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Chapter Directory 715 Confirm
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Who is this hero from China?

     The FAA and FBI must have accurate intelligence information, but the US media will not take the idea of these two bureaucracies because they are so familiar with their urine, and it is purely a waste of time to ask.

     As a result, Zhenmei Airlines was severely harassed, including the flight crew of UD725.

     It's just that Jane American Airlines also has its own principles. It is absolutely impossible to disclose passenger information. As for the flight attendants on this flight, they know very little.

     In addition, Jane American Airlines has also issued a ban on flight attendants. Before the investigation by the federal agency is completed, no information is allowed to be leaked to the outside world. After all, they dare not offend the FAA.

     Other media focused their attention on the video itself, and invited professionals to analyze it.

     They really analyzed a lot of things.

     Combining the content of the interviews with the passengers on the scene and the 3 minutes and 07 seconds of the video, K first restored the entire process of the incident.

     First of all, at 4:15 in the morning, a passenger sitting in the middle of the 15th row of the economy class, that is, the suspect in the incident, suddenly attacked the passenger next to him for no reason.The attacked passenger instinctively screamed for help, so a plainclothes air police officer sitting in the second row of the economy class immediately got up and stopped the suspect.

     However, the plainclothes air police underestimated the suspect's strength and was knocked to the ground by the latter with a punch.

     Under such circumstances, the second plainclothes policeman stood up to rescue his companions and pulled out his armed gun.

     After several flight attacks and terrorist incidents, the United States now has two air police officers in plainclothes who have undergone special training on international flights. One of them is armed with a gun.

     Although the air police gun is specially made and bullets cannot penetrate the bulkhead, it still poses a fatal threat to the passengers on board at close range. So this plainclothes air policeman did not think about it immediately despite pulling out the gun. The suspect was shot at, and he ended up in a tragedy.

     The suspect's skill and reaction ability were very strong. He immediately seized the air policeman's pistol and severely wounded the latter with a single shot. Then he shot and deterred several passengers who tried to shoot.

     Then he threatened the passengers sitting next to the safety gate and asked them to open the safety gate.

     Just at this moment, the hero from China appeared, knocked down the suspect in just a few seconds, and saved everyone on the UD725 flight.In K's news program, the expert first explained to everyone that the security door on the plane cannot be opened in flight, so the purpose of the suspect is obviously not to hijack the plane, it seems that there is a mental problem.

     According to the suspect's tough performance, he suspected that the other party was a specially trained policeman or soldier, suffering from some kind of mental illness, and he made such a move because of an onset of illness.

     It is precisely this kind of person who is very dangerous. Although the safety door cannot be opened and the pistol he snatched can not shoot through the bulkhead, it still poses a great threat to flight safety.

     According to the situation at the time, if the hero didn't take action to stop it, first of all, the seriously injured air police could not survive, and the passengers who were forced to open the safety door might also be in catastrophe, and the consequences would be unimaginable.

     "Even if the plane landed safely in the end..."

     The expert said in an unquestionable tone: "There will never be just one person injured!"

     In this way, there are videos with truth, evidence with analysis, and K's report has created a new audience rating record.

     Not to mention Tbook, countless people are discussing it in full swing.

     The modern network is terrible, and the efficiency is extremely high. Countless hidden things are often easily exposed on the Internet. With the live video as a basis, the suspect is first recognized.The suspect is named Wolfe Cook. He is 32 years old. He is a former member of the U.S. Marine Corps. He has performed many missions overseas and retired in 2015 due to injuries.

     Someone alleged to be a friend of Wolfe broke the news that he suffers from PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder.

     PTSD is a mental illness commonly suffered by veterans in the United States.

     According to estimates by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, 22 veterans in the United States die every day by suicide, which is equivalent to one veteran committing suicide every 65 minutes. The total number of suicide veterans each year exceeds 8,000, which is almost equivalent to all suicide deaths in the United States 20% of the number of people!

     PTSD is one of the biggest culprits of these tragedies.

     Wolf's symptoms are not particularly serious, and he is actively receiving treatment. In order to better relieve his mood, he chooses to travel. The nearest stop is to China.

     His abnormal reaction on flight UD725 is most likely the result of a sudden PTSD!

     The truth was revealed little by little.

     And Lu Chen's true identity has not been hidden for too long, but it is not his friend who is exposed.

     Modern news spreads extremely fast. Flight UD725 is a flight from Beijing to New York. Although most of the passengers on this flight are Americans, there are also Chinese.So if something happened here, the domestic news media soon reported it.

     The New State News Agency’s branch in New York and CCTV’s reporter station in New York all dispatched reporters to the New York International Airport for live interviews, and contacted FAA spokespersons for telephone interviews and reported news from local American media. It was transmitted back to the country in time.

     In fact, at this time, except for a few people, no one knew that Lu Chen was on the UD725 flight. Lu Chen's trip to the United States this time was very low-key, and it was not mentioned on Chen Fei Media's official V or his blog.

     But when the live video was filmed on Tbook, the situation was completely different.

     Although Lu Chen has no influence in the United States, and few Americans know him, there are always overseas Chinese or overseas students who have watched his movie TV Series and listened to his popular songs.

     So some people recognized Lu Chen at that time, but they were not sure, so they put the downloaded video on a domestic website for the Chinese to identify and analyze.

     This is amazing. Many Lu Chen fans are stupid after watching the video-isn't this Lu Chen?

     So the domestic media also exploded!The same video spread rapidly in Inspur blogs, forums, post bars, and WeChat groups, and then Chen Fei Media's phone calls were blown up. If it were not for the wrong time, it is estimated that a large number of reporters would directly block the door.

     Under such circumstances, at 7:30 am Beijing time on the 17th and 19:30 am New York time on the 16th, Chen Fei Media issued an official statement on the Inspur blog.

     The hero who saved the UD725 flight is confirmed to be Lu Chen!


     The second one is sent!
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