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Chapter Directory 724 Irene Talk Show
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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On the second day Chen Fei'er came to New York, Lu Chen accompanied her to visit the most famous city in the world.

     The two took a group photo in front of the Statue of Liberty, fed the pigeons in Central Park, visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and then went shopping on Times Square in the evening, enjoying the bustling and scenery of the city free and unconstrained.

     On the third day, Lu Chen was invited to participate in the recording of the new issue of "Irene Talk Show".

     According to New York TV, there were already invited guest stars in this issue of "Irene Talk Show", but it was the star who made suggestions to Irene, hoping to let Lu Chen participate in the show first.

     Because she admired Lu Chen's bravery and fearlessness very much.

     As a result, "Irene Talk Show" is a rare temporary change of guest candidates!

     The program was recorded in the afternoon, and New York TV station sent a special car to get Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er to the TV station headquarters. Although the latter is not a guest, he can mix up in the audience.

     In the backstage of the studio, Lu Chen met the talk show Host-Irene Christian, named the most powerful woman in the entertainment industry by Forbes magazine!

     Irene Christian is forty-seven years old this year. She is slender and slightly thin. She has short blond hair and blue eyes. She smiles unconsciously and has a unique temperament charm.Lu Chen has been well-known for this famous Host for a long time. He has watched several episodes of her talk show on the Internet and was very impressed.

     Irene Christie’s show takes social hotspots and controversial topics that people care about as her themes, and never follows other popular shows, thus establishing a unique and distinctive style.

     In the same type of program, her competitors often take the topic of asking the guest to confess personal sex, or show the guest's dysfunctional individuals and families, and even take pleasure in exposing and humiliating the guest in trouble.

     But Irene tried to comfort and help those guests who encountered life or emotional setbacks and sufferings, so that they could improve themselves from the soul. She digs a vent for those who are tortured by the soul, and releases her depression happily. .

     This allowed her to win the respect of countless people.

     "Hello, Mr. Lu Chen!"

     Irene first reached out to Lu Chen: "Welcome to my show, our hero!"

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "This is my honour. I am very happy to have the opportunity to participate in your show."

     He shook hands with Irene, and then introduced Chen Fei'er: "This is my girlfriend, Chen Fei'er."

     Chen Fei'er smiled and said: "Hello, Ms. Irene, I am your fan."Irene was surprised: "Lu, you have an angel!"

     She didn't shake hands with Chen Fei'er, but gave the latter a warm hug without concealing her love for Chen Fei'er: "Ms Chen Fei'er, you and Mr. Lu are on mine together. How is the show?"

     In New York TV, especially in the "Eileen Talk Show", the most-rated program, Irene has the supreme power. She can easily change the theme and content of the show, including the guests of course.

     As long as she thinks it needs to be done.

     Chen Fei'er hesitated, nevertheless politely declined: "Thank you for your suggestion, but I think it would be more appropriate to sit in the audience. Lu Chen should be the only guest protagonist."

     Irene did not feel unhappy because of Chen Fei'er's refusal, but praised: "You have an angel's heart."

     I don't know how happy it is to be replaced by someone else, but Chen Fei'er is unwilling to share Lu Chen's attention at this time, which shows her deep love for Lu Chen.

     Lu Chen took Chen Fei'er's hand.

     Before he could speak, Chen Fei'er shook his head gently and firmly.

     Because she knows what Lu Chen wants to say.

     But now Chen Fei'er just wants to sit in the audience and applaud him as an ordinary audience!Lu Chen understood her persistence, nodded and raised her hand to her lips and kissed softly.

     Irene was watching, her eyes gleaming.

     I was moved, but also envious.


     The recording of the latest issue of New York TV's "Irene Talk Show" began at 2 o'clock in the afternoon.

     The 220-seat studio was full of seats. When the lights on the stage were all on and Irene Christian, wearing a beige casual suit, walked out of the backstage, the audience was thunderous applause.

     "Irene!" "Irene!" "Irene!"

     All the audience stood up and applauded her coming!

     These audiences are not the trust of the TV station, but New York TV station draws lots from countless enthusiastic audiences. They are all true fans of Irene.

     "Hello everyone!"

     Irene greeted the audience with a big smile, then walked to the front of the auditorium and shook hands with the audience one by one.

     Some viewers who shook hands with her even shed tears of excitement, and Irene hugged her to comfort her.

     Three cameras faithfully recorded this touching scene from different angles.

     The interaction with the audience lasted for several minutes before she returned to her own stage.As usual, Irene first complained about a few hot news content nowadays.

     These news content closely bound up the lives of Americans, such as the ongoing medical reform, as well as immigration and education issues. Irene’s comment can be described as draw blood on the first prick, and sparkling with wit from time to time. The applause and laughter have never subsided.

     After telling a hilarious joke, she said: "After telling so much, I think everyone is already looking forward to our guest today?"

     "Then I will invite this guest to our show now..."

     "Welcome, Mr. Lu Chen from China, welcome to the hero who saved the UD725 flight!"

     Before the start of the recording of the show, all the invited audience members did not know the identity of the guest, so when they saw Lu Chen come to the stage with a smile, they were silent for a while, and immediately burst into enthusiastic applause!

     In the past few days, Lu Chen is undoubtedly the most familiar oriental face for all Americans. His deeds have been widely reported by countless TV stations and newspapers. It is one of the biggest hot events in American society.

     Therefore, these audiences were all pleasantly surprised by Lu Chen's appearance on the "Irene Talk Show" program.

     Their welcome is clear and sincere.At this moment, Chen Fei'er, sitting on the far right of the first row of the audience, followed Lu Chen's gaze closely, applauding him with the audience.

     This is the glorious moment that belongs to Lu Chen, and it also belongs to her!


     I have been taking medicine for the past two days, and my blood pressure has nevertheless exceeded the limit, so I can only continue to change it, forgive me.
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