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Chapter Directory 670 Thank You
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Tianfu Music Festival is one of the three major music festivals in the domestic pop music circle. The scale is no less than the 72H Grassland Music Festival that Lu Chen once participated in, and it is nevertheless held once every two years.

     This year's Tianfu Music Festival will be held in the famous Shushan Park in Tianfu on August 8. It will last for a total of 7 days.

     As the most dazzling star in the Chinese pop music scene in recent years, Lu Chen received an invitation from the organizer of the Tianfu Music Festival as early as a month ago, hoping that he can lead the team to participate.

     The timing is not very coincidental, because "My Love from the Star" has already started shooting, but Film Crew does not need Lu Chen to be there every day, and the plane back and forth for a day or two is nevertheless no problem.

     So after careful consideration, Lu Chen decided to take Nirvana Band to the Tianfu Music Festival and notified the organizer in advance, and his performance will also be scheduled on August 8.

     On August 7, Lu Chen and 5 members of Nirvana Band flew to Tianfu on a Eastern Airlines flight.

     The company booked a first-class ticket, and Wang Jing was sitting next door to Lu Chen.

     When the plane began to taxi on the runway, she was obviously a little nervous, her face turned pale and her lips were clenched.

     Lu Chen noticed, and asked softly: "You rarely take a plane?"Wang Jing's pretty face showed a trace of blood, nodded and said, "I've been sitting once before, and I'm a little scared."

     Lu Chen didn't expect that Wang Jing, a stubborn character, had a flight phobia. If he knew it, he had let the Company book a high-speed rail ticket, but now the plane is about to take off, and it is too late to regret it.

     After thinking about it, Lu Chen said to her: "Don't worry, just get used to it, and you'll be fine when you fly."

     Wang Jing nodded and closed her eyes.

     But she could see that she was still very nervous, and she did not relax because of Lu Chen's relief.

     When the plane jumped up from the runway, Wang Jing couldn't help exclaiming at the moment of weightlessness, and subconsciously grabbed Lu Chen's hand on the armrest.

     Lu Chen as if nothing had happened, let her hold it.

     At this time, an air hostess walked over with his seat and bowed and asked, "Sir, can I help you?"

     During the take-off and climb phase of the plane, the stewardess had to sit in the seat just like the passengers. However, the stewardess heard Wang Jing's exclamation, so she came over and asked about it.

     Lu Chen explained: "It's okay, my friend is a little nervous, and it will be fine later."

     The stewardess nodded, and suddenly her eyes lit up: "You, are you Mr. Lu Chen?"

     She recognized Lu Chen.Lu Chen smiled and said, "Hello."

     The stewardess's face flushed, showing a bit of surprise: "Hello, if you have any needs, please give me instructions."

     Lu Chen said: "Thank you."

     Out of professionalism and safety rules, the flight attendant did not ask Lu Chen for a signature or anything, but after returning to her seat, she nevertheless couldn't help sharing her findings with her colleagues.

     At this moment, Wang Jing's mood finally relaxed a little.

     She opened her eyes again and saw that she was holding Lu Chen's hand tightly. She blushed and quickly let go.

     "I am sorry…"

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "It's nothing, you will be able to go to Tianfu soon, and come back to take the high-speed rail."

     The 1,700-kilometer flight from Beijing to Tianfu takes two and a half hours, which is neither long nor short.

     After adapting to the flight status, Wang Jing was obviously better.

     At the destination, Lu Chen took the members of Nirvana Band through the VIP passage. The receptionist of the Tianfu Music Festival organizer had already drove and waited outside the exit.

     Get on the special car and drove all the way to the hotel.

     The hotel has been booked a long time ago, the five-star Shangri-La Hotel.

     As an internationally renowned high-end hotel chain, Shangri-La is located in major cities in China, and Tianfu, as the capital city of Sichuan and Sichuan, is of course no exception.When I checked into the hotel, it was almost dark.

     Supper was eaten in the hotel restaurant. After eating, Lu Chen returned to the room.

     But instead of taking a break, he gathered Wang Jing and others together for a small meeting.

     "Two songs, are you ready?"

     After a long flight, Wang Jing's spirit was obviously a little sluggish, but she was still full of confidence in Lu Chen's inquiry: "We are all ready!"

     Strictly speaking, this Tianfu Music Festival will be the first appearance of Nirvana Band in the pop music scene!

     This statement sounds weird, because Nirvana Band has performed many times on formal occasions, but it must be explained that Nirvana Band existed as Lu Chen's exclusive Band.

     This time, the situation is different. Nirvana Band will make its debut as a true independent Band.

     This is not to say that Nirvana Band has hardened wings and wants to fly by itself, but that when Lu Chen reorganized Band, he made a long-term plan for Nirvana Band.

     Lu Chen never thought that Nirvana Band would always stand behind him, because his career is all-round development, in addition to music, there are TV, film and derivative related work.The most important thing is that Lu Chen rarely participates in commercial performances. Until now, he has no time to hold a solo concert. If Nirvana Band only exists as his exclusive Band, most of his time will be abandoned.

     Therefore, at the beginning, Lu Chen clearly told Wang Jing and others that the road ahead was for them to walk on their own.

     In the more than a year since its establishment, Nirvana Band has not only adhered to usual training and daily work, but also often went to bars or small music salons to run on the field, starting with covering other people’s works, step by step. Gradually mature.

     For Nirvana Band, this Tianfu Music Festival will be the best opportunity to prove their hard work and strength!

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "Very well, then everyone rests early and we will play tomorrow!"

     Everyone left, but Wang Jing stayed alone.

     She said to Lu Chen: "Thank you."

     Wang Jing has a lot to thank Lu Chen, and she has never thanked Lu Chen seriously and well all the time.

     Without Lu Chen's help, Nirvana Workshop would have closed down. It was also Lu Chen's acquisition of Workshop that allowed her father to get back his hard-earned money.The Nirvana Band was reorganized into Nirvana Band, which kept Wang Jing's musical dreams, and allowed her to continue the career she loved without losing her musical partners and friends.

     It's just that she didn't know how to thank Lu Chen all the time.

     Because Lu Chen lacks nothing.

     He is so dazzling, she is too high to reach, but she nevertheless wants to say to him...

     Thank you!


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