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Chapter Directory 690 Lucky Girl
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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On August 16, the traffic of Inspur blog reached a new high. A series of disturbances caused by the refusal of Chen Fei Media, the champion of "China The Voice" by An Xin, involved two popular stars, Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er. Become the hottest spot on the current network.

     The onlookers were dazzled, especially from Chen Fei Media’s official V statement to Lu Chen’s new blog post, and then to Chen Fei’er’s interaction with Tong Xinyao. It was simply the mountain road twists around each new peak and the willow trees. make the shade, the flowers give the light!

     Some people in the show business community said that this is completely possible to shoot an episode of TV Series. If it is a hype, the hype is too high, and people have to give a big "service" word.

     However, this is not a hype. On August 17, Tong Xinyao and her parents rushed to the capital.

     Lu Xi acted on behalf of Chen Fei Media and hosted a banquet for Tong Xinyao's family. Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er also took time out of their busy schedule to participate in the party.

     Tong Xinyao has just turned 20, nevertheless a college student, her father Tong Wannian is a businessman engaged in import and export trade, and her mother Zhang Bixia is a university professor. The two are Tong Xinyao's only daughter.At the banquet, the well-mannered Tong Wannian got up and poured a glass of wine for Lu Chen, and said, "Mr. Lu, to tell you, I was very opposed to Tong Xinyao's participation in the talent show, but she liked it so much. I I can only support her, who made me the only child like her!"

     Tong Xinyao smiled and said: "My father loves me the most!"

     Lu Chen smiled and said, "Xinyao is a good girl, and she is also well taught by Mr. and Mrs. Tong."

     Tong Wannian said: "Thanks to your care for her, I have watched her programs and know that she is working hard. Since she has made a decision, then I will oppose her to suspend school and sign your company. I will ask you in the future. ."

     After speaking, he bowed to Lu Chen to express his gratitude.

     Lu Chen quickly stood up and replied, "Don't dare to be, Mr. Tong, you sit down."

     He also secretly sighed in his heart, pity the parents of the world, as a successful businessman, Tong Wannian actually does not need to be so polite to him, all for his children.

     This made Lu Chen couldn't help but think of his father, with a touch of sadness in his heart.

     Tong Wannian sat down, drank a glass of wine, and said, "In fact, several companies came to the door to sign Tong Xinyao a few days ago, but I just refused them after seeing the contract they offered, and they all have traps! "Speaking of it, he was quite angry: "If Tong Xinyao has no knowledge of the world and no guidance, signing such a contract is equivalent to selling himself. These people are really..."

     Lu Chen nodded.

     He is very clear about the virtues of those entertainment broker companies. I can’t say 100%. Most of them are the kind of goods that can’t wait to squeeze the stone out of oil. They are so pretty on the surface that they are really implemented in the contract. Know how many traps are hidden.

     When Lu Chen first started revealing outstanding talent, he had already seen through it, so he would rather stand on his own when it is difficult, and take control of his own destiny.

     Lu Xi smiled and said, "Mr. Tong, are you satisfied with the contract we gave Xinyao?"

     Tong Wannian gave a thumbs up and only said four words: "The conscience of the industry."

     With regard to the future and destiny of his daughter, Tong Wannian has naturally taken the contract provided by Chen Fei Media to Tong Xinyao repeatedly, and he has also learned more about the contract status of artists in the entertainment circle through acquaintances and friends.

     After comparison, he is really not critical of this artist contract. It is not too much to say that the conscience of the industry is not excessive, and it even exceeds the current popularity value of Tong Xinyao.

     After all, this contract was originally given to An Xin, and An Xin is the champion of "The Voice of China".Tong Wannian’s praise made everyone laugh, and the atmosphere was very harmonious.

     In the afternoon, Tong Xinyao's family visited the Chen Fei Media headquarters. Under the witness of her parents, Tong Xinyao solemnly signed his name on the artist contract.

     According to this contract, she officially became a vagabond singer under Chen Fei Media. The contract period is 3 years and the penalty is 3 million. She enjoys the basic treatment equivalent to the second-tier stars in the industry!

     According to the current domestic entertainment industry's classification standards for second-tier stars, an annual income of 5 million is the minimum requirement.

     Tong Xinyao was the happiest person who successfully signed the contract. She hugged Chen Fei'er's arm and asked, "Sister Fei'er, will I be able to follow you in the future?"

     Chen Fei'er smiled and pointed to Lu Chen: "Then I have to ask him what he means."

     Lu Chen laughed.

     Now that Tong Xinyao has been signed, it must not be placed as a mascot in the Company. A series of packaging and promotion plans need to be developed for her. Tong Xinyao should be regarded as the first contracted idol artist under Chen Fei Media.

     At 7:30 that night, Chen Fei Media official V updated the blog post and announced the news!

     Tong Xinyao responded immediately: I am really happy today, please bless @Lu Chen @Chen Fei'er @…

     She posted a photo taken when signing the contract on her blog.Lu Chen: Come on Xinyao!

     Chen Fei'er: Come on! Come on! Come on!

     Fans of Tong Xinyao directly exploded!

     "It's actually true. Yaoyao, ours, has really signed a contract with Chen Fei Media!"

     "This is too fast, right?"

     "Isn't it okay? I look forward to Lu Chen's new song for Yaoyao."

     "Looking forward to +1."

     "Hey, I'm so grateful to someone."

     "Everyone guess, when will Yaoyao's first album come out?"

     "I guess it will be out by the end of the year..."

     Yaoyao is the nickname for Tong Xinyao by fans. For Tong Xinyao's lightning contract with Chen Fei Media, fans are all happy and excited, just like the holiday.

     In addition to the fans of Tong Xinyao, fans of Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er also sent their blessings. As a result, the number of Tong Xinyao's blog fans soared by hundreds of thousands that night, and their popularity soared.

     Then Chen Fei Media official V released the second blog post, which instantly burst her attention.

     Tong Xinyao will sing a new song tailored for her by Lu Chen at the Hangzhou The Voice concert at the end of the month, and will participate in the new drama "My Love from the Star" by Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er.At this time, the entire entertainment circle paid attention to Tong Xinyao, and some people referred to her as the "lucky girl".

     In the entertainment industry, there are a lot of artists who have become famous overnight, but there are really not many people who are more fortunate than Tong Xinyao. Her luck is that she has picked up opportunities that others have given up.

     Then there is a new song tailored by Lu Chen, the role of "My Love from the Star"...

     That's what many famous artists can't ask for!

     It’s just that Tong Xinyao’s luck is not so lucky for some people.


     The first one is sent.
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