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Chapter Directory 689 Of Course Willing
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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The atmosphere is depressing in the business suite No. 1908 of Beijing Regent Hotel.

     Wang Han and Gao Gaoshan and other people from Senyue did not expect that Chen Fei Media would actually use the method of directly exposing the contract to counterattack. It not only lifted the table, even the pot was broken!

     As a result, An Xin, as the client, was very embarrassed.

     She can neither deny the facts nor excuse them. The previous words have been said beautifully, so she can't jump out now to question Chen Fei Media or scold her, right? It would be stupid to ruin the image without taking any reason.

     The best response is actually to be silent, tacitly admit that the facts let things pass, anyway, it will disappear after a few days, and the hot spots in the entertainment circle can last too short.

     As far as An Xin is concerned, she and Wang Han have made so many tricks without taking any advantage. They also offended Chen Fei Media in vain, and even the online reviews are not good.

     Many fans are questioning if An Xin is too greedy? Many people say that she forget favors and violate justice!

     The direction of public opinion is always easy to change.

     And Chen Fei Media's official V directly revealed the original contract, and while clarifying the facts, he undoubtedly slapped the face of those who stir up rumors-don't be blind!Of course, some people are not reconciled and question the authenticity of the contract. After all, such scanned images are easy to forge.

     However, Lu Chen spoke.

     Since the An Xin signing incident, Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er have been silent, claiming to be busy with "My Love from the Star" Shooting, and even the media interviews have been rejected.

     This inevitably makes many people think that things are really tricky.

     But Lu Chen didn't speak. It was not because he was guilty and timid, but because he was waiting for the most suitable time to take action.

     Now he fought back.

     Two hours after Chen Fei Media’s announcement, Lu Chen updated the blog post on his personal blog.

     In the blog post, he first thought that An Xin was a very hardworking and talented vagabond singer. He regretted that An Xin had rejected the artist contract provided by Chen Fei Media and wished An Xin a higher level of success in the music industry.

     Then Lu Chen mentioned "China The Voice", a talent show that set a record for ratings.

     Everyone knows that the original program creativity and conception of "The Voice of China" came from Lu Chen, and he has applied for a patent worldwide, and has also reached a copyright sale agreement with South Korean KBS TV station.

     Similarly, the basic rules of "China The Voice" were also formulated by Lu Chen.Regarding the formulation of program rules, "China The Voice" can be said to subvert the industry's conventions. It does not impose unspoken rules for compulsory signing of contestants, and gives the students of The Voice the greatest degree of freedom.

     Lu Chen recalled that when he was just starting out, he had faced harsh artist contracts and did not do to others what he didn't want. That's why he made such a decision, even if many people opposed it.

     Although this caused a turmoil, he has no regrets.

     "For the second season of next year's "China The Voice", the rules will not be changed. Chen Fei Media and Star Factory Media will absolutely not engage in a bundled contract. The fairest treatment can still be obtained on the stage!"

     This is the promise made by Lu Chen at the end of the blog post!

     His blog post is undoubtedly the best interpretation of the previous Chen Fei Media official V's statement and clarifies the truth.

     In fact, after thinking about it, it’s clear to everyone that Chen Fei Media can easily sign An Xin with a light contract during the draft process. Presumably, An Xin has no possibility of rejecting it.

     Then why do you have to be the champion and use any harsh contract to sign people?

     There is no such stupid truth at all!The truth is clear. Many people have actually been misled by comments on the Internet, so that they have overlooked the simplest truth, and now they have been pierced through.

     As for the fans of Lu Chen, that is even more supportive of him!

     "What a stupid person to think that My Chen oppresses newcomers!"

     "Filling rumors to death the whole family!"

     "My Chen and My Fei are really kind and honest. Which one can do better is that someone is too greedy."

     "Hehe, I voted for someone at a loss, bah!"

     "I just said, My Chen can support whoever he wants, and a lot of people are crying and asking for a sign!"

     "The facts are clear, I will always support My Chen!"


     The support for Lu Chen, in turn, has a lot of dislike for An Xin. Many fans have cancelled their attention to An Xin, which caused the latter's blog to lose tens of thousands of followers in just half an hour!

     And this is just the beginning.

     Then someone posted @Tong Xinyao, Li Keyan and Zhang Ye on their blogs respectively, asking if Chen Fei Media offered them the same contract, would they be willing to sign it?

     Neither Li Keyan nor Zhang Ye responded, because both of them have signed a contract, so it is really inconvenient to respond.Only Tong Xinyao responded: I certainly do, but it is a pity that @Brother Lu Chen and @Chen Fei'er do not look down on me.

     A grievance expression was added at the back, very cute.

     Of course she was joking, but Chen Fei'er replied as soon as possible: nonsense, come to my Company to sign the contract tomorrow.


     Now the fans have exploded, especially the fans of Tong Xinyao. It's really inexplicable!

     Really nevertheless fake, nevertheless Chen Fei'er is also joking?

     Tong Xinyao can't believe it: @Chen Fei'er sister, really?

     Chen Fei'er: Of course it is true, the same contract, if you like, come and sign tomorrow.

     At the end, she also @了Lu Chen.

     Lu Chen replied: Unconditionally support My Fei.

     The interaction between the two sides amused the fans!

     At this point, there is no doubt that Chen Fei Media really wants to sign Tong Xinyao!

     This was originally an opportunity for An Xin.

     Tong Xinyao was the third place winner of "The Voice of China". Her singing skills were not as good as An Xin's, and she was a little worse in the finals, so she only got the third place.

     But in terms of external image, Tong Xinyao can definitely get rid of An Xin Three Streets, and she has a lot of fans.Of course, many entertainment agents have taken a fancy to Tong Xinyao and wanted to sign a contract with her, but Tong Xinyao did not immediately agree to it, and was still swinging between academic and entertainment choices.

     In addition, she also has scruples for fear of falling into a pit and being unable to control herself. After all, there have been too many scandals in the entertainment industry in recent years, and there have been frequent disputes between the artist and the contracted company.

     Tong Xinyao has a wealthy family and has no urgent need to change his life. Naturally, he has to choose wisely.

     But Chen Fei Media wants to sign her, that's another matter.

     Yes, Tong Xinyao is very willing of course!


     The second watch was sent, and it was almost impossible to hold it.
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