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Chapter Directory 672 Come On
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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"very nervous?"

     Lu Chen reached for a bottle of mineral water, unscrewed the bottle cap, and handed it to Wang Jing who was sitting next to him.

     As the time on stage approached, Wang Jing obviously started to get nervous. Although she tried her best to act as if nothing had happened, she still couldn't hide from Lu Chen's eyes and intuition.

     It is not only Wang Jing who is nervous, but also other members of Nirvana Band, bassist Ouyang He vacant expression, keyboardist Wen Yuan's right foot is trembling, drummer Yang Xiaoyi clenched his fists, and they made subtle movements involuntarily. , Fully exposed their inner emotions.

     But Lu Chen feels strange, because Nirvana Band has followed him on the big stage several times. He has seen the big scene and often goes to the bar to run on. The performance experience can be said to be quite rich. How can he suffer from stage fright?

     In fact, Lu Chen underestimated the significance of the Tianfu Music Festival to Nirvana Band, because this time they will make their debut as a true independent Band, which is equivalent to an official debut, which is extremely important.

     The establishment of the Nirvana Band originated from Wang Jing and her friends' love of music. They also had a dream of starlight, dreaming of singing for thousands of people indulgently like those famous predecessors.

     Now that the original dream is about to take the most important step, how can we keep calm?

     After all, they are nevertheless young people.After receiving the cold mineral water bottle, Wang Jing calmed down first. She took a sip of water and nodded and said, "I'm very nervous. I'm afraid I might sing it badly. I'm sorry you and everyone..."

     Perhaps is affected by a certain emotion, she said all the thoughts in her heart at this moment, without any concealment, and she is not afraid of the jokes of Lu Chen or other teammates, which truly revealed her heart.

     However, no one laughed. Ouyang He and others listened carefully to Wang Jing's babbling and talking about what was in his heart. They didn't know what happened, and their mood gradually calmed down, and they were no longer anxious.

     This situation caused Lu Chen's corner of the mouth to smile.

     He suddenly discovered that this stubborn girl had become mature, possessing the temperament and preparation to become a Band soul figure. Although she was still a little immature now, she had no problems stepping onto the stage.

     While talking, Wang Jing's eye circles were red. She reached out and wiped the tears that overflowed from the corner of her eyes. She smiled and said, "I'm so sorry for letting everyone listen to me so much."

     Lu Chen smiled slightly, opened his arms and hugged her gently, and said, "Sister Jing, you can do it!"

     It has nothing to do with love or friendship, this is a vagabond singer's support for another vagabond singer.

     With tears in her eyes, Wang Jing nodded vigorously.Then Ouyang He, Wen Yuan, Yang Xiaoyi... They embraced Wang Jing one by one and encouraged each other.

     At this time, the door of the lounge was knocked, and a staff member came in and said: "Teacher Lu Chen, it will be your turn soon."

     Lu Chen replied: "Okay, I get it."

     He turned his head and stretched out his hand, and said, "Come on!"

     Wang Jing and the others smiled at each other and stretched out their hands one after another, and everyone's palms were stacked on top of each other.

     "Come on!"

     The members of Nirvana Band are no longer nervous, and confidence and courage have returned to them.

     Face the new and upcoming challenges!

     At 7:28 in the evening, Lu Chen led Nirvana Band to appear on the big stage of the Tianfu Music Festival.

     It's been a long time!

     When the spotlight on the stage hit him, tens of thousands of spectators all cheered, especially those fans who came specifically for Lu Chen, who screamed with excitement.

     At the Tianfu Music Festival on August 8, Lu Chen led the Nirvana Band to participate in the news. He posted the news on his blog as early as the day he confirmed his schedule, so his fans knew it.Recently, Lu Chen first filmed "A Chinese Ghost Story" and participated in the production of "China The Voice". Now he is still rushing to Shooting "My Love from the Star", focusing all his career on film and television variety shows. on.

     Fans of his fans can't help feeling of being left out, because Lu Chen basically does not run announcements, do not perform business, nor launch a new album, and do not hold his own concert.

     Many fans will inevitably feel disappointed even if there are not many new songs.

     They like Lu Chen's works with beautiful melody that touch the soul, his inspiration for a steady flow, and his singing with emotions more.

     Lu Chen is busy with film and television, and it is undoubtedly these loyal fans who are most lost.

     So when everyone learned that Lu Chen was going to participate in the Tianfu Music Festival, a large number of fans rushed over all the way, just to see Lu Chen's demeanor on the singing stage.

     "Thank you, Thank you everyone!"

     Holding the guitar, Lu Chen said into the microphone: "I have come to Tianfu for the third time. Every time I come, it is like a new affair. There are always new and different feelings. I love this place deeply. ."

     His description made many fans present laugh.Lu Chen continued: "If one day I am too old and too old to sing songs, then I want to buy a house here to live, and then I go to the teahouse every day to drink tea and rub mahjong with others."

     What he said is not a lie. Tianfu is a very leisurely city. Although it is very large, it does not have the busy rhythm of a big city. The environment and air are very good, and the humanities are high. Therefore, it is very livable.

     "Then someone will point to me and say, look! This is Lu Chen, I have heard his songs, he is so old!"

     Laughter and applause sounded at the same time.

     Lu Chen also laughed. He laughed and said, "Tianfu is a beautiful city, with beautiful scenery, beautiful girls, and the most enthusiastic fans. That's why I came here!"

     The applause was louder, especially the local fans of Tianfu even clapped their hands.

     Lu Chen's praise of the city made them feel proud.

     When the applause subsided a bit, Lu Chen asked: "Now is the time for me to sing, so I want to ask everyone, which one do you want me to sing for the first song?"

     The music festival is not a gala, there is no program list limited to one minute and one second, and there is no rehearsal. It depends on the performance of the vagabond singer, and the degree of freedom is very high.The same is true for the works performed by the vagabond singer on stage, which can be chosen according to the wishes of the live fans.

     This is why many vagabond singers and fans like to participate in music festivals. The distance between the two parties is shortened to the greatest extent, mutual interaction is higher, and the most authentic voices of each other can be heard.

     Regarding Lu Chen's inquiry, the fans' reaction did not have any unexpected enthusiasm!


     The second more sent.
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