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Chapter Directory 726 Let Go
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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     When Lu Chen plucked the guitar strings and began to sing this song, the studio was extremely quiet.

     The audience including the TV station staff and Host Irene were very curious about which song Lu Chen would choose to pay tribute to Evans Joyce, the greatest folk song vagabond singer in the United States.

     Is it "The Way Home"? Is it "Farward"? nevertheless "wild flowers that never die"?

     These songs are Evans Joyce's most classic masterpieces.

     However, everyone did not expect that Lu Chen played and sang a song they had never heard before!

     "Only when it's dim and dim do I think of the lights shining..."

     "I miss the warmth of the sun only when I’m in the ice and snow..."

     "Only after letting go do I realize that it is true love..."

     "Only when you are in a trough do you think about the past..."Listening to this charming folk song, the listener seems to be in a country bar, chatting with strangers about the once beloved girl and the past, and suddenly found that there are fellow sufferers empathize with each other in the world. People, that kind of sadness flooded my heart like a tide.

     Until the wine glass is empty, drunk looking at each other, everything is silent!

     Lu Chen's interpretation of this song is soft and soothing, with a calm feeling after letting go. He uses a very special and delicate singing method to sing the most precious theme of the work that love cannot be recalled and ordinary life is the most precious.

     There is a touch of melancholy and sadness in the beautiful melody of the song, and it has a moving appeal. Whether the listener has experienced the beauty of feelings or not, they will be deeply moved.

     At least, the audience present was moved!

     Some people were exclaiming softly, others were contemplating, some couldn't believe it, some had red eyes...



     It wasn't until Lu Chen finished singing the last sentence and put down the guitar in his arms. After a long time, people seemed to wake up from a dream, and applause erupted violently in the studio!

     Irene stood up first and applauded to Lu Chen, and then everyone stood up.

     "Thank you!"Lu Chen stood up and bowed again to express his thanks.

     The applause lasted for two minutes before it subsided. The "Irene Talk Show" has been aired for so many episodes, and such scenes are definitely rare.

     Irene bit her lip tightly, her eyes gleaming.

     She seemed to use all her strength to calm herself down, and asked Lu Chen: "Dawn, can you tell me the name of this song?"

     Lu Chen said: "This song is called Let.Her.Go"


     Irene murmured to repeat the title of the song, and then asked: "I have never heard this song before, is it from your original?"

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "It comes from the memory in my dream."

     Irene nodded, she opened her arms to Lu Chen and gave Lu Chen a big hug, and said emotionally: "Did you know? I am Evans' most loyal fan, and he is also my best friend!"

     "The biggest regret in my life is not being able to accompany him when he passed away."

     "Thank you your song, thank you, you let me not forget him!"

     Lu Chen really didn't know that Irene and Joyce had a sincere friendship, but he can fully understand Irene's mood at this moment: "I also thank you for giving me the opportunity to sing this song."

     Applause sounded again!………

     On the evening of the 20th local time in the United States, New York TV broadcast the latest issue of "Irene Talk Show" as scheduled.

     Due to the advance announcement by New York TV, everyone knows that the guest invited in this issue of "Eileen Talk Show" is the hero Lu Chen who rescued the UD725 flight, so besides Irene’s loyal audience, there are countless people sitting on the TV together. I watched the night’s show in front of the plane.

     Then it caused a great response!

     For most adult Americans, Evans Joyce and his folk songs are undoubtedly an indelible memory in their lives, accompany them through countless lonely nights.

     Many people have this experience. When driving on a long interstate highway, the most common thing you can hear on the radio besides rock is Evans' songs.

     Evans Joyce has more fans in the United States than Irene!

     This year is the tenth anniversary of Evans’s death, so Lu Chen’s "Let.Her.Go", which pays tribute to him, naturally has a special meaning.

     The most important thing is that the style of "Let.Her.Go" has many similarities with Evans, so that some people wonder on the Tbook whether Lu Chen got a work that Evans has never published!Of course, this kind of speculation is absurd, and normal people would not believe it, but "Let.Her.Go" played and sung by Lu Chen spread on American social networks at the speed of light and quickly made it to the Tbook list.

     Then Evans Joyce’s family expressed their gratitude to Lu Chen on the Tbook!

     Evans Joyce’s life was very bumpy. He lost his father when he was very young. His mother was sent to the penal institution for drug abuse and stealing. He grew up in a foster family, but a younger sister was separated since childhood. .

     He has had three feelings that are well-known to the world, but none of them have been able to form a positive result. This is very deep in his songs and works, and it is also a painful memory in his life.

     The greatest ballad vagabond singer in American history failed to defeat himself and died of drug abuse.

     And Lu Chen's "Let. Her. Go" undoubtedly awakened fans' memories of Evans Joyce, as well as that sad and melancholy song.

     In the latest issue of "Eileen Talk Show", after listening to this song, Irene held Lu Chen's tearful eyes and moved the fans deeply.

     Many American pop stars have published articles commemorating Evans Joyce on their Tbooks, and at the same time expressed their love for "Let.Her.Go".In the absence of any recommendations, "Let. Her. Go" was ranked third on the 22nd National Radio On-Demand Chart, and the first to seventh are all classic songs by Evans Joyce.

     As a result, hundreds of TV stations, newspapers and magazines have sent Lu Chen invitations for shows and interviews. Another Evans Joyce fan organization hopes that Lu Chen will be present in November. Commemorative event.

     In addition, there are several Hollywood movies Company and Record Company who have contacted Chen Fei Media.

     However, Lu Chen had no time to take care of these disturbances. He stayed in New York for five days and after participating in the last business negotiation, he flew to Los Angeles with Chen Fei'er.


     Note: "Let.Her.Go" wordings / Composer: Passenger, an English song I like very much.

     PS: Because the chapter does not support spaces, each English word is separated by a small dot to avoid being crowded.

     PS1: To answer a few questions that readers are concerned about, my high blood pressure is mainly caused by middle-aged people who do not pay attention to exercise and healthy diet. I am currently taking medication, and then control my diet and exercise moderately. I wish everyone good health. Kang's, thank you for your concern.
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