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Chapter Directory 695 Gegentana's New Journey
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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"You two, can you take care of my emotions..."

     Regarding the love between Chen Fei'er and Lu Chen, someone made a stern complaint: "Don't think I don't exist!"

     Chen Fei'er grinned, and immediately let go of Lu Chen and rushed over, hugged the other person, and then gave her a hard kiss on the face: "Is this all right? Satisfied!"

     Tian Tian blushed immediately: "I hate it, if I knew I would not come."

     She flew to the capital last night and stayed in Chen Fei'er and Lu Chen's house as before.

     Chen Fei'er smiled and said, "I said you don't need to come over. We will go to Hangzhou in a few days. Who insisted on coming?"

     In a few days, at the end of this month, Lu Chen, Chen Fei'er, Shi Fang and Liao Jia will all participate in The Voice concert in Hangzhou.

     Tian Tian couldn't help but roll his eyes, dumbstruck and unable to reply.

     Lu Chen turned off the computer, got up and said, "Okay, let's go together."

     Today he will go to see Gegen Tana with Chen Fei'er and Tian Tian, and then Tian Tian will take Gegen Tana back to Hangzhou first, and the latter will also participate in The Voice concert as a special guest.Gegen Tana is a little Mongolian girl who just turned fourteen this year. It was discovered when Lu Chen went to the Mongolian steppe to explore the Chen Fei'er class last time, and was signed by Chen Fei'er.

     After the two workshops of Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er merged to form Chen Fei Media, Gegen Tana became the first contracted artist of the new Company, nevertheless a minor star.

     Gegen Tana has been studying in Beijing, including cultural courses and training in singing and dancing.

     And her place of study is the famous Huacai Art Training Collage in Beijing.

     Huacai Art Training Collage is jointly established by Jingyin and Jingying two higher professional schools. It mainly trains non-academic art talents for the whole society. It covers music, dance, performance, art and other art categories, and separates juveniles. The length of schooling for both the adult class and the adult class is four years.

     Huacai Collage is equivalent to a vocational training school. The entry barrier is not high. It gives students who want to enter the literary and entertainment circles but cannot enter the prestigious colleges such as Jingyin and Jingying an alternative.

     Of course, the diploma of Huacai Collage is not as loud as Jingyin and Jingying, and the tuition is very expensive, but the teaching quality of Huacai is very high. Teachers from Jingyin and Jingying come to take part-time classes, so they have become many artists. The best choice for further training.Although it is nevertheless summer vacation, Gegen Tana did not return to his home on the prairie, but continued to study in the summer class of Huacai Collage, so as to keep up with the progress of other students in the new school year.

     She has a natural voice, but she is very weak in terms of foundation. Since she has chosen this path, she will have to work harder than others.

     When Lu Chen, Chen Fei'er and Tian Tian came to Huacai Collage, Gegen Tana was practicing leg presses in the dance studio.

     Opening the shoulders, pressing the legs and opening the hips in the dance are basic skills. For this fourteen-year-old girl who has no foundation, it is undoubtedly quite painful.

     But under the guidance of the teacher, she practiced with her classmates not one thread loose, sweating profusely and not crying and crying tired.

     Chen Fei'er felt a little pain.

     "Gegen Tana studied very hard..."

     The Collage teacher who accompanied the three of them said softly: "She is better than others and can endure hardship very much."

     The children nowadays are very refined and expensive, and they are usually used to being spoiled. Most of the junior students who can enter the Huacai Collage are from wealthy families, so it is not easy to adjust/teach.

     Students like Gegen Tana who are gifted and willing to endure hardship and work hard are naturally especially favored by teachers.

     "I don't think she will have any problems in taking Jingyin in the future."This is a very high praise. At least tens of thousands of students apply for Jingyin every year, and only a few hundred are admitted in the end, and more students are told at the beginning that there is no hope.

     Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er did not interrupt the practice in the dance studio. Until the end of the class, the teacher in the Collage brought Gegen Tana, who had just changed clothes.

     "Brother Lu Chen!"

     Seeing the two, Gegen Tana couldn't mention how happy she was: "Sister Fei'er, why are you here?"

     Her voice was extraordinarily clear and loud, so that everyone in the dance studio could hear clearly, and immediately caused a huge sensation. Everyone gathered around.

     It's really Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er!

     Several little girls screamed in surprise.

     I occasionally saw one or two stars in Huacai Collage, but there are really no big names like the two.

     Teacher Collage hurriedly stopped the people so that Lu Chen and others could get out in time, otherwise they would really be surrounded.

     Back in the car, Gegen Tana was still very excited, pulling Chen Fei'er and talking non-stop.

     Chen Fei'er touched her sweaty little head affectionately, and said, "Sister Gegen Tana, let me introduce to you. This is sister Tian Tian. She will take you to Hangzhou first."Gegen Tana smiled and said: "Hello, sister Tian Tian, you are so beautiful, like a yellow warbler on the grassland!"

     Tian Tian brows raised in delight, eyes laughing, and took the little girl's hand affectionately: "Hello, sister Gegen Tana."

     The little mouth is so sweet and so cute, it's really cute.

     She quickly got acquainted with Gegen Tana, then helped Gegen Tana to get clothes and other daily necessities in the bedroom, and finally took Lu Chen's car to Chen Fei Media headquarters.

     Gegen Tana first came to Beijing, accompanied by her mother. Later, after studying in Huacai Collage under the arrangement of Chen Fei'er, her mother returned to the prairie.

     Gegen Tana herself has always lived in the Collage dormitory. The little girl has a strong personality and a firm yearning and pursuit of music. Although she missed her hometown and relatives very much, she did not back down.

     And because Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er are usually too busy at work, they rarely have time to visit her. On the contrary, their sister Lu Xi often goes there to send something or something.

     It is also to make up for it. With the opportunity of The Voice concert this time, Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er decided to help her formally make her debut together. The three will sing a brand new work together.Before that, Gegen Tana became popular on the Internet for singing "Beautiful grassland my home", but things changed with the passage of time, and there are not many people who remember this beautiful Mongolian girl.

     Lu Chen intends to create a prairie-style Album tailor-made for Gegen Tana within this year.

     On the second day, Gegen Tana followed Tian Tian to Hangzhou.

     Started a new life journey that belongs to her!


     The second one is sent! !
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