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Chapter Directory 709 Panic
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Wang Yan's eloquence is very good, and she likes to travel and has a wide range of knowledge. She and Lu Chen talked about the interesting things and delicacies she encountered during the trip, which made Lu Chen listen to it as with keen interest.

     Of course, Lu Chen can't have any thoughts about Wang Yan. Although the latter is mature and beautiful, the most indispensable in the entertainment circle are beautiful women. If you see more, you can take it lightly, but chatting with her is also a very pleasant thing.

     After the plane took off, the two chatted for hours, and they became siblings.

     Wang Yan and Lu Chen talked about travel anecdotes, and Lu Chen also told her some anecdotes about the show business community, and the two sides were considered interactive.

     Then Wang Yan asked curiously: "Lu Chen, how much money can a star like you make in a year?"

     She added: "It doesn't matter if you don't say it, I just want to get a general idea."

     In fact, domestic and international stars have income the charts (of best-sellers), but this kind of list is usually nonsense, because there are many invisible rich people, and the income of stars is very complicated, in addition to performance pay , There are also advertising endorsements, program production, announcement activities, etc., and even some stars have to make money when they eat with others.

     Lu Chen thought for a while and replied: "One or two billion is almost the same."In fact, last year plus this year, his income in all aspects added up to at least 780 million, not counting the shares of several companies, but there is no need to shake them all out.

     "One or two billion..."

     Wang Yan couldn't help being speechless: "If I make so much money, I will retire directly and travel around the world!"

     Lu Chen smiled and said, "If you really made so much money, maybe you don't think so."

     Wang Yan shook his head: "I am different from your celebrities. I actually don't have high demands on life. In fact, I have already figured out that no matter how much money I earn, I will retire at the age of 40!"

     Lu Chen moved in his heart and said, "Sister Yan, come to our Company, maybe you can retire a few years in advance."

     Lu Xi told him that Wang Yan is a very good financial business talent. Although Chen Fei Media is a company in the entertainment industry, Lu Chen's industry is not limited to the entertainment industry.

     So if it is possible, let him draw more in the United States, and see if Wang Yan can't be dug up.

     Wang Yan pursed his lips and said with a smile: "I'm thinking about..."

     She is really moved. Lu Chen can earn one or two billion by herself. How can the Company he owns get worse? Chen Fei Media has a great reputation in the industry!

     Lu Chen did not deliberately force it, it was enough to point out the meaning, and turned off the topic to talk about other things.After a long-distance flight, the Boeing 798 that the two took finally entered the United States.

     This flight took the Arctic route. The capital took off through the territory of Russia, then entered Canada, and finally went straight to New York, the United States, arriving on time at 8:35 in the evening.

     It will take two or three hours to reach the destination.

     It happened to be meal time, and the stewardess brought a rather hearty dinner.

     Lu Chen slept for two hours just now. After waking up, he finished dinner with spirit trembling with excitement, and then asked the stewardess for two cups of black tea and continued talking with Wang Yan.

     But this time the talk is about business, mainly involving the 10% Zhong chou (crowdfunding) shares held by Lu Chen.

     Zhong chou (crowdfunding) originally held 90% of the shares in Li Mushi, or to be more precise, in the hands of Li Family. As the founder, Lu Chen only retained 10% of the non-dilutable founder shares.

     Later, Li Mushi sold a small part of its shares to deal with the financial problems encountered in the process of website expansion. Lu Chen has always maintained a detached attitude because he has not intervened in the company's operations.

     However, if Zhong chou (crowdfunding) wants to be listed on the Nasdaq in the United States, it is impossible for Li Mushi to retain a high proportion of more than 50% of the shares. It will inevitably sell more shares to introduce multi-party investment.

     Of course, these investments are based on American capital and are part of the rules of the game.In order to succeed in listing, Li Mushi's shares need to be cut a large part, and Lu Chen's 10% founder shares cannot be held in his hands, so he needs to go to the United States.

     Li Mushi will certainly not deliberately cheat Lu Chen, but Lu Chen wants to ensure that his own interests are not lost, so this time he needs professionals like Wang Yan to come forward.

     Wang Yan admires Lu Chen very much. She thinks Zhong chou (crowdfunding) network is a very talented business model. So many business elites did not expect that it would be a bit inconceivable to be made by him who plays music.

     She also felt sorry for Lu Chen. If she did not give up so many shares, once Zhong chou (crowdfunding) net was successfully listed on the Nasdaq in the United States, Lu Chen would immediately be among the ranks of the richest people in China.

     In this regard, Lu Chen just smiled.

     He has the memory of a world and countless business ideas. It is really not difficult to make money, but that is not the career he wants to pursue.

     He likes to sing, likes to music, likes to make TV movies, and also likes fans' love and support.


     While chatting with Wang Yan, Lu Chen suddenly heard a sound similar to the opening of a champagne cork.

     Then, from the economy class behind, there was an exclamation of up here, down there!

     problem occurs!An unknown feeling suddenly surged into Lu Chen's heart, and he stood up abruptly.

     Not only Lu Chen, but Wang Yan sitting next to him and the other passengers in the business class realized that something was wrong. Some stood up like Lu Chen, and some sat in their seats and turned their heads and looked around in trepidation.

     "Gunshots! I heard gunshots..."

     Someone tremblingly said in English: "God!"

     This flight has a total of more than 400 passengers. The plane flies at an altitude of 30,000 feet. Once an accident occurs, it is likely to be the result of plane crash.

     His words made the passengers in the business class desperate-wouldn't it be a hijacking?

     A Zhenmei flight attendant who was in the business class was pale, and said calmly: "Please all sit down and fasten your seat belts, our crew..."


     There was another shot.

     And this time the gunfire was much clearer than before.

     This time there were horrified screams in the business class!

     Lu Chen leaned down quickly and said to Wang Yan, "Sister Yan, you protect yourself here, I'll take a look."

     Wang Yan suddenly turned pale with fright: "Lu Chen …"

     Without waiting for her to dissuade, Lu Chen turned and rushed towards the economy class.He needs to know what's going on there, he doesn't want to sit passively and wait, his destiny must be in his own hands!

     Almost before breathing, Lu Chen rushed through the door between the two cabins and rushed into the economy class.

     At a glance, he saw that in the middle of the economy class, a burly man was holding a pistol and roaring loudly at the passenger in the right seat.

     There was also a man in a suit lying in the aisle, and the other passengers were all holding their heads, shrank in their seats and shivered, like a frightened quail!

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