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Chapter Directory 697 Let Me Sing
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Under normal circumstances, Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er only need to rush to Hangzhou on the 29th to participate in a rehearsal at most, and then they will be finished singing on the evening of the 30th. There is no need to rush there in advance.

     When it comes to celebrities like the two, the daily schedule is usually very tight, and it is not easy to squeeze a few days.

     If the schedule is too late, it is not surprising to go back and forth that day.

     It's really because of the recent "Star You" hit, the two of them are too strong and they are surrounded by Paparazzi every day in the capital, so Lu Chen simply asked Fang Hui to reschedule Film Crew's Shooting plan and bring Chen himself. Fei'er ran to Hangzhou in advance.

     It can be regarded as hiding from the limelight.

     Since the confidentiality of the itinerary was done well and the media did not get the news, the two moved into their new home in Hangzhou smoothly and finally could catch a breath.

     The first thing he did when he got home, Chen Fei'er called Tian Tian: "We have arrived in Hangzhou..."

     Tian Tian was shocked: "Damn, when did you come over, didn't you say tomorrow is good?"

     This former beauty of Zhedong TV, Host, rarely swears, and is really too excited: "That's great, I just asked me to help in the station, I want to ask you two to do a talk show together!"

     "What is your station? Have you resigned now?"Chen Fei'er said angrily: "We came here in advance to avoid the limelight, not to show the limelight. You only need to know it yourself, don't tell others."

     "No loyalty!"

     Tian Tian despised a sentence, and then said grinningly: "Then I will bring you some food, do you always have to eat at home? How about bringing Gegen Tana together?"

     Chen Fei'er certainly had no objection, so Tian Tian brought Gegen Tana over that night, and the four had a very happy dinner at home.

     In the afternoon of the second day, everyone rushed to Hangzhou Huanglong Stadium to participate in the rehearsal of The Voice concert.

     The Zhedong TV station attached great importance to this concert and made arrangements in all aspects before the final of "The Voice of China", so when Lu Chen and others came to the venue for the concert, it could accommodate 75,000 spectators. The gymnasium has been basically completed.

     Three giant screens surround the central stage, laser stage lights are hung in the sky, and the 20-meter-long The Voice entity logo hangs eye-catching outside the center. There are many workers on the scene.

     In the backstage area, Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er met Shi Fang and Liao Jia who had only arrived in Hangzhou this morning.

     The four The Voice mentors gathered again.

     Chen Fei'er introduced Gegen Tana to the two."This is the little girl who is going to sing on stage tomorrow night?"

     Shi Fang is very fond of the beautiful and sweet Gegen Tana, holding her little hand and asking, "How old are you this year?"

     Gegen Tana Tiantian replied: "Sister Fang Shi, I am fourteen years old this year."

     "I'm only fourteen years old..."

     Shi Fang feels a little bit painful: "When you come out to sing at such a young age, what about your parents?"

     Gegen Tana replied: "Abba and Ama are at home in the grassland."

     Shi Fang shook his head, hugged her and kissed her, and then asked Lu Chen: "What song does she sing?"

     Lu Chen said: "Sing one solo, and then Fei'er and I will sing the second chorus with her."

     Shi Fang said to Gegen Tana: "Come on, sister is watching you rehearsal."

     The rehearsal for the concert started a few days ago. Except for the champion An Xin, the top ten players of The Voice arrived in Hangzhou yesterday, including Tong Xinyao, who has signed with Chen Fei Media.

     In the afternoon, Tong Xinyao was also in the Huanglong Gymnasium. She was very excited about her first concert in her life. As a result, she ran out of tune when she sang on stage and returned to her normal level after doing it all over again.

     Gegen Tana played behind Tong Xinyao.Her first song was the song "Beautiful grassland my home" by Lu Chen.

     This song with a strong prairie style has long been sung to the north of Jiangnan and became the work of understood by everyone. It was later selected as the theme song of tourism promotion by the province of Mongolia.

     Gegen Tana is also famous for this song, and now she is singing on a larger stage. Her performance is better than Tong Xinyao, without any stage fright, and easily completed her first rehearsal.

     And her second song is a new work, specially composed for her by Lu Chen, plus a three-person chorus by Chen Fei'er.

     Or more accurately a three-person duet!

     After singing this new song, Lu Chen, Chen Fei'er and Gegen Tana returned to the backstage. Shi Fang applauded first, and then she said sincerely to Lu Chen: "Lu Chen, can I ask you something?"

     Lu Chen was more or less taken aback, and said quickly: "Sister Fang, hello, as long as I can help!"

     Lu Chen has always respected Shi Fang, and Shi Fang has also helped him a lot.

     Leaving aside, Shi Fang just went to the mainland to be a tutor in the "China The Voice" which was just finished shortly after it was his face, otherwise he would not be able to hire him under normal circumstances.Although Shi Fang gained extremely high popularity because of "The Voice of China" and returned to the audience's field of vision in the mainland, this favor Lu Chen still remembers firmly.

     Shi Fang smiled and said, "It's not a big deal. It's the song you just sang. Can you let me sing with Gegen Tana? I like this song very much, and I feel it is more suitable for me to sing."

     Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er couldn't help but look at each other in dismay, but Shi Fang unexpectedly made such a request.

     Shi Fang is definitely not trying to grab the limelight, she is not so superficial, and this song is actually to praise Gegen Tana.

     Gegen Tana is a safflower, and both of them are green leaves to sing. It is impossible for Shi Fang not to know this.

     The only explanation is that she really likes the song!

     And what she said is reasonable, Lu Chen, Chen Fei'er and Gegen Tana are not very different in age, and it is not easy to reflect the charm of this work.

     Lu Chen scratched his head: "Of course there is no problem, who will sing the male voice?"

     Shi Fang is definitely going to change Chen Fei'er, and it would be inappropriate for him to continue to sing the male voice.

     "Let me do it…"

     A voice sounded nearby.

     Lu Chen couldn't help turning his head to look, and saw Liao Jia smiling at him.

     Liao Jia plus Shi Fang, this combination is by no means much worse than Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er, and the age is the most suitable.He couldn't help but smile: "Since you all said it, I don't agree to it all out of the question, then all right!"

     Shi Fang also smiled and winked at Gegen Tana playfully.

     At this moment, Tian Tian hurried to the background.

     She brought Lu Chen a bad news, that is, An Xin will be absent from this concert!

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