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Chapter Directory 696 Public Opinion
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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"My Love from the Star" premiered on August 18th. Zhedong TV and Capital City TV received a total of 4.42% ratings. The second episode was broadcast on the 19th, and the ratings exceeded 5%!

     Although it is said that it is impossible to rely on the first two episodes to judge the overall ratings of a TV Series, basically no one outside the show business community questioned the success of "Star You". The media's speculation on "Star You" is more Focused on the question of how much average viewership this TV Series can ultimately win.

     On the same evening on the 19th, the Korean dubbed version of "Star You" premiered on KGS TV in South Korea.

     Due to the two hit dramas "Blue Life and Death" and "Full House" as the basis, plus the strong publicity of KGS, especially the two Korean artists in "Star You", so before the broadcast, "Star You" "It is highly anticipated by Korean TV viewers.

     The result was not disappointing either. The ratings of "Star You" that night reached 29.25%, only 0.75% to reach the super high line of 30%, and the rate of follow-up shows on the Internet is as high as 90%+, public praise is not comparable Domestic poor.

     After this news came back to China, it caused a sensation in the media again!

     Fans of Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er are of course elated and excited to applaud loudly. Many friendly and neutral media are not stingy with praise, which also embarrassed the guys who were trying to kill.The simple truth is that no matter how they kill "Star You", they are very pale in front of the huge success that "Star You" has won. As for the effect, it is completely useless to advertise "Star You".

     Go on, just throw the money into the water. If you give up now, it really is how can this be endured! Ah!

     What is undeniable is that from "Blue Life and Death" to "Full House", and then to the just-launched "My Love from the Star", two male female Leads, Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er, have already combined themselves The force in the TV circle has reached its apex, and it has become one of the real big-name actors.

     But the two made their debut as vagabond singers, especially Lu Chen, who only had two years of debut.

     A commentator said on the blog: I think Lu Chen’s greatest success is not how many excellent music works he wrote, nor how many successful TV roles he played, but the TV Series he created overturned The whole industry!

     The commenter's remarks are obviously too exaggerated. Lu Chen's success is unquestionable. However, it must be said that the subversion of the industry has not reached such a high level, at most it can only be said to have caused a great influence.

     However, many people in the show business community, including many people in the show business community, liked this blog post and reposted it.Before Lu Chen Shooting "Blue Life and Death", youth idol dramas and urban romance dramas on domestic TV screens were flooded, and there was a serious problem of homogeneity.

     The plot is plagiarized and imitated, the setting is chaotic, and the story is self-contradictory, which is simply a common problem.

     The audience has long been aesthetically tired, and would rather support Korean and Japanese TV dramas than waste time on Chinese TV dramas.

     "Blue Life and Death" changed this situation.

     Although "Blue Life and Death" is a tragedy, Lu Chen, who created the TV Series for the first time, told the story very well. The plot is neither too fast nor too slow, and the bumpy love affair of the male Female Lead is even more touching. Regardless of the shooting quality of Episode, the nevertheless dubbing soundtrack is top-notch.

     So "Blue Life and Death" was successful, it became muddled and completely collapsing, and it attracted countless imitators.

     At one time, in domestic television circles, stories about male or female protagonists getting terminal illnesses and car accidents were popular.

     Then Lu Chen launched "Full House".

     He didn't have the old book of the "Blue" drama. He jumped out of the successful template of sadomasochism. Shooting made a warm and joyful romantic comedy, and stepped on the foot of his peers.

     Until now, "My Love from the Star" has played science fiction and CG!

     Always imitated, never surpassed!Many people may be dissatisfied, because in the TV industry, Lu Chen does not have much qualifications, and he has not won the piles of awards that can prove himself. He is too young...

     But I have to take it, because the three heaven-defying TV Series are the most important qualifications. The public praise of the audience is the best trophy, which is more important than any TV award.

     What really should be embarrassing is that those so-called show business community mainstreams suppressed and ignored Lu Chen and the trilogy of urban romances he represented deliberately or unintentionally.

     "Now that they can't pretend, they can't continue to shout'I can't see' blindfolded, right?"

     A columnist said sarcastically on his blog: "Isn't that the biggest joke?"

     Unexpectedly, one of the results of the huge ratings explosion of "My Love from the Star" was that the show business community actually had a profound influence on Lu Chen and the film and television works created by Lu Chen. Reflections and discussions.

     On August 25, the third episode of "Star You" was broadcast, and the ratings easily exceeded 6%, reaching 6.27%!

     On August 26, the fourth episode had an audience rating of 7.79%, sweeping the market in an invincible posture.

     More and more viewers have become loyal viewers of "Star You" under the recommendation of "Tap Water".On the same day, South Korea’s KGS TV broadcasted the third episode of "Star You", with a rating of over 40%, and the South Korean media had to shout again, "The wolf is coming."

     On the evening of August 27th, the "Hot Spot" column of CCTV 2 set invited a number of guests to discuss and analyze the great success of "Star You" and the social impact it produced.

     "Hot Spots" is one of CCTV's second set of famous brand columns. It is broadcast once a week. The content closely follows current affairs and influential social events. The invited guests are all authoritative professionals in related industries.

     Since this show was officially launched, Nevertheless has discussed a TV Series for the first time, and the TV Series with the theme of nevertheless urban love can be regarded as a precedent.

     In this issue of "Hot Spots", several guests appraised the success of "Star You" very appreciatively, believing that this TV Series can win countless viewers, not on kitsch or unscrupulous comparisons, but on excellence The production, wonderful story and sincere attitude.

     The night's "Hot Spot" achieved the highest ratings since its inception.

     After the show was broadcast, the number of media reporters who went to Chen Fei Media's headquarters and Huairou Film and Television City suddenly doubled. Everyone wanted to know Lu Chen's opinion on this.

     But they all rushed for nothing.Because on the morning of the 28th, Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er took the earliest flight to Hangzhou.

     The two will participate in The Voice concert on the evening of the 30th!


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