xing You"?"

     This question caused all the reporters present to prick their ears.

     As the most popular new artist in the domestic entertainment circle, Lu Chen's value has always been one of the topics that show business community people talk about.

     The value represents the status of coffee, but Lu Chen's situation is different from most people. The songs he sings are written by himself, and the TV Series movies he made are also compiled by himself, and even the investment is invested by himself.

     The only thing he can put a clear price on is probably only selling the copyright of original song works and advertising endorsement fee. The former is 1 million a song, and the latter starts at 5 million.

     As for commercial performances, Lu Chen basically does not run announcements and commercial performances, and has not even held a solo concert.

     The remuneration is even more fascinating. Although the two TV Series and one movie are both big sellers, his remuneration has not been announced to the public. Although many media have speculated, but it is reliable and unreliable, I am afraid that only Lu Chen knows. .

     I believe many people are interested in this.Regarding this rather sensitive question, Lu Chen thought a little, and nevertheless replied: "I can tell you frankly that I and Ms. Chen Fei'er are paid one million one episode of "Star You"."

     1 million episodes!

     The total number of episodes of "My Love from the Star" is 35 episodes. This has been announced on the official V for a long time, and everyone knows it.

     Although the number of episodes paid is not equal to the total number of episodes, there is another calculation method, but according to the usual ratio, the salary received by Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er through "Star You" will be 25 million- Between 30 million!

     The sum of the remuneration of the two people is almost half of the investment budget of this TV Series!

     It sounds amazing, but no one thinks it is too high, because in terms of the current fame of Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er, and the ratings of the first two TV Series, such a pay is not high at all.

     You know, now the highest paid actor in the country, the price of a TV Series is hundreds of millions. Although there is considerable water, it is undoubtedly more than two people.

     But in terms of ratings, who would dare to compare with "My Love from the Star" which hasn't Shooting yet?

     This TV Series is definitely going to be popular, it's nothing more than a question of how popular it is.

     And Lu Chen also said: "50% of the remuneration paid by Ms. Chen Fei'er and I will be converted into the investment to ensure the quality of the production!"It is also a very popular way for actors to invest in stocks with remuneration, but it is not very popular with producers, but the producer of "My Love from the Star" obviously will not object.


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