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Chapter Directory 704 Famous
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Regardless of the 75,000 spectators in the Huanglong Gymnasium, fans and fans who watched the live broadcast in front of the nevertheless TV and computer, the The Voice concert tonight is definitely one of the most exciting concerts they have ever seen. .

     Since the beginning of the concert, the excitement has continued. Lu Chen, Chen Fei'er, Liao Jia, and Shi Fang led nine The Voice top ten students to provide a real audition feast for all audiences.

     The special guests at the concert did not disappoint. Nirvana Band performed very well. The invited friend of the Liao Jia show business community, Gorgon’s rock masterpiece, also dazzled the audience, bringing waves one after another. Bo's **.

     But whether it was Nirvana Band, Gao Geng, and the famous treasure island vagabond singer Lu Qingfang who played later, they could not hide the light of a 14-year-old Mongolian girl on the stage.

     She is Gegen Tana!

     An "Auspicious Three Treasures" with strong national characteristics, moving melody and special form, and the foil of two big celebrity vagabond singers made Gegen Tana the focus of the audience.

     As a result, on the second day of the concert, a large number of reports on Gegen Tana appeared on the entertainment version and even the main page of major domestic media. Her sweet and pleasant image was circulated in blogs, post bars and forums.

     With the help of The Voice concert, the "Three Auspicious Treasures" became famous overnight.A music critic wrote on his blog: "Last night, I sat in the Huanglong Stadium and watched the entire performance. What impressed me the most was undoubtedly Gegen Tana's "Auspicious Three Treasures"."

     "This is a very contextual question-and-answer family minor work. Listening to this song, people seem to witness a family of three grazing and walking on the grassland. The cute little daughter flashes her big eyes and enjoys it. Everything presented before me is fresh, and there are always endless questions to ask."

     "She turned her head to the left to ask her mother, and turned her head to the right to ask her father one. Facing the child's childish questions, both parents gave patient and warm answers."

     "And when such a dream scene appears in your mind, the warm and romantic feeling is like a rising tide of the sea, slapping your heart little by little, making people linger and intoxicated!"

     "Pop Music" magazine published a short commentary on its online headline. The article wrote: "The Three Treasures of Auspiciousness is undoubtedly the cutest song that the author has heard over the years. It is not a love song about breaking up in love and breaking up. , It’s not a song that is often heard on the charts (of best-sellers), it’s not even a regular work.""But it is a lively and popular song, a song that is so cute that it will be amazing when you listen to it. It has the charm that transcends language, culture, and age. It makes everyone longing to be People who are moved get the joy of their yearn for sth even in one's dreams."

     "This song has its own life, independent of the life of the listener!"

     In addition to the media magazine music critics, ordinary TV audiences including Lu Chen Chen Fei'er fans praised "The Three Treasures of Auspiciousness" without cease, believing that this song is the most moving work of The Voice concert.

     As a result, the number of fans of Gegen Tana's personal authentication blog has increased exponentially, from hundreds of thousands to one million. Numerous invitations were sent to her like snow flakes, and various performances. , Endorsements, and advertising simply make people the eye cannot take it all in.

     However, as Gegen Tana’s contracted company, Chen Fei Media did not take advantage of this soaring popularity to earn money, but selected a few influential brands to cooperate with, and declined most such as program interviews, evening performances, etc. Waiting for invitation,

     If you change to another media broker company, you definitely can't wait to invite as many invitations as possible, so that Gegen Tana can be full 24 hours a day. The more her workload, the more benefits you will get from signing with the company.But whether it is Lu Chen nevertheless Chen Fei'er, it is really not bad for this little money. The two never thought of using Gegen Tana as a legendary tree that sheds coins when shaken, and would rather let her study quietly in school , And didn't want her to enter the big dye vat of the entertainment circle too early.

     It should be said that Gegen Tana is extremely lucky. She is a pearl buried in the grassland. Only when she meets a treasurer who really knows how to appreciate and love the pearl, she will not fall into the mud and dust.

     Of course these are all things to follow.

     The The Voice concert on August 30 officially ended at 11 o’clock in the evening. The next day, August 31, was hosted by Zhedong TV and Star Factory Media. Four The Voice instructors were invited to A farewell banquet was held at the Shangri-La Hotel in Hangzhou.

     The first season of "China The Voice" is now completely over. Although the second season of next year The Voice has already been put on the production schedule, among the four mentors, in addition to Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er, Liao Jia Neither Shi Fang nor Shi Fang are sure whether they can continue to participate.

     Zhedong TV and Star Factory Media, of course, very much hope that the mentor lineup of the first season can be retained, because the current four-person combination is perfect and has won the greatest recognition from TV audiences across the country.

     The mentor compensation offered by the two companies for the second season of The Voice has quadrupled from the first season!If it is another star, such a great thing with such a name and profit, it would definitely be the best one to sign for ten years, but Liao Jia and Shi Fang are different. Both have had a brilliant era. Although he hasn't quit the entertainment circle now, he doesn't pay much attention to fame and fortune.

     For example, Liao Jia, according to his words, has made enough in this life. The rest of his life is to eat, drink and be merry. He doesn't want work to become his own restraint. He likes to run around everywhere.

     Shi Fang's body has never been very good. She chose to come back and paid flatly because she continued to sing because of her love for her personal music career. It was not bad at all.

     Therefore, it is impossible to impress two people with money.

     Of course, because there are Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er, Zhedong TV and Star Factory Media still have a favor card to play, so it is not particularly anxious, anyway, both sides still have plenty of time.

     This "distribution meal" was enjoyed by both the host and the guest.

     All good things must come to an end. After the party, Liao Jia and his friend Gao Geng left first, while Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er sent Shi Fang to Hangzhou International Airport together.

     Shi Fang is the plane returning to Hongkong in the afternoon.

     After bidding farewell to Shi Fang, Lu Chen sent his mother back to Binhai.

     He also gave Lu Xue a key to his home in Hangzhou.Then return to the capital with Chen Fei'er to continue the intense shooting of "My Love from the Star"!

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